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Revving/spluttering prob

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by loxxr6, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I have a CBR250R with 300kms~ nearabouts that has recently started having problems at around 6000rpm.

    I'l take off alright, go to second, hit around 6k and I'll get spluttering and a lack of urge. Sometimes I can persist and push through it but generally it's a no go. If I'm at speed and hit the 6k problem area I can drop down a gear and it's good again.

    I've recently fitted a Yoshi slip on but I don't recall the problem happening directly after that. I'm sure it was good for a week or so.

    I had thought it was a user problem with starting off in a 2nd or something but I gave it a run tonight and have ruled out shitty gear changing.

    Any tips on what I should be looking for?
  2. With so little k's on it you should really take it to a dealership.

    However, if you want to fix it yourself then you could try a new spark plug first. I have had a relatively new bike start surging from mid range rpm up, new plugs fixed problem, which I suspect was caused by some bad fuel.

    The yoshi slip on may be a contributing factor, and I'd recommend fitting a power commander to enable fuel system tuning. Plug may have fouled after riding for a week with poor fuel calibration.
  3. Eliminate one problem at a time - preferably the one that costs you nowt except for time.
    Swap out the Yoshi for the stock exhaust, test it, see if it eliminates the problem. It's cost you noting but half an hour of time.

    You really shouldn't need a PC for a slip on. Did you buy it new with such low k's? If so take it back if the problem persists to be looked at by the Dealer. Make sure the bike is stock when you return it so the Dealer can't blame the aftermarket pipe.
  4. Sounds like a fuel problem. The most obvious culprit is the exhaust swap so put it back to stock and see if it helps. Even if it doesn't you should probably have it as stock as possible before returning it to the dealer anyway.
  5. Well, found the problem. A work swipe card had fallen from my wallet into the air box area. When the engine needed more air it sucked the card against the intake and choked the engine. A common problem apparently.
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  6. Mate that's hilarious! At least it's solved in the most cost effective way.

    You don't get about much at work, do you? ;)

  7. Common......?

    This seems nigh-on impossible.......common!?
  8. At 300kms should u be pushing much above 6k?
    I was given the low down by the Yam dealer about run in on my new bike and sub 500kms was informed not to go over 5k. When I did it was extremely gutless... now with kms under its belt it has loosened up significantly.

    That is clever tho.... swipe card lol.
    At least it wasn't your lunch...would be such a waste if some bacon was stuck in the filterbox.
  9. I did it with a large plastic bag I used to slip over my seat, when I was a learner. Only it was worse for me as I had to ride 10km home in the pissing down rain at 15km/hr. I figured it out in the warm shower at home.

  10. A plastic bag I can understand.......but a swipe card
  11. Yeah the card slipped out of my wallet, through the cavity where the airbox is. It wasn't pure suction lol that sucked the card through. The storage space in there isn't flat so stuff can fall out and slide down pretty easily.
    I'm quite happy it was something dumb rather than serious.