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revs at 100KPH?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ronin11, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. just wondering what peoples bikes are revving at when doing 100... the accross is revving at 8500(in 6th), which seems a bit high to me, but im used to driving 4/6cyl cars and turbos so i dunno about bikes... is that too high or am i worrying about nothing?

  2. Sounds about right...my FZR250 revs at just under 8000 at 100kph
  3. about 9500 in 6th
  4. Perfectly normal for a 250cc bike.
  5. thanks for the fast replies.. much appreciated.. wa really worried it was working too hard and somethign was wrong.. ive booked me and it for a trip to tassie for a couple fo weeks and didnt need the extra expense at xmas either.. im much relieved. thanks.
  6. Bikes are made for revving :) I found my old across loved to be in over 9k rpm in 5th gear when doing 100.
  7. Both bikes are pretty much the same, ~ 4000rpm @ 100km/h
  8. My bike revs at about 4-5k depending whether I chose 5th or 6th.
    My old CB would be doing 7 at the same speed.
    8 n'a half on an across is low. isn't that thing supposed to rev well over 10k?
  9. I think its around around 18,000 in first gear...
  10. ROFLOL... good call StereoHead.

    5th gear (top gear on the FZR1k) is at 4250rpm at 100km/h.
  11. ronin11, yep, that sounds about right. You probably don't want to be in 6th at 100 on the Across unless you're just cruising down the highway. I found fourth or fifth to work well for 100.

    Keep in mind these engines are made to rev!
  12. My across, revs at about ~9500 RPM in 6th gear. It just pip's 10k at about 110.

  13. Mine revs at 3200 in 6th at 100 kmh and 7500 at 210 in 6th.
  14. my nsr 150 does 6500 at 100 has no power that low have to change down to over take wish i had a 600
  15. My ZRX1200R does 3800rpm at 100k, the Moto Guzzi LeMans V11 does 3500rpm at 100k, the Yamaha Diversion 900 does 4500rpm at 100k and Jodz's GPX250 does 8500rpm at 100k.

    The mates Harley 1340 does about 2700rpm at 100k :)
  16. 600 Hornet with stock sprockets does 5,200 at 100 kph. Helps me know what gear I'm in :D
  17. I find I can't get past 4th gear without breaking the speed limit so haven't really had my revs up past 8000 as I am yet to hit the open road...

    My bike will cruise at 70 km/hr in 4th doing about 4,000 RPM
  18. the bandit revs at 3700rpm at 100kph
  19. do you guys generally get up to top gear ASAP on highways like in a car, even though you are obviously revving very low?
  20. Depends whether it's thick traffic or not. If it's clear sailing I'll hit top gear to save fuel and reduce vibration, but if it looks like I might need throttle control I'll keep it in a lower gear.