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Reviewed - Takamii Carbon Fibre Helmet

Discussion in 'Helmets' at netrider.net.au started by j-rad, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Time to write a review on my newly acquired Carbon Fibre lid from "Takamii".

    Takamii and I have been discussing options for the past few months and I was extremely happy to receive the call from him on Thursday that my helmet had arrived and was ready for fitting.

    I collected it on Thursday night just in time for the WP Friday 19/11 track day. Usual to form, Marinko was very helpful and even fitted XS cheek pads to my S helmet to make if fit even better, if that is actually possible! For those that have not had the pleasure of meeting him yet, Takamii is perhaps one of the most helpful guys out there, yes he is running a business so it's in his best interests however I believe this attitude is also shown in the quality of his gear and service.

    A little about myself - I have been riding all forms of motor bikes longer than I care to remember having grown up on a farm around family who raced both dirt and road bikes.

    Having eventually gotten around to riding road bikes and starting Team Cunningstunts between myself and 2 others in Canberra, I've predominately used AGV & ARAI helmets and have been quite happy with, in particular the Arai range.

    Over the years, all of my safety gear has copped an absolute hiding from commuting/riding 7 days a week (over 300,000kms on road in less than 10yrs), to stunt riding, track days and racing my GSXR1000 + GSXR600, leaving out dirt related activities. (different gear set obviously).

    Being that Takamii is a newcomer to the market I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't have any specific doubts as such just the usual, 'Will it fit MY head, will it be as light/strong/protective/sexy as they say it will be...etc

    In short - the resounding answer to all of the above is YES !!

    Stop reading now and go buy one immediately - you will not regret it! (understanding that we all have different shaped heads and no matter how good/expensive/reputable the brand is sometimes Brand A just doesn't fit person X as good as person Y) but you need to do yourself a favour and
    AT LEAST try it on.....I'm sure TJs won't mind! If you can't make it to Canberra to try them on best bet is to contact Takamii directly.

    If you've JUST bought a new helmet, throw it a long distance, leave it somewhere and walk away so you have the excuse to buy the Takamii!

    Some of the more astute amongst you might've noticed that Takamii have been kind enough to start supporting my racing efforts aboard my new GSXR so I can nearly hear the cries of bias from here so I will expand below for those that need the longer answer.....plus I like writing essay's! :D

    Firstly I will say that whilst Takamii is a new sponsor to our team, my comments are honest and direct, I had/have no need for a new helmet or sponsorship from Takamii, having already invested heavily in my gear
    , the gear I already own is all reputable, proven brands that cost me a small fortune so I was happy to continue using it - if anyone thinks I'm just
    saying good things about Takamii's gear because he's now a sponsor they would be way, WAY off track. If anything I was in a position to be a harsh judge and hand it back had I thought it had any problems.

    As I said to Takamii directly, it would cost alot more than his sponsorship deal for me to sell my soul and say something is better than it really is.
    If his gear was crap (or even if it just didn't fit me right as is the case with some brands) I was more than prepared to tell him so and just go back to using my gear that I've paid for, been happy with and no way I was going to potentially risk my life (and the future of my wife/children) with anything but the best gear.

    I have NEVER EVER worn a helmet that has been SO light and comfortable at the same time whilst still remaining in within the financial reach of most of us. Here I'm thinking of the $5700 that Arai want for their CF helmet.....!!

    I realise CF helmets are not new to the market as such, going back to earlier riding days an old mate Rick (owner of the Ben Boyd B&8) had a CF helmet he used on the road (going back nearly 10 years ago now) and it was, from memory, roughly as light as the Takamii item but I remember thinking that the overall finish left alot to be desired for. Somehow Ricks CF helmet just didn't seem 'finished'....

    So past experience made me a little nervous about CF helmets in general. I was wondering if it'd be similar to Ricks old helmet but it is nothing like it. Straight away you can see the helmet is well finished, with smoke/tinted vent system that is very easy to use whilst wearing gloves. Eveything just seems to be done right, I would have to say that having Takamii as a rider has certainly had influence over the design.

    Picking up the helmet immediately you notice just HOW much lighter it is than what you are currently using. As soon as I tried it on it felt very plush inside and with the addition of the XS cheek pads it felt as snug as anything I'd ever placed on my noggin (and I've tried them all...well most of the lids out there anyways ;-).

    This kind of service just doesn't occur at most other places, let alone dealing with the manufacturer directly. Anyone doubting Takamii's intentions needs to look at things a little differently as he has taken onboard all constructive critisicsm from myself but also our team of stunt riders and implemented changes where possible. How often do you get to talk to Spidi/Dainese/Shoe/Arai/AGV etc etc directly and provide feedback AND get results? I'd suggest never...in fact these days the 'art' of customer service is lost so to receive SUCH outstanding service is virtually unheard of these days.

    As you can see below mine is the Dark Candy/Cherry Red - in sunlight the thing gives me Rocks in my pants (the good type not the smelly type) in dark or overcast conditions it almost appears to be blood red/very dark red, with the Red Iridium visor it just looks so hot!

