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REVS check, how often

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Samboss260, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. I'm looking at a bike on the weekend, private sale.

    So before I go out there I want to do a revs check to ensure that it isn't encumbered or that it isn't a repaired write off.

    Now the bike is about an hour from me, so if I like the bike I'll probably leave a deposit.

    My question is if I do the revs check, then go to inspect the bike, put a deposit. Do I need to do another revs check before I pick the bike up a week later?
  2. I wouldn't of thought so..

    unless the owner somehow writes it off in the week its still with him/her.. and fixes it and then sells it to you just like new.
  3. You only need one REVS check, unless as Mickey said and the owner drops it/ and the insurance company rights it off and it gets repaired all before you go back to pick it up :angel:

    If it does come up with 'repairable write off' it pays to check what is was written off for.

    My VTR was a repairable write off when I bought it ( I fixed it and went through NSW RTA to get it back on the road )

    The bike cost me $2500 then another $700 for a lefthand fairing and mirror [ I didn't worry about the scratches on the engine cover ... in fact there still there! ]

    The previous owner panicked after it fell over in his garage and tried to put the repairs through his insurance, short story ... with the fairing damage and his excess they wrote it off!

    So with some homework a repairable write off used to be a good bargain, cant do it anymore in NSW with the new laws .
  4. REVS has now been replaced with the PPSR system and although I didn't have any experience with the REVS system, the PPSR system was overly complicated in my opinion. Good luck.
  5. My concern was more around if he takes a loan against the bike therefore making the bike encumbered
  6. Its possible to get a loan, unlikely though. Guess it depends how much you want to risk.

    Spend the money on a second if you want to make sure.
  7. Why don't you call him before you leave, get the details, do the REVS check, go to the bike, double check the VIN etc to make sure he gave you the right details. Go from there.

    Very hard to go apply for a loan and be back within the hour. It also saves you 2 hours of your own time.
  8. Leave deposit subject to a PPSR check.
  9. I agree, very simple to do. You'll want to write up some sort of contract if you leave a deposit. Just make one of the conditions that the PPSR shows the bike isn't a repairable writeoff. You get a copy of the PPSR so can show it to the seller if you need to get deposit refunded.
  10. If I recall correctly the old revs check was valid or covered you for purchase of the bike within 48 hours
  11. Highly unlikely a bike will be taken as collateral on a loan from the bank - a loan shark ( pay day loans) maybe though

    usually a bike as security against a loan only happens when you buy a bike brand new and finance it
  12. now for the correct answer...

    the securities check is valid for 24 hrs (well best practice), in which time u need to gain title to the bike. i.e. acquire it. this is best done by written contract.

    the PPSR now is quite cheap..so u can check before bothering to go down to put a deposit, then again on the day u s'posed to pay the rest, sign the contract and ride off

    however, as the other poster mentioned, u could also make the deposit conditional on PPSR check...

    for the small money involved $3.70 it's worth just checking and then getting the certificate well within 24hrs before acquiring the bike. (technically protected when u buy on the same day or next day as the cert date). It is this cert within time that spares you from any financier who may try to take the bike off you.

    correctly holding that cert is a big F U to anyone who comes knocking. take the PPSR lightly at your own risk.

    http://www.ppsr.gov.au/AsktheRegist...icle search result and search certificate.pdf