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REVS Check

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Hicksey11, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals.

    I just want to say that whenever you buy a bike make it the first thing you do before you hand over any cash, Get A REVS Check!

    I urge this to all buyers!

    What I thought was a good deal two weeks ago has turned into shit. The bike I brought hasn't been in an accident but has had an engine swap. And until re registering it today I was un aware. Although I dont really care that much because it was only $3500, it just means that I will be riding it more often (as it was a limited edition bike with what I thought were low kms). Just if you are buying something and you dont wanna do your doe. Please please get a REVS Check.

    I hope this helps people when they are buying a new bike. One thing I can say is that you have to learn from your mistakes.


  2. Hard luck mate!

    Valid for everything. Get it checked :).

    Engine swaps and such are one thing, but finance remaining on the vehicle is the big thing. Make sure the person you are buying it from signs a piece of paper saying that they absolve you of any and all claims against it, and they take full responsibility in the event that there is a claim made against the vehicle. I know more then a dozen people ive given this advice to who have been saved by it because of dishonest (and stupid) vendors. If they refuse to sign it, RUN! FAST!

    edit: In both cases its been taken to court, the signed letter has even stood up in court and made the previous owner liable, not the current owner...
  3. Or an even better idea, go to the bank and get two checks made up. One for the finance company and whats left over for the owner. Thats what i have done for all my vehicle purchases on top of having them sign a statutory declaration of what was involved in the transaction.
  4. This is what i did for my car.

    Guy owed money on it,. i bought it for 16k, went to finance company with the guy, gave them the check, they took 13k gave him 3k and he signed the car over to me.