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Revolutionary Forklift Design

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cookeetree, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Okay, this might sound geeky, but how cool is this forklift?! Sidewinder

  2. Wow :shock:

    That's one of those things I just marvel at how someone invented it and made it work.

    Amazing. We could use one of those at my work :)
  3. Wow - that is cool, very clever :)
  4. +1

    I am in awe of people who can not only think of these things, but make them a reality.
  5. verry cool....i wonder how durable they are.

    if they put that on cars it might stop those bloody chicks in there silver astras from dinging the fairlane when they try to paralell park
  6. HAHA. Would take drifting to a whole new level, too! :grin:
  7. slow motion drifting. i love the litte tortise and the hare speed selector
  8. Parallel parking would become a lot easier though...
  9. I drive forks and it would a great for some of the things we do at work with very little space and save hours and hours of time .

    Now do they make it in a 40 Ton model. :wink:
  10. That thing is brilliant, it would allow for more compact warehouse storage. Although I wonder what the training program is like, and whether or not it can be driven on a standard fork-lift ticket? I'm guessing it's not available in Australia yet anyways...
  11. Awesome, so jealous of people with the finances & commitment to build their inventions.
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    Its not a new idea at all,

    its an adaptation of screw drive technoligies that the russians experimented with back in the post ww2 - pre cold war era.


    The theory is that the idea was conceived by the germans in the ww1 era and then the papers were taken in the post war clean up of their labs.
  13. Your ninja observation powers have obviously dimished. A screw drive tank and the airtrax forklift have very different motive designs.
  14. Ahhh but he posted something about tanks!, which remains awesome no matter what :eek:
  15. Yes and no.

    The similarity of the designs like the the screw thread like design of the rubber? wheel config of the airtrax which allows it the sideways motions.

    the improvement of the design of course is the independently driven corners and the cleverly non destructive design of the wheels.

    but yes my ninja observations powers have markedly dropped since going part time...
  16. I'm actually more interested in the scissor lifts that Airtrax have started producing. I wonder how I could import a few...