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Review your mobile phone as a motorcyclist!

Discussion in 'Electronics' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. As motorcyclists, our needs differ from other people's.

    When buying a jacket, the unwashed masses just try to decide if it looks good on them... or if they look good in it... or if their mates have something similar and they're conformist consumer whores.

    But when WE buy a jacket, we weigh up how it will protect us when we have a head-on collision with a steam-roller driven by a homicidal ex-taxi driver travelling at 482km/hr.

    ... and then if it looks good on us.

    That said, having just bought a new phone because of bike-related matters, I figured I'd review all my past phones in a motorcycling context, for fun coz I'm bored, and for your own interest and decision making should you be weighing up options for a new phone.

    Obviously I'll try to make my reviews semi-entertaining and I encourage you to review your own phone as a motorcyclist also!

    Here we go...

    Siemens M55



    First of all... "semens" lolllolololololo! sperm is funny.
    Secondly, the M55 was also known as "The Scorpion" - renowned amongst my friends for it's tiny buttons that refused to work after 6 months of ownership, and also it's short battery-life.
    Many an SMS was received from me with letters missing, or words incorrect with the follow up message "Stupid bloody scorpion".
    But as with old people, teenage girls, and stoners - I bought it because of the cool flashing lights on the side.
    Prepaid with Vodafone... I was a victim of marketting and a severe lack of mp3 ringtones :(

    The lugs also easily broke off the battery cover while changing the SIM so a friend could use the phone for a moment; resulting in the bare battery visible in the pic. I will grant, however, that the battery remained very secure even without the back cover.

    This phone lasted me over 18 months.

    I did not ride a motorcycle while I owned this phone. So this review is a little bit irrelavent... I hope you don't think I'm wasting your time right now. Trust me, there's bike stuff later on. I promise, just stick with it!

    Nokia 6230



    It was with this very phone that I booked my motorcycle Stay Upright course to get my license AND get approved for my personal loan that allowed me to purchase my first motorcycle - the mighty Yamaha FZR250.

    The Nokia 6230 was (and still is) truly a friggin' excellent phone: customisable mp3 ringtones, customisable mp3 message tones [not available on all phones yet! :eek:], take photos and video... oh, and you could make calls on it too. The speaker for the ringtone was also the loudest and clearest I have ever heard on any phone owned by myself or my friends.

    'Twas brilliant.

    Now what really sets this phone apart is it's durability. I hit the deck with this phone in my pocket 3 times, and whilst you're all thinking "Wow, Ktulu must be a pretty shit rider" that is not the case... I was simply damage testing phones for the good of the motorcycling community [and learning how to ride the hard way]. Plus none of them were really my fault... it was all that biatch Gravity and her friend Physics' fault.

    ...Stupid physics.

    Anyway, the fact remains that I was able to do $2,000 worth of damage to an FZR250, require a new helmet and repairs to my jacket - and all the mighty-fighty Nokia did was lose a small piece of black plastic on the back [see 2nd photo above].

    What a nugget!

    A few months after I woke up on the road, this very same phone whispered in my ear "You'll have to do better than that to get rid of me, homo-arseface-sausage-bottom-lemon-head" which I took as a very personal challenge, and so lowsided both the FZR and a friend's 400 dirt-bike [in entirely separate incidences that weren't my fault at all, mum] with this phone in my pocket to teach it a lesson.

    The phone responded by getting a small black mark on the back, and I was forced to buy it a new battery because it lived so bloody long and I loved it.
    They've updated this model... it's got an 'i' on the end of it's name and a little joystick button thing on the front, but it's still pretty-much the same. You wouldn't be stupid to buy one if you need a phone.

    This phone lasted me over 2.5 years.
    It's the only phone I've ever bought a 2nd battery for.

    Siemens U700



    The very pretty looking and entirely heterosexual 'not-for-girls-at-all thank you very much' Samsung U700 was the best phone I could get on my plan when Optus bade me resign a charred contract for my soul over the next 24 months.
    I immediately liked it's mirror finish, and the hiding of unsightly buttons... but grew to hate it's sensitive touch-buttons, and smooth outer surface which prevented you being able to open the slide with one hand in the morning when your fingers are a little bit dry, to turn the bloody alarm off.

    ... but I can forgive those things as long as I can have my custom old-school Transformers transforming noise as my message alert.

