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Rev's check came back as...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ben1, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    i am currently on the look for a new bike... i have happened to find a great deal on a cbr600rr, but when i did the rev's check it came back as...

    There are no encumbrances that match the quoted identifiers.

    Does anyone happen to know what that mean?? does it sound like some illegal stuff might be going on?

    any advice from people that may have en-counted this before would be great...

  2. Mate,
    I've used the REVS check function many times and I've NEVER come across this scenario. Hopefully others may be able to offer their experiences here also but here's my 2 cents' worth.
    In my experience, all I can recommend here is CAUTION !!!
    If there is a direct line with someone you can speak with at an RTA Office (without being placed on hold all day long !) then I would take careful steps in researching into this, if this is the bike you want/are interested in 100%.
    Otherwise, if you yourself smell a rat (gut instinct to be followed here), move on and find another.
    Golden rule - If there's any doubt, there isn't any doubt.
    Good luck.
  3. Hi Ben,
    First, make sure, when doing the revcheck that you type in correctly.
    make sure 1 is not i and 0 is not o and so forth.
    According to the result you are getting, this bike has a problem, do not go ahead with the transaction.
    What basically saying is, it has a chassis from another bike !
    Could be anything, stolen, rebirthed, or just previously crashed.
    Contact RTA on 132213 tomorrow after 8:30am and they may be able to help further. I hope this helps.
  4. woops wrong thread
  5. Are you sure, this meant to be posted in this thread? ;-)
  6. no worries, it happened to us all ;-)
  7. Mate listen to Nickers & don't spend a cent on that bike until you get that all verified. I've done a heap of REVS checks too and never come across something like that, looks very sketchy
  8. As said, double and triple check the numbers/letters from the vin and what you type in
  9. also bear in mind the RTA'S policy of only employing severely retarded individuals
  10. yep, turned out that one letter was wrong in the vin number... he sent through the right one after i questioned it.

    thanks all for the help.

  11. All good then, are you getting the bike? ;-)
  12. What a let down. I was waiting for a lengthy saga to unfold.
  13. All I could offer at the time was advice of 'caution', being that I'd never witnessed a scenario of this kind, so in my mind (and how I tend to operate on a daily basis) 'if there's any doubt, there is no doubt'....EJECTION SEAT HANDLE : PULL !

    I'm glad it all worked out for you, Ben, and that it's sorted. I guess all's that's needed now is pics of your new acquisition (y)
  14. we all love drama, don't we, hee hee.
  15. so which airline are we sticking clear of??? :bolt: