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VIC Revised M-GLS and Roadcraft

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Fractalz, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. There is no back pedal at all ... I have NEVER said it was a blind, absolute requirement .. that was your take on a simple statement of what is, and will be, taught to in pre-learner and licencing courses in all other jurisdictions in Australia. I have no doubt Victoria will also be on-board with it's soon to be introduced best practice course.

    Your observations about the roadcraft content of pre-learner and P licence courses is somewhat misinformed as roadcraft actually is a large part of the presentation. Any accredited trainer and those involved in course development and governance are aware of this. The basics are outlined and reinforced at each step along the way. Sure a noob may not be 'expert' but then we don't expect them to be 'expert' at any of the skills initially.
    As for noobs being "a bit lost", as you put it, about advanced roadcraft I can assure you that even so-called experienced riders are also 'lost' and barely comprehend traffic strategies which is sadly reflected in fatality stats. But one does have to start somewhere and at the very beginning of someone's riding career is the best place to do so.

    Oh and you are quite wrong in your assumption about which Duncan I was referring to ;-) Duncan MacKillop (of SMIDSY fame) is not involved in any way with the development of the Victorian licencing material although I'm sure he will have plenty of comments when information about it is discussed amongst trainers :) =D

    I do hope that when the new course is implemented that riders can expect positive support from you as the VMC chair and the other executive members.

  2. *smh* To Paraphrase the above: "Always do this because there's no good reason to do anything other".
  3. You still don't comprehend what advanced roadcraft is do you?

    Advanced roadcraft isn't what is taught in the revised MGLS for Victoria (which I have reviewed and as a stakeholder contributed to), nor is it the 12 pages or so that your other half touted as the beez kneez. All of it is good stuff no doubt, and it's great to see the why's finally added to training material to support the "how to" but it's not advanced roadcraft by a long shot. Anyone with an ounce of wit and a bike experience should be able to determine for themselves whether they pop their bike in neutral or not on a long traffic light cycle. They don't need to be restricted by dogma for no bloody good reason.

    You are just making my point for me. If an "experienced" rider is lost then they aren't practicing advanced road craft are they, so the dogma approach is robust and fine for them. On the other hand, if you know how to think....

    You are either being deliberately obtuse which can only reflect poorly on you, or you are absolutely stone cold stupid... which speaks for itself.

    Never once did I say that Duncan Mackillop had any contribution to Victoria's MGLS.

    What I gave you too much credit for was understanding the kind of advanced roadcraft that your mate Duncan, i.e., Duncan Mackillop, advocates. But it seems you have NFI. Amazing for someone who purports to fly with eagles in the advanced riding / roadcraft arena, but is really more of a dodo.

    It's fascinating how badly your inexcusably poor comprehension of this discussion has misrepresented the situation here.
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    So the VMC is more than happy to sign off on the content of the curriculum for the new MGLS?

    btw ... exactly what is your interpretation of 'advanced roadcraft' ? Please explain.
  5. Does the VMC endorse the new MGLS ...

    It's a simple question ... I would be happy to take this to another thread if there is one .. you can lead the way if you want.
    I have no wish to put effort into posts only to have them removed. Ball's in your court.
  6. Duncan McRae and UNSW have done a stirling job with a new learner curriculum. The pilot testing phase has had some pretty decent reports and results. The new mandatory curriculum will produce a better learner out of the box so long as the instructors can bend towards elements of coaching rather than instructing. The expansion of the syllabus to include the "why's" behind a skill rather than the "do as I show you" current style of Victorian learner curriculum is a huge step in the right direction and should get learners thinking. The entire MGLS is not without its flaws and some aspects are downright objectionable having been grounded in politics.

    What is advanced riding? | Riders | RoADAR
  7. @ Rob...

    Where can I find a copy of the curriculum for the new MGLS ?
  8. Actually you can't.

    It's not released to the public yet - but all the RTO's in Victoria should be aware of it or have working draft copies.

    By all reports, we are only weeks away from the roll out.
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  9. I feel a little lucky now with the instructors I had for my training up in Qld. Both instructors went out of their way to explain the 'whys' at ever step, which me with an engineering brain really appreciated.
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  10. That engineering brain can be a curse sometimes! (says I with one too).

    Yeh, there are good instructors around for sure.
  11. Yes ... excellent work by all contributors :)
    There was much consternation with the road ride component but I am sure they will get used to it. Of course in NSW and Qld road rides have been standard practice for a long time :)

    Yes ... Victoria has been behind the 8ball for a long time but hopefully with this new MGLS they will join the enlightened :)
  12. On road component hasn't been developed at this stage. Last I heard they put it out to tender. This could have moved in the mean time - we are waiting on an update.
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