    Samsung U700 does not allow you to customize the message alert sound.


    The U700 was an ok phone for a while, but my patience with it wore as thin as the mirror finish on the casing [as you can see in the photo].

    The 'Unlock' button combination [normally 2 different buttons in sequence on any NORMAL phone] was simply to hit the same button (on the front cover) twice in a row. Keep hitting that button, and you go sending blank text messages to the poor sap who most recently texted you.

    "Why do I have 20 blank text messages from you?!"

    "Sorry - gay phone."

    As far as durability goes, well - it's perfectly fine for this phone to get dropped on the concrete a couple of times; but the tiniest bit of water and it's speaker packs it's bags and leaves.
    Myself and Scrambles had a glorious Thurs afternoon run through the Gorge and up Old Pacific Hwy, last week. The sky was blue, and the birds were singing... but on the way back, Satan was placed in charge of the weather and we were nearly dodging lightning strikes instead of inattentive Camry drivers.
    The rain hit us like we were red-headed step-children; and whilst I will sing the praises of Dainese leather jackets in a stack, to the heavens: they stop you getting soaking wet for about ohhh... 8 seconds.
    My Shift jeans are too damn comfortable for me to be angry at for anything, and they did do a great job of keeping the water out of my boots... alas, the phone in my left-front pocket did get damp.

    I wouldn't say "wet", or "soaked" - just "damp"... on the outside.

    However, it seems that's enough for the Samsung to refuse to make a noise when you get a call or a message; and refuse to have a working alarm. Hell, it even decided to not let me hear anyone who I was calling, after that.

    This phone lasted me about 6 months.

    If I had to give it a score out of 10 I would say it gets about a:
    "Shit... but not as bad as a Siemens 5 years it's senior."

    To be honest, I'm happy to retire it.
    Whenever you cycled through the options for a word on predictive text, if you missed the word you were after, you had to go all the way back to the beginning and start again. I know with the number of posts I have on this forum, my time might not seem valuable - but dammit, I'll give Vic a bill one-day and he'll be so surprised his hair'll grow back.

    ... probably.

    Just yesterday I bought a...

    Sony Ericsson K800i



    So far, it looks really cool, has an excellent camera, and lets you customise the message tone [YES! Transformers: more than meets the eye.].
    It's also a non-slide phone, which I believe to be of superior design to all the fashionable "Oh look at me! I'm like in the Matrix or something lolllolol" slide-phones.
    On top of that, it let's you scroll UP and DOWN through possible words while predictive texting + you just pop the lense-cover down to take photos whether key-lock is on or not.
    Even better though, is that the expansion memory cards for it, come with a Sony USB adaptor - so I don't have to load any stupid gay crappy phone software into my computer. It's simple drag-n-drop like a memory stick, to put whatever songs, pictures, etc I want onto the phone.


    But please.
    Share your own technology trials of mobile communications hardware with regard to the wonderful activity of biking.
    I am keen for knowledge outside my own scope of experience.
  2. [​IMG]

    Worst. Fone. Evar!

    Ever feel your phone ringing in your pocket, you're expecting an important call, and you simply pull over, answer, and jam the thing inside your helmet to talk? Hell, you can even do this on the run if you've got your wits about you, it is handsfree after all.

    Not with this phone sonny. Those snazzy little touch sensitive buttons will not work with gloves on. At all. Not a hope. So you can either take your gloves off then call said person back at your own expense (it has surely gone to message bank by now), or you can insert said phone inside your face-shield and answer it with either your nose or your tongue, which ever you feel is the most dexterous of face-digits. There's about 8 buttons on that tiny little touch sensitive screen though, so you've got a good chance of hanging up on them, sending it silent, inviting them to a conference call, or catching Hepatitis B from licking a disgusting and dirty phone.

    Apart from that, it's shit for everything else. The method for installing the PC software for it must be googled from message boards where people complain about this shit phone, and then followed PRECISELY, else you must completely uninstall and start again. There's no mp3 ring tones, the messaging system is shite, and get this, there is no speaker phone. Firmware got a big thumbs down from me, with random system crashes from certain keystrokes, like holding clear from within a message. Silly me, I should have known that would require a reboot. Durability sucks too. I got 6 months out of mine with no drops.
  3. Phones precious enough to keep in a case of some kind;
    Useless! VERY hard to get it out and check time/calls/send sms with!

