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Revs dropping when emergency braking and starting problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by marts92, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. My bike is a Suzuki Across GSX-250F 1993 with 48,xxx kms

    The throttle slide holder thingys were replaced roughly 2000kms ago so they are fine, the needles are set at the position 3 which is default.

    I just put my bike back together three days ago and took it for a ride and noticed the revs dropping down to about 1000-1500rpm under heavy braking, idle speed is set to 2500rpm (warm)

    I have done the following prior to putting it back together;

    - Replaced fuel tank which had heaps of rust and shit inside it
    - Replaced all fuel lines, filter and flushed the pump
    - Thoroughly cleaned the carbies with carby cleaner and inspected and adjusted float heights
    - Cleaned main jets, pilot jets and pilot jet mixture screws
    - Oil and Oil filter change
    - New spark plugs

    Never done this before and I've heard its something to do with the floats in the carbies, and my carbies aren't in the best nic either, needs a rebuild.

    I've came to the conclusion that my bike is a running a little too rich via the idle mixture screws so adjusted them to 2.0 turns

    I got this information somewhere of twincam.org so i'm not too sure how reliable it is;

    1.5 turns = default setting
    2.0 turns = rich

    When I went to readjust it to the default setting the night before, It started okay and everything throughout the night but the morning following, it would not start at all.

    The starter motor just kept cranking and cranking with no evidence of the engine kicking over.

    So I set it to 3.5 turns which is extremely rich and it started perfectly fine that afternoon but was running really rough so I reset it back to 2.0 turns which was what I had before and is what we think is causing the revs dropping problem.

    So yeah, 2.0 turns leaves me with my bike running rich and when I went for a ride yesterday, my mate behind me said it my bike was putting off alot of fumes which he could smell.

    Any ideas of why 1.5 turns won't let my engine kick over?