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REV'IT Leather Jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by fupo1, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. I have been looking at
    jackets lately, specifically the Ignition 2. This looking of mine has been online only, since I am from Melb and there are no stockist here unfortunately.

    I could purchase it online from them in Brisbane and while I could return it if the size is wrong, could anyone chime in on how their sizing/cutting is like? Hope to get the size right the first time than to pay for multiple shipping.

    I am normally a EU44 in Dainese leather jackets.

  2. I just recently bought a Revit Airwave jacket.

    I normally wear a euro 46 - 48 jacket.

    I ended up buying the small (unisex size = to 46) as I knew I wasn't going to be wearing much more than a t-shirt underneath, being a summer only jacket.

    The fit is very close to their size charts as I have a 93cm chest and the small (46) jacket is a good close fit.

    Overall the jacket looks quite well made, however be aware and read closely their information on what armour is supplied, it is pretty ordinary at best, so save a few dollars aside for decent armour upgrade. Obviously, this depends on your personal preference and what you perceive to be acceptable.
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  3. I do have the Ignition 2 Jacket, their Size chart is a bit off, same as what @bobthekelpy posted. As per their sizing chart I should be Size 56, I went for Size is 54, due to the length or sleeves/arm.

    I'm happy with my Rev'It jacket, it keep me cool over 40 degrees Celsius weather last Summer.

    I do have the matching Gear 2 pants too.
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  4. Hey there, I'm thinking about the Airwave as well because it is one of the only light coloured jackets I can find that is mostly mesh. You mentioned the armour isn't what you expected, how would you describe it compared to other jacket armour?
  5. In regards to the shoulder and elbow armour of the Ignition 2 they are all ProLife CE rated, except for the back protector which I upgraded to Rev'IT SeeSoft Back Protector.

    The Airwave has the lesser rated armour called Flexiform CE. It's worth to have a better armour upgrade.

  6. Yeah the shoulder and elbow armour is the Knox Flexiform CE, which is ok, but it comes with a piece of aerated foam as a back protector, useless.

    You can buy the Knox Advance X back protector as an upgrade, but be careful on the size. For eq: the small Airwave jacket needs the Knox Advance X part no. 105 (small), be sure to confirm before ordering as they sent out a Knox back protector too large for my jacket, email and a phone call later and still no reply! Luckily I have found a use for it in another jacket.
  7. Most of the jacket comes with an ordinary EVA foam, its one thing that need to be upgraded, if you want proper back protection.
  8. I've just put in an order for the AirWave and matching Cyclone H2O. I'll let people know what I think of the service and quality.....
  9. I think you will be very happy with the Rev'it jacket/brand, I have had the Union jacket for a few years and very pleased with it.

    I was looking at jackets in MCAS the other day and I was sorely disappointed with the poor quality of brands like Dainese and Alpinestar.

  10. @rcheli32, are you buying it directly from the Distributor which is based in Brisbane? In my own experience, I'm happy with IM's service and the quality of the items I ordered. I hope you didn't forget to ask for a discount.
  11. It looks like it is coming from Brisbane, funny how shopping online means I didn't even think about a discount!
  12. @rcheli32, if you had ordered it from http://revitaustralia.com.au, then you ordered it directly from the AUS Distributor, which I believe is a Rev'It regional office.
  13. The Airwave arrived today, shipped from Auckland though the contact was in QLD. My initial thoughts is that it feels heavier weight and not as breathable as the AGV Sport I'm replacing, but I'll reserve judgement until I'm on the bike. It certainly feels much sturdier if I was to need it.
  14. Same thing when i got the seesoft back protector from revit australia.
  15. From what I know they don't have much stock in QLD, most of their stock is coming from NZ. All of the items I ordered was shipped from NZ.