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review:uglyfish prescription sunglasses

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by ronin11, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. ITEM:- uglyfish sunglasses (element frame in black tint, clear, and yellow) with prescription lense insert

    how much for frame: I paid $150 for the frame, which included the 3 different colours, an elastic headband (open face helmets) 1 hard case, and 2 soft cases
    to get my presciption lense inserted cost me an extra $198. they arent a curved lense, but close to it. this cost would depend on your prescription.

    TOTAL COST: $348

    i brought the frame at the GP, took the lenses in straight away to get my lense put in. its taken 3 weeks for then to get it back to me, but i finally have my hands on them.

    its my first pair of sunglasses in 15 years, im used to tinted prescrition lenses, so this is just awesome having such a dark tint, and being able to see at the same time. The prescription lense frame fits onto the padded frame you get with uglyfush glasses, and then attaches to the nosepiece of the frame you want to use, meaning you can use your lense in any of the 3 frames provided.

    im not used to haveing my lenses so far apart, so it seems a bit funny to have them on at first. its something ill be able to get used to with a bit of time. they seem a little heavy in the front end, again something ill get used to, but its not they they are going to fall off my face first bump or anything, i havent worn them on the bike yet, but i am confident they'll fit snugly under my helmet, and unlike my glasses which have hooked arms, the uglyfish has straight arms.. so no pain trying to get them under the helmet and comfortable and having your ears go all scrunchie.

    the prescrition lense clip doesnt quite cover your full field of vision inside the frame, but the only parts that arent covered are the extent of your peripheral vision, so you dont realistically lose any FOV through that.

    the 2 things im having trouble with is the problem with the lenses being so far apart, nad having a wide frame on my face after only having wire frame glasses, somethign some people might already me used to depending on the sorts of glasses they wear.
    in the end, $350 isnt much different for what you would pay for a set of glasses depending. and for your money you get 3 different tints, and a pair of sunglasses with a prescrition lense. to get a similar item from day oakley who do put prescriptoin lenses into their frames, i think its costs $500 to get the lenses made up and in the frame, that doesnt include the frame. all in all its a good investment IMO and once i get used to them you wont be able to get them off my face this summer.

    i wont rate them out of 10. ill just say they arent perfect, but they offer a more affordable solution to something us glasses wearing people have had to deal with for a long time, and im not worried or upset about the outlay at all.
  2. I had two pair of Ray Bans made up as prescription. Cost me $710 all up. Prescription tinted lenses + polarised runs $200 give or take $10 from OPSM.

    I love both my sunnies. Only thing I will say in the negative is that they're very easy to chip/damage. One of the pair dropped from my bike seat onto cement and now has 6 very tiny chips in it (can't really notice when wearing them). The previous pair of Hugo Boss prescription sunnies I had survived several such falls.
  3. damn.. back from the dead!

    i still have these, they are awesome. at the moment i have an oakley frame for my normal glasses that gets uncomfortable if i wear it for ages under the helmet due to the massive outward curve on the arms, so ill put the clear lense on with the prescription clip on, and ride all day, they are freakin great. the only issue ive had so far is that the foam on the frame you clip the lenses in to is coming off after nearly 2 years of constant use, i think you can pick these up from uglyfish for $10.

    these are not a tinted prescrition lense. they are a fully tinted lense that you clip a prescrition lense in behind. i found that normal tinted lenses ddint really do a great deal, whereas these are great for everything as you have the three different lenses. i ride a twin, these have fallen off my seat god knows how many times, and still in great nick. i might actualyl look into getting the updated model this year, have to see how i go.
  4. uglyfish

    I bought the yellow lense ugly fish glases two years ago and there awesome..Excellent for night time rididng..