    Flip phones;
    Awesome, because they can be used whilst riding much easier! :grin:
  4. Hey!! I drive a steam roller! There's no way they can get to 482km/h, and I certainly wouldn't let an ex-taxi driver drive one....homicidal lunatics, no worries, ex-taxi drivers no way!


    As long as your NOT an ex-taxi driver, I can teach you how drive one too!



  5. I've k800i, it's a solid phone, I had it for 1.5 years. Once I dropped it down steps and it only ended up with scratches. I was surprised.

    I would avoid latest firmware for that phone, it seems buggy and my phone reboots frequently, before I didn't have it reboot once. I had to upgrade it so my 8GB mem card would be recognised, but otherwise it's top phone. I love the cut and paste in it.
  6. I have a Nokia sixty two three something seven or three something something... It has a joystick and looks like the one posted. I have two small kids that like to drop the Nokia onto tile floors. The phone has an idiot owner that likes to throw it at hard objects to demonstrate the level of equipment that we need in our vehicles. The phone is now two years old and works perfectly. The only problem with the phone is that not many people send me pictures of boobs on it...

    This phone was in my tank bag in very very heavy rain, which resulted in it being submersed for over half an hour. It did not work when I took it out... that made me sad. So I took the battery and SIM out and allowed it to dry for a couple of days. After that it hasn't had an issue.

    The phone and plan are now out of contract, I won't be buying a new phone - I honestly believe this is the best phone on the market at the moment.
  7. I have a Sony Ericsson W550i.
    It has been dropped from a wrecking yards car stack 2 cars high- didn't even switch off, caught in a storm in a shift leather jacket (drenched), 1 high side, 1 low side, and most recently survived a double car crash. No quirks or problems, works a treat and has about a weeks standby of battery. Mp3 and camera are cool too. Seems Sony Ericsson are fairly robust and good quality cameras...
  8. I'm quite fond of my Nokia 1100. Bought one in 2004 and promptly jumped in a pool. That kills them pretty good. Got another and it is still going strong. Been dropped every other week, got fairly wet when riding and generally out and about, survived 2 skiing trips but no bike crashes (touch wood).
    It's a little tatty after 4 years and my own attempt at changing the colour of the case (it used to be copper) but the only thing wrong with it is the alarm dosn;t work.


  9. Makes calls and texts, small and light, seems to be well built as I haven't broken yet.
  10. After the nuclear holocaust, the only operational things on the planet will be cockroaches and Nokia mobiles.
  11. Anyone got a Nokia N95 8MG with the GPS?? I'm due to upgrade very soon, thought I should get a GPS capable phone for when I take the scenic route :LOL: . I killed my last Nokia 6280 - I tend to drop them, or the kids take it and get photos of strange things and then drop it.

    Best phone I ever had was the Nokia 'Tradesman' phone - blue and rubber outside, shock, dust and water resistant - I want one of them again... :(
  12. The Nokia 5140 (and 5140i)



    • Rubber coated so it bounces (when you throw it at the TV because ACA has pissed you off again)
      Water resistance (yes, mine went swimming a few times)
      Built in compass
      Built in torch
      Stereo FM tuner
      Stopwatch (lap timing and split timing)
      Synchronises to (some) heart rate monitors
      If you've got a few bikkies to spare, a replacement GPS shell is available
      Makes the odd phone call too!


    • No MP3 capabilities
      4Mb of storage (non expandable)
      Screen's a little small
      No Bluetooth

    I had this phone, and then went through two others, now I'm back to this phone again. :cool:
  13. I Upgraded??????????? from my Nokia 5110 to a Telstra ZTE nearly 12mths ago & I still can't drive the fokker!!!!!!!!

    Can't figure out how to sms my contacts without pulling out their ph no first then entering it then sending said sms!

    All I waanted was text in & out , calls in & out but I thought a camera would be hasndy and it probably would be if I could work out how to use the fokker!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate this phone with a vengenance!

    On a scale of 1 - 100 I rate this phone at -1,000
  14. I find it strange that some people like their k800i's/ hate mine so much i cant describe it. The battery life is shithouse, the phone screen scratches too easily, the camera is not worth the $500 dollars i paid for it a year ago, My phone is a crap qualtiy version.

    another problem is that if you accidentally do leave it unlocked in your jacket, it will almost certainly call your last contact, and use all your credit, And another thing, the joystick on it will pack in eventually, mine has already. I F@%$^n HATE this phone so much.

    to the person with the nokia 1100, wanna swap?