    Riding: We had a reasonably cold/windy but dry day at WP on Friday. Leaving pit lane and performing the obligatory head check I immediately noticed how much easier it was to look around without the extra weight of a 'normal' helmet. When I was commuting 7 days/wk I would always have sore shoulders and have migraines frequently.
    The good Dr's said the neck is only designed to carry the weight of the neck and nothing more so thus why I had a nasty curve in my neck/spine and the cause of the migraines.

    Having pretty well stopped commuting I noticed I stopped getting headaches and stopped having to go to the Dr's as often. Mind you a day or 3 in the saddle (practice+racing) and I would have very sore shoulders/headaches again. Not so after the weekend however, I only got out for 5 (from 7) sessions which is normally enough to see me a bit sore and I felt fantastic......I will be commuting to work each day now to further spend time falling in love with this lid so will reply in a week or 2 once I've had a bit
    more time but I really can't see me having the problems I used to.

    The SINGLE only 'problem' I can see with this product is the front/top vent holes causes some whistling whilst the vent is OPEN AND you perform a head check.

    This would really only cause issues for those that don't wear ear plugs. On the ride into work this morning I decided to test this and did notice extra wind noise and if I wasn't wearing ear plugs it would've been louder, as it was with ear plugs it was similar to opening the visor up a small crack and hearing the wind rush through.

    To be honest I didn't think it was as bad as what others have mentioned but I wouldn't ride without ear plugs so for me personally, this problem is certainly not enough to turn me away and does not cause any structural problems.

    Consider this - the benefits of the lighter helmet far outweigh (pun inteded gettit?LOL) any slight vent problems which can be solved by wearing ear plugs which you should use to protect your hearing at any rate.

    I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this helmet to you all, at the very least you owe your neck/shoulders the favour of trying one on. From there you won't look back.

    If anyone has any questions feel free to post them here or email me at j-rad@cunningstunts.com, I will add to this thread a 6 and 12 month report to gain a fuller picture for those interested in things like wear n tear, long term use and abuse etc.

  2. Man, dats a noice looking lid.


  3. Thank you Cam


    For this month ( December 2010) each standard colour 3k Carbon helmet comes with a free tinted visor ( saving $65) and each Lycan graphic helmet comes with your choice of a tinted, chrome or iridium visor ( saving $65 to $90)

    Price is $679 which includes delivery and insurance by registered post

    see your local agent for a fitting - please note limited sizes/numbers available check with us if we have your size in the your choice of helmet.

    If I dont have your choice as stock on hand I will honor the special and have it made although this could take 14-21 days although you will need to place a 50% non refundable deposit.
  4. Man I wish I had the mo0eny at the moment for one of these, interest rates have killed my gear splurging
  5. Have been playing with some patriotic design ideas

    Attached Files:

  6. and in different colours

    Attached Files:

  7. I like the number 2 of the 3 the best, orange (or is that gold) outline start just adds a bit more the the overall design, it doesn't dominate the design and I like the way it links four of the stars up.
    The fade out makes the outline still look quite star shaped and frankly the extension in 3 make it look out of shape and lose it's star like appearance.

    EDIT this is in regards to the first set of 3 in the stars version.
  8. Thanks Geeth - will post a completed pic next week with front and rear views as well

    also better views of the textures etc - the pin striping is there to show shape at the moment and will be changed slightly to blend in etc
  9. +1 to the stars 2 option (couldnt see the difference b/w 3 and 2 at first haha)

    man I wish I had the money for a new helmet, would definetley be looking at one of these

  10. I plan to be around for a while ( even if I am a niche importer ) - so no need to be concerned that they are a limited run
  11. I like Stars 1 - the blacker the better, except for the Southern Cross...
  12. you dont like the southern cross nitekreeper
  13. Personally I wouldn't buy the southern cross helmet, I would most likely pick the lycan design still or the new one that you have put a pic up of with the ace. I think the ace would look at it's best with a tinted visor, as I think that dark helmets lose some of their appeal with a clear visor.
    I think that the southern cross one might lose something because of the number of people with the southern cross tattoo or sticker on their car.

  14. This is the issue that has concerned me as well Geeth about the SC on cars etc
  15. I do like the SC - it's just that you see it so often. Don't get me wrong, it is a design that I think there is a market for it, probably to the same people that have the tats and stickers already :p
  16. 1st stars looks nice, but I think a matte black or better yet matte graphite will be nicer :)

    The Ace looks nice too, maybe without the brand but a skull instead. A Gambler theme would rock or a hand grenade stencilled on.

    I'll write up my review/comparison of the RSR2/Takamii in a week or two, it's starting to grow on me. Love the lightweight and greater peripheral vision.
  17. Thanks gogo - for the feedback on designs as well as the forth coming review
  18. you forget winny reds as well P:)
  19. I love it - perfect for me would be a black carbon helmet with no other real detail except the Southern Cross in silver.
    And I agree with Geeth - the market is those who already have the tattoo...
  20. I dont have the tattoo - but I am patriotic about the southern cross representing our country