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Rev'it air

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by ngalbrai, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Just been for first ride today in new Rev’it air. Got this as was getting far too hot and sweaty in my current jacket (low end dryrider somethingorother).

    I have only been riding for a short time and so have very limited knowledge and experience with the myriad of equipment available - so take my comments in this context.

    I am 5’7” and 68kg, I find the fit of the small size snug and comfortable. I am pretty narrow so appreciate that the jacket fits well.

    It seems to be finished to a high standard and I really like how it looks. The armour all feels more substantial than my entry level dryrider.

    Today’s test ride wasn’t a sunny day but I suspect my choice of the lighter coloured version will help with not getting too hot compared to a black jacket.
    I noticed immediately how effective the mesh was, particularly on the arms which get very sweaty in my other jacket when I have removed the insulated lining. So much so it prompted me to write this review!

    Air flow in through the front and around and out the back is pretty impressive. As you would expect, it gets hot when stationary but as soon as you get moving again you cool off brilliantly.

    All in all very comfortable, looks good, does what it’s supposed to, would recommend it.

    I bought after reading several reviews (mostly from US) and would agree with their positive comments, don’t recall from where but top few google hits.

    Anyone contemplating a mesh jacket – do it, far more comfortable!
  2. you chose well. light years ahead of anything from dri rider. one of the best mesh jackets on the market worldwide.