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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Oct 11, 2007.

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    netriders, peace? thanx for ure constructive criticism which i have considered

    some people [<look at how nice i am] pick on me here.
    i dont look like the bad guy but so long as a person is being picked on [in primary school for instance] the crowd would rather follow than lead. the reason i started the circle was because if i had done or said something that hurt someone, i wanted to give them the chance to come forward so i could have a chance to apologize.

    i was v happy to find that greg was under the impression i was snubbing netrider from a comment i made ages ago. i was able to clear that up with evidence. all this time greg thought i was something that isnt me at all. its best to get these things out in the open

    you're all great people and you're funny, i would happily have a beer and give the time of day to every single one of you. you know, that if any of you should loose a leg in an accident, i will be right there with a bag of new undies, new tackies, leg straps, and the best brand of crutches money can buy........................and maybe a chess set

    rhetorical questions

    for what reason is it that some say that i have a 'problem with being right all the time' when no evidence could be found supporting this [im right about somethings & admit to being wrong and/or ignorant about others].

    how is it that those who do have that problem, which is supported by strong evidence, are never mentioned in that light?

    for what reason would you say that my posts are self obsessed, yet ignore those who crap on and on about themselves?
    i haven't even put self story post to reach out for support in nads [not that there's anything wrong with it. i think nads is great kezza!]

    i am in a position of weakness because of what happened to me and i know it. i also know that subconsciously or not, there are people who treat me differently because of it. some of those people may not even realize it, others see it as an opportunity and dig in. i know how i was treated before the crash and i can pick up on the difference at times.

    so, if i upset any of you please let me know so i can apologize or clear it up with you. please refrain from getting upset over a conclusion you have guessed.

    i always have a look thru and quite often find the answers [or miss-understanding] myself without having to confront the person. i wouldnt want to feel bitter about you over something i had simply assumed without reading the enitre thread at least.

    ive heard a mountain of gossip and i personally dont base judgment upon what ive heard [i try not to, it's easy to do tho]. i decide what to think of a person for myself, you never know what has brought on the hostility, in some cases ive found the person who had bad things to say said them out of jealousy or the fact that they had been out smarted by the person and have a score to settle that cannot be done any other way.

    so there are 2 kinds of hate, healthy and unhealthy, thats why its important to decided these things for yourself rather than listen to gossip and make assumptions.

    guys, you know how when you're young, you listen to a love song and you think it's corny, then as you get older and have had your heart broken you hear that same song and the words take on new meaning?
    that's what my posts are like. after you go through something [not to say you haven't] but something big and chronic, my words may have a different meaning to you then.

    maybe these next words will take on a different meaning at some stage;

    tis best to lead rather than to follow

    tis best to justify rather than assume

    tis always best, thru every single aspect of your lives, to bring supporting statements to your claims

    just so we're clear, i did consider what was said and looked thru the txt and was not able to find any consistent evidence supporting ure beliefs and i did find evidence supporting your beliefs in the posts of others who u never never mentioned..................for some reason.

    stump admits to aaaaallllll this \/
    yes, i know i type too much, there's the boring faze [<so sorry about that], the funny faze, , im cwazy sometimes, i love a challenge and i go in hard!, i am exposed and possibly the only one who has exposed themselves here with absolutely nothing to hide, ages ago someone pointed out that i do provoke, i appreciated that and stopped it at the time [i guess its not easy to notice when its not there, but is when it is there], i am more joke than serious which can be difficult to tell when in txt, i spend far too much time here [seriously, its not that i dont have songs to write or work to do, when in pain my options are limited. <thats probably why i crap on], i do not cater for hypersensitive types; if the word did, there would be no p0rn on the internet. the world in general is starting to say no to censorship, if they dont like it they can lump it rather than whinge and destroy it for everyone else. tis small cause theres so much of it

    b4 u reply, be sure to go back and read the entire post

    cheers :cool:

    insert trolley here \/
  2. Nice to hear a post from you, you liven up this forum, your such a character :)
  3. This deserves more than a quick "I'm going to bed post".

    But it's all I'm giving it for now anyway.

    Be back tomorrow for a proper response. ;)
  4. Oh and by the way:

    Thanks transvision vamp.
  5. This one's going to be fun.

    I hate popcorn but for this, I'll make an exception. :LOL:

    Oh and by the way, my hate of popcorn is the good kind of hate. Not the bad kind cos that would make me a bad person. init.
    Sorry I don't have any evidence about the popcorn. It's just the way I feel.
    And don't even try telling me I like popcorn. Cos you would be sooo wrong. unless it has caramel on it. :S

    And be careful of leaders who don't know where they are going, can't see what they are doing to their followers, or don't know why they are going in the direction they are. Those are the people who should be following. Infact over time they tend to loose their followers and simply end up leading themselves.... Around in circles.
  6. Bloody hell Stump.. lol.

    Noooo.. not again? thno.

  7. MG
    read the bloody post MG :LOL:

    and just so you know, im going to be here again and again and again and again so if some people want to say the most stupid things im going to let em cause it's good for a :LOL:

    cheers :cool:
  8. Sigh.

    I like you stump. I dislike you at times aswell. Neither view influences how hard or not I debate a point with you. The point of this thread is admirable, but if you cant see the narsicistic aspects to it, then no one can help you with your questions.

    I was considering a long post, making a case, but my experience clearly says that it will almost be pointless...

    The statement below, made recently, distills and summarises my view of your forum personality and is based on direct experience. Treat it as you will.

