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Revit 2 piece Leather Suit

Discussion in 'Archived' started by ad91on, Jan 9, 2012.

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  1. Rev'It! Apollo 2 piece suit - has been crashed (by [MENTION=21133]Snowman[/MENTION] who i bought it off, not me :) ) in so has some scuffs but none of the leather is worn through. It gives you street cred, i was told (and believe) ! asking $400 for the whole suit or $200 for jacket and $200 for pants. Only selling because I bought it and it was too small for me, which is a shame as it's a fantastic suit. Just want to recoup what I spent on it.

    Pick up from Fairlight, near Manly.

    (re-using pictures from Snowman's thread because i CBF to do my own and nothing has changed since they were taken).

    Suit is size 46 BTW.



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  2. Couple more pics:

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  3. Its a great suit, if I lost 10kg I'd buy it back off you lol

    Edit: I'm also modelling the jacket in my profile pic ^
  4. And a very sexy jacket it is! The jacket fits me just fine actually it's the pants, i couldn't get a knee down with them because they were so tight!

    Worked well on oxford st, however...
  5. Price drop, $350
  6. Price drop $300 it's gotta go.
  7. Price drop $250
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