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revo 400 need help with repair

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by revo400QLD, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. hi all, i am a newbie in motorbike, just got my first ride cb400 revo 2010 model from an auction. however my one is a salvage bike which is repairable write off in Qld. my fuel tank have a badly dented. front headlight had broken and my speedo gone too.

    would anyone know a wrecker in brisbane please help me, i google only one place in walco but they dont have much spare for my cb 400.

    i would appreciate if you guys can help me to find the workshop manual of this cb400 revo, or can show me how to take off the fuel tank.

    thanks for your time. if anyone live around brisbane dont mind please give me a call at 0433911 559, glad to meet friends who love to ride cb400.

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  2. Looks to me like the forks are bent too... Could be the angle of the pic, however.

    Can't help but think you should have checked into finding parts and manuals before buying the annihilated bike. Not much help though, I'm afraid. More bad news is that in months of owning my CB400 I've not been able to locate a workshop manual at all. The CB400, while selling every bike they bring into the country, is a pretty low volume seller. So you may find buying any parts from any wrecker quite hard.

    You could possibly ask a Honda dealer to get one in for you, though. Good luck getting her back on the road!
  3. Front forks are almost certainly bent. I don't like your chances of doing it up all that cheap...
  4. Check out ebay, look at worldwide parts... there's a fair bit for CB 400's that you can pick up relatively cheap especially from the US. Here's a list of Queensland wreckers - http://aussiebikersites.com/motorcycle-wreckers/ Might be an idea to check out other states too, most will courier parts interstate. Good luck on the bike - I'd be happy to come for a cruise when ya get it back on the road. :D
  5. Mate, that looks like a bit of a pain. I can only give advice on the stuff you wan done through a dealership (as i currently have a bill for my CB400). My tank has a ding not quite as deep as that, but it looks like it's about $400 to repair it. and if you're wanting genuine honda indicators, they're about $95 each - so probably find an ebay cheapy for those if you can!

    I've seen aftermarket headlights for about $200 (fitting included) on an older CB, and it looked pretty good. I'd guess that a proper headlight for it would again be dearer.
    It is also my understanding that the dash (genuine) is quite expensive, i think about $500.

    Hope this gives you an indication in some way.
  6. I did double check the front fork and it was not bend... Pretty sure that just got a broken headlight and speedo broken..however it's quite hard for me to fin spare part. I did cone to hoda pro for a quote and cost me 1500$ for brand new tank. Everything else around 900$. Only speedo meter cost me 915$ which is expensive.

    I did find some of the CB manual for spare part that can help us dissamembly.


    Anyone have an add of wrecker around brisbane please help me cause I find some but look like they all shut down ( Brisbane bike wrecker at lotus , wooloogabba)

    And any recommend for the slip on. Cause I do want a bit noise on it. Thanks all for your times.
  7. Are you sure the forks aren't bent? Do you know what you are looking for - i.e. has someone experienced looked at the forks?

    I find it very hard to believe that with that much front end damage - especially with a reasonable dent in the tank, the forks aren't bent.
  8. aftermarket speedo for a couple of hundred, trailtech??
  9. I just thought like everyone at the beginning, however when I took the bike and release the these 2 front fork for repair at workshop. Luckily it was not bend, the only thing can come up our min is the guy who owe the bike ha an accident on a sandy road and for some reasons the broke the headligt and the head light bend the fuel tank at exactly that bend with handle bar damage On the right side too. Everything else even 2 winked just broke the cover but still works. My tacho still work, only broke the cover the te back. I have no ideas how the headlight cover broke and hit te right side of the tank.
  10. Yeah I've been looking for GS500F parts and in general even with postage I'm finding that US wreckers are the same price. Hell some parts I can get brand new shipped from a US dealer cheaper than what the wreckers here want...like WTF :?

    Take for example a speedo/tacho bracket only, $265 from local dealer, $130 ($80 + $50 flat rate P/P) shipped from the US.

    I found this list that supplies some Suzuki OEM parts, I think some also do Honda...might be worth checking them out!

    Oh and whilst not full workshop manual, they do provide the spare parts exploded views (fiche) for alot of models and then the corresponding OEM part number!

    My forks were twisted in the clamp too and just needed loosening and retensioning. Just make sure that the fork triple clamps aren't bent, maybe they need replacing....
  11. Fleabay is one of the better starting arenas but as stated the parts are few and far between. AFAIK the CB400 isn't available in the US. The UK has lots of bits the postage is very expensive.

    I hope that you bought it cheap! 8-[
  12. I think the modern CB400 is only sold in Aus, Japan and Singapore. UK gets more than average grey imports though.
  13. revo 400 project headlight hornet 1000 and rizoma handle bar

    thanks everyone, i fix my tank already, and just working on a headlight. anyone have a try on cb1000r headlight to a cb400.

    does the handle bar of hornet 600 (after market rizoma) fit on the cb400. cause i am going to upgrade it but haven't got any clue.

    i need some advise from an expert about these two project before i start, please help, i am just a newbie.

    does anyone know the aftermarket clevers that can adjust and fit on cb400 please help me too.
  14. Streetfighter it bro. Two small headlights at the front, no tacho, small speedo. Renthal ultra low handle bars fit. I got some on. The cost to restore it back to original will be way too much.
  15. thanks for your help buddy, i re paint my one to a white color of this year with a black sticker on this. waiting for my cb1000r headlight and bring it back on road.... cheeers
  16. Post some pix of your work mate. Curious to see how it's coming along