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Revised LAMS list for NSW

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Snowman, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Just had a squiz at the LAMS list and noticed a few new additions, namely the Kawasaki er6-f and the er6-n, both the bikes have an 'L' after their name so I was just wondering what the power output would be and can they be de-restricted, cause I havent heard anything about it yet and google turned up nothing on the learner versions.

    Id love an er6-n but with 6 months left on my P's I dont wanna bike I cant de-restrict when I graduate.

    Also how much $ does a standard er6-f run for these days?


  2. I dont think info has been released yet, or even if the bikes are available from dealers as yet.. someone else may be able to confirm. The power would depend on if they've made a restricted version specifically for Aus or using the same restrictor setup as overseas markets. Obviously if its specifically designed for here you can expect it to be bang on the allowable 150kw/tonne limit.

    The legalities of derestricting is unclear, but the general vibe seems to be that it can't be legally done. Thats not necessarily going to stop anyone buying a non restricted ECU (assuming they restrict it that way) from overseas to get full power but still learner legal though.

    Standard ER6F is about 10k + onroads, but with a good deal around 10 ride away, less if its last years model. I'd expect the LAMS version to be more expensive though, with dealers not needing to negotiate when the demand will be quite high..
  3. Why would it be illegal to de-restrict it? I meant I'd wait until Im off restrictions to do so.

    10k isn't too bad, Im guessing the faired version is more expensive? I like the naked style one way better, I think the faired version (all big capacity LAMS sportsbikes besides Hyosungs for that matter) looks very awkward.

    But thats just me.
  4. Go and talk the tools in QLD who want to ban all LAMS bikes that have a full powered equivalent. Example, my bike is sold full powered or LAMS restricted. The QLD pollies say that too many learners and P platers are riding around on derestricted bikes and killing themselves.
    Awkward? In what way.
  5. Same for Vic.
    Ninja 650 RL
    Ninja 650 RL ABS
  6. They all try and look like their super sport equivalents but dont quite pull it off.

    The GSX-F is the nicest looking and yes I would have one in a second, but I guess I just like supersports lol

    Keeping in mind this is all just my opinion and I havent actually seen a GSX-F in real life, and have only seen a er6-f once at a dealership. I also thought that the ninja250r was an ugly bike till I saw it up close, I found the angle you look at the bike, and the angle most pictures are taken from differ.

    and yeah I heard about QLD trying to ban restricted LAMS bikes, this is why nobody listens to QLD :p
  7. I wrote out a long reply last night but I kept getting errors..

    I dont know all these 'other' sporty big LAMS bikes you're talking about. Theres the hyo which is fairly sporty and fully faired, the GSX650F which isn't a sportsbike at all (and yes does look like gs500 on a bad acid trip to many), and then theres the ER6F/N, which isn't a sportsbike either. SV650S is the most sporty after the hyosung (as its only half faired). Forgetting about the hyo, if you want the sportiest out of the box go the SV650S.

    There are a few SV650S/GSX650F/ER6F comparisons I've seen, they all conclude the same thing, the SV is more suited to more experienced/faster riders.

    That said you can always put clippons on the er6.
  8. er6-l
    Ummm ok, the bike isn't even on the kawasaki site...
  9. there is a version of the er in the uk that runs about 35bhp. i guess they are bringing it here. good idea as they are easy to ride. would suck ass a bit though with less then half the normal power. no idea how they retrict it either
  10. and geeth. the L is for Lams
  11. I know that the L is for lams. But there wasn't even a mention of it on their site.
  12. then i guess its not here yet. remember we are talking a combination of kwaka and lams so who knows what they are up to
  13. Some words from me here - as I too visited the LAMS (NSW) list to see if my new ER-6F purchase was really learner-legal or not, and wondered what the "L" meant. So, my google search brought me here :) Not that it worries me as I've had a licence for yonks and three previous bikes (Honda CBX250, KawaGPZ750, and SuzGS500e). Anyone can see that although the engine size, at 649cc, meets the LAMS criteria, the p:w ratio is waaaay too high to entrust to a new rider. I'd venture to say that the ER-6F has twice as much poke as the GS500, and feels way zippier than the old GPZ750. I'm really pleased with mine - I bought it second-hand with 3500 k on the clock. It's an '08 model (built late '07), in the signature green. Without giving toooo much away, I paid a little over $7k for it. The '09 has a different fairing and digital speedo, as well as some engine tweaks apparently - but there is no way I could justify the cost difference of around $3000 to buy a new one. Everything works well; the fairing provides more than adequate wind and rain protection (although it gets humming a little at around 3000rpm); handling is excellent; acceleration pleasurable, and braking sound and confident. It manages a pillion with ease. It's nice and compact for traffic, and I can easily plant both feet flat on the ground. I do find it a little "brittle" feeling on rough roads, but as a city commuter, it's an issue that rarely matters. The only other issue is that the seat does give you a numb bum after about two hours - the limit of comfort before a rest break is needed - but maybe that's my age showing ...

  14. They would definitely have some kind of restrictions put on them old fart, similar to a Suzuki Gladius where the ecu is dumbed down. But this is good for learners, there's finally some bikes coming out that are worth keeping through your learning stage of 3 years and then onto you full license. Kudos to the manufactures for helping us out. :D
  15. I've spoken with multiple Kawasaki dealerships and they are due for release in 3 weeks.

    That said, I would never buy a Kawasaki. They don't even have a phone number to call for warranty issues.
  16. That's quite normal I would think. They want you to go through the dealer network. Makes sense to me seeing as the dealer is the one who has to fix it.
  17. Ive never heard of anyone having problems with a kawasaki warranty issue, although ive never had to do it myself.

    Is there any other reason you wouldnt buy a kawasaki? because not having a direct number for warranty issues doesnt seem like a big deal, you genreally go through the dealer you bought the bike from.
  18. Maybe that's because you would never need to make a claim :grin:

    Mine is purring away purrfectly. I did fill in and mail off the warranty card transfer in the back of the manual, but I don't expect I will need it.
  19. I was at my local kawa dealer the other day and they confirmed the new LAMS models will be here soon, like two weeks. They were unsure as to what kind of method they would be restricted by, he said it may be ECU restricted or it may be carb slides similar to the hyosung 650, and didnt know anything about de-restriction costs.

    Wonder if they'll let me take a test ride :)