    Peace. And goodluck with your goal in this thread.
  9. ooooooo NARASISTIC! do you even know what that is? :roll: its the people who drive around in 4x4's who only look out for themselves at the expense of others. i openly hate and ive mentioned this several times here

    you miss-spelt 'miss-understand'. thats what often happens with us.

    i like you at times too
    the questions are RETORICAL they're for you to answer for yourself, not to me but to you. im not demanding any answers at all. i know that in some cases where a person needs to admit something, they should only admit it to themselves, then later, if they like, they can admit to others.

    this is more philosophy ^^ than anything else. im thinking of cases such as when a person is an alcoholic and everyone around them says 'you're an alcolholic' and that person says 'no im not'. the important factor is

    'did they admit it to themselves'? [yeah, i know its a hijack]

    cheers :cool:
  10. Stump we love you! Sometimes I have no idea what you have posted and other times it makes total sense. I have not seen you personally attack someone and that is a big plus in my book.

    Stump it up! :grin:
  11. thanks matti, i was editing cause i accidently hit submit b4 i finished writing [probably still doesnt make much sense] but it does help to read or if i bothered to put the quotes up to show what im talking about....that might help too :grin:

    i did it once in joke form but it wasn't taken that way [the tone and body language of shaking his shoulders while laughing wasnt there]. i personally think personal attacks are esp low and it's something people in general resort to if they couldnt deal with the situation the right way.

    ages ago, i almost sent you [matti] a pm that would have said

    sometimes we think things but never say them so im letting you know that i think you're one hellova top, smart, witty guy with tons of maturity. you stand out

    the reason i didnt send it is because i take methodone [total head fk] and i wasnt sure if i sent something like that already :LOL: i didnt want to do it twice

    cheers :cool:
  12. hey jax, all other matters aside, you of all people shouldn't be picking people up on their spelling or their grammar; both your's are terrible (but we do know what you mean :wink:),
  13. Wait Wait Wait

    You're on "methodone"?
  14. :popcorn:

    If you weren't here, we'd all look like hornet600 (on methadone) !!!! :LOL:
  15. There's a thought too terrible to contemplate.... :LOL:.
  16. See, that's classic stump. :roll:

    I didn't even use the word "misunderstand" in my post. Whatever point she made, is in stump land somewhere... and we're the defective morons for not being able to understand it :roll:

    It's also classic stump to suggest that she knows more or better than the other person, e.g. her response to my narcissistic comment. Just for the record, I do know what narcissistic means, but here is one definition which is prolly on the strong side, but relevant:

    Insert "abilities" or "intelligence" along with "importance" and you get my picture.

    And it's another classic stumpism to post from the apparent point of view of a "I'm doing this for your benefit (little underling)", i.e., her comments about the rhetorical (<--note correct spelling) nature of her questions is a good example of that. Sigh. We "thank you" for trying to help us poor misunderstanding low IQ people out, but all it does is paint you as self righteous and reinforces the negative perceptions.


    As for the request for evidence in the OP... the manner in which you present yourself IS the evidence Stump. People comment to me that I'm argumentative, which I can be at times. But I take those comments on the chin since that's probably a fair forum perception and I'd be stupid to deny it.

    You on the other hand, consider all those that hold a negative view of you as somehow wrong/defective/misinformed... :roll: All power to you for holding such rock solid faith in yourself...

    The reality, REALITY Stump is that some folks do hold a strong negative view of you - despite your redeeming features. It's such a shame!!!

    The way YOU POST tends to polarise people. These views are not being formed because of defective mental capabilities. These views are based on how YOU post and what YOU say. YOU stump, you have authored these views. Think about that for a second.

    More than once I've asked you to take care with your words. Words on a forum are EVERYTHING. If you're happy to keep cleaning up after your poorly chosen words, then fine... but you reap what you sow.

  17. T&C:
    * DON'T post personal attacks
    * DON'T abuse site members on the forums

    What the T&C say is that we should be focusing on the issues, not the person.
    No matter what you think of the person's opinions, it is rude (at least) to attack the person and not the opinion. You want to attach people? Join the army. You want to attach issues? Join a forum.

    If you don't like what i say, whether you argue my point or you Alt+F4. You should never attack/bully anyone..
  18. This thread is a really bad idea. As was the previous one. Seriously, what good can come of it? Nothing but bad feelings and mud slinging.

    Ultimately, regardless of who is right and wrong, the strongly opinionated posting on a forum are ALWAYS going to attract an argument from other people with strong opinions. The more you post, the more exposure you will get to it. Depending on personality of course, it will usually deteriorate into an unpleasant back and forth...especially when each side is convinced they hold the stronger position.

    Enough already, ok?
  19. rob wrote
    that's what you think of me and it's what i think of you :LOL: exept i wouldnt use the word narsicisitc. having to be right ALL THE TIME [not actually being right sometimes and admitting ignorance other times, im talking all the time] is refered to as 'charactor disorder'. i have/had a friend like that, he's not my friend anymore. my group of friends were surprised at some of the things he said and we decided its best to just back off him and see what happens [sorry for d tangent, its horrible when people have to be right all the time, they dont see that they look much better when they can admit to normal, acceptable things such as not knowing something]


    i didnt correct anyone's spelling, that was a joke. kinda like if someone writes 'you look like a dog' and getting the reply 'you miss-spelled beautiful' so you see?

    quarterwitt wrote

    WOE! HEY!


    i use to be on the pain killers undi is taking these days but because i was on them for so many years they wore the receptors in my brain right down to nothing and i dont react to it anymore.

    the only option i have is methodone and i hate it! it feels like ive been beaten on the back of the head with a cricket bat. i really miss the clarity that comes with a mind that has no pain killers.

    im also a little worried about whats going to happen when my methodone receptors wear off :shock:

    oh, and my pain situation is not what the drs refer to as 'under control'. im changing pain specialists next month
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