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VIC Reviews and changes to 70km & 90km zones

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MelbourneMick, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I believe there is to be an annoucement today by the Victorian Minister for Transport in relation to a review of all 70km & 90Km zones.

    Key Lay was on ABC 774 with Jon Faine stating the review is to get rid of these to speed zones and keep 110, 100, 80, 60 & 40 (thankfully 30 wasn't mentioned)
    reasons for the review seem to be based around alleviating driver confusion.

    Ken was asked by Jon if he believed, for example, any 90 zones would be increased to 100 after the review which goes against the current message of slowing everyone down.

    The reply was a non-commital "each zone will be reviewed on a case by case basis by engineers, who will decide...."

    So don't hold you breath for any increases.
  2. Given that its already reviewed by "engineers" (mostly civil engineers such as matlennon) to decide the current speed, it's not going to get higher.

    In reality what happens is the governing authority sends a document to their in house chain gang saying we recommend road so-and-so be reduced to speed xx, sign on this line.
  3. Why is Ken Lay making announcements about this? He is neither a road engineer nor formally qualified on the subject. Unless the object of the exercise is to increase enforcement opportunities...

    Getting heartily sick of this government handing virtually all decision making to the police.
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  4. Roads Minister was on news bulletin, and confirmed that amongst the changes there will be some speed limit increases, where recommended by the reviewing panel.
  5. Apparently the CBD is going to change to 40 across the board. I'm going to only use first gear as a personal protest.
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  6. Yes CBD is primarily Melb CC responsibility, and they have applied to Vicroads for a blanket 40 local area limit. Also requested road closures and narrowing in several locations.
  7. I'm just going to avoid the CBD.

    I rarely go there now as I can get anything else I need closer to home and I don't live that far from the CBD.
  8. I expect a SMALL amount of increases in inconsequential areas so that they can point in them when people complain to say that the changes went both ways. I'll be extremely surprised if any increases occur in useful areas. (hoping I'm wrong of course)
  9. What? I'm not civil lol. I don't build targets. Done a bit of civil stuff - but formally electrical/electronic.

    Regardless of any decisions engineers make, no doubt the politics will veto any increase anywhere. Wouldn't fit the political message the authorities want. Or revenue targets. These changes are rarely common sense and often a facade to drop the limits in certain areas.
  10. Haha ok. I take that back. mistaken identity I think.
  11. Simplification is good, but increases are unlikely.
  12. here is a break down as I could work it out:

    non comittal (consolidate changes in an area): 10
    Change sign-age to make it speed zones clearer: 10

    increase speed limit:
    - reduce 40km/h time zone (so lower speed for less hours): 2
    - increase 70-80: 3
    - increase 60-70: 1
    - increase 60-80: 1
    - increase 50-60: 1
    - increase 90-100: 1

    decrease speed limit:
    - reduce 70-60: 5
    - reduce 90-80: 11
    - reduce 60-50: 3
    - reduce to 40km/h (school zone): 4
    - reduce 100-80: 2
    - reduce 80-60: 6
  13. The word reduce appears 34 times, while the word increase appears 6 times. That says everything.

    More 40km/h zones and existing limits (mostly 60km/h variety) have been extended/increased coverage 7 times.

    Directionally, speed limits have been pushed downward.
  14. Now this is interesting, a couple of month’s back I had the pleasure of being contained in a room with a select number of people, one of them happened to be a VicRoads Engineer.

    Of course when I found out what this person did for a living, I questioned them about the department’s road maintenance. One thing I was told was the road maintenance budget has been substantially reduced (I think they said halved, but don’t quote me on that).

    Unfortunately I don't have any real hard evidence to back this up, but I did so a quick search on the web to see if there was any news articles on the subject and found this: http://www.standard.net.au/story/717...-funding-cuts/

    Basically the engineer did confirm the following:
    1. Over the next couple of years, expect the road surfaces to deteriorate.
    2. Speed limits to be reduced to try and reduce the wear and tear on the roads.
    3. Just before the next election, the government will announce more money for the maintenance budget (got the impression they will disguise it as additional money on top of the existing budget which I took to mean another words they will put the money back in that was cut in the first place)

    Of course this is all hearsay, however it’s a little too coincidental in my opinion.
  15. I agree, they only slipped raised in there to mask over the lowering. Just some consistency in limits would be better than having 10 speed changes in a 10km stretch of the same road. This lowering thing in Victoria started with the Monash Fwy never going back upto 100 after the widening ](*,)

    Interesting shadowwraith about the road deterioration, Ive noticed more and more roads with huge pot holes that never get repaired and a lack of funding would explain it.
  16. What the heck is confusing about 90kph?
  17. In my books absolutely nothing
  18. Bad news that minglis looks like road users just lost the game 31 to 7
    Money and power wins again

    This baby boomer generation are really pissing me off