    1) Takes a severe beating. Ive dropped it in a pool, in a toilet (i thought about never retrieving it), been thrown up on X 2 (thanks to my mates- champions!). Gets dropped on hard surfaces daily
    2) Camera quality with perfect lighting. I have captured many a memorable moments of girlfriends/babes with this phone. For the record, none of my mates have seen these pics - NOT. lol :grin:

    1) Some of the buttons need about 10,000kg's of brute force applied to work
    2) No flash on camera, and takes crappy photos in the dark. This is because i like pictures of things as outlined above
    3) Wall charger terminals get broken too easily. Now i cant charge my phone unless i use USB cable(see below).
    4) Cant read anything on the screen when out in direct sunlight. Cant even shield the screen to read. Makes me think light can travel through my hands.

    Fu*ked up design flaws:
    Whoever deemed it necessary to have a requirement that I install f&*king Sony Ericsson software on every PC so i can charge my phone by usb - im gonna find you, and im gonna STAB YOU IN THE EYE BALLS!!!!!

    I will never buy a Sony Ericsson phone ever again because of this. C^%nts

    Score overall 3/10

  16. 6110navigator.

    nokia navigator. kind of sounds like a transformer. it isnt, but i like to say it is. phone itself is pretty good. it uses micro SD as a storage unit, which are available to a capacity of 8 gig now apparently. im using a 1 gig card and its plenty big enough. it has GPS capability, and the maps are better than googlemaps, but not as good as tomtom. it uses the route66 maps, the advantage of these is they are free. one issue i have had is the lady in the phone that gives you directions (bad way to start i know) must be blonde, cause sometimes she gets a little confused. also if you use GPS, take a charger, cause it will flatten your battery faster than than the steamroller.

    ive ridden with this phone in my pocket, and being a slide phone havent pressed any buttons. its bluetooth, mp3, truetone, speakerphone, radio, GPS unit, and media centre (plays vids via realplayer, and music as well) it also has internet capabilities, and while its fun to use, tends to make the wallet light as fast as you can type in the password your p0rn site registration. im rough as hell with it, thrown across room, dropped, beat up.. and its styill going strong.

    all in all, i give it a * * * * / * * * * *
    needs a bigger screen, and the lady in the GPS needs to talk dirty, at the end of the day, if this phone could do my washing and ironing, women would be nearly entirely redundant.
  17. It nags at you as well?
  18. almost perfectly.

    in a couple hundred meters, turn right
    take the next right turn
    now turn right. turn right!!!
    turn around as soon as possible
    turn around now
    take the next left, then turn left again.
    turn left.

    see? :shock: :LOL: :evil:
  19. I would post a pic but I dont have 5 posts *sigh*

    Pretty much an updated version of the 6230 in the op. This phone is brilliant. Drop it on a concrete floor. no worries it doesn't realise its been dropped.

    Yeah its pretty ugly but candy bar nokias have to be the most reliable phone ever. I treat mine like crap.

    Expandable memory and all that jazz.

    I had a motorola V3 before that. Totally unreliable and slow. I could type a word in front of it when messaging someone. Then it completely died 6 months in. I was glad for it.
  20. 1. Started with a Motorola, Was returned 3 times with Battery problems, Happened 4th time, They sent me an Airbag to return it for the fourth time, Took said Motorola outside, smashed with Hammer into little tiny parts, scooped up said parts into airbag and with a note saying " Please repair, will not switch on" Never heard back.

    2. Nokia 8250, Tough phone, dropped, Kicked, Thrown, Thrown up on, Hosed, refused to die. Fell out of pocket into a puddle, stopped working 3 days later.

    3. Sony ericcson K750i, Lots of Features, Constant software problems, used to lock up all the time, alarm didn't work, Then it used to switch itself off 3 to 4 times a day, Smashed that little f**ker into the ground.

    4. Samsung slide phone thing, Useless SMS, annoying ringtones which could not be changed, no Bluetooth, tiny amount of onboard memory.
    3 months after picking it up it broke down, typical Samsung siht!!

    5. Nokia Flip phone 6085 (current phone), well featured, so far proving very tough, Camera res a bit low, loud ringer volume, Very happy with this one.