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Review: Scala Ride G4 vs Parrot SK4000 bluetooth A2DP headsets

Discussion in 'Electronics' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. Folks,

    I will shortly be doing a full review of 2 x A2DP enabled bluetooth headsets, and giving a direct comparison between them. The Parrot SK4000 I've had for sometime now, and the Scala G4 will be going on shortly.

    What would people like to see me give information on, and what comparisons would you like to see?
  2. From my perspective, how each unit works with whatever phone that you may use. In your case, if I'm correct you have the HTC Desire, correct?

    How does the mike perform in windy conditions, clarity of the earphones/headphones, using it to play/pause MP3s playing on the phone, or even streaming audio via apps such as Radio Time. Taking calls on the move, and so on.

    And of course, how easy are they to fit and to set up? Battery life, interference issues. Can you stow your phone in your gearsack (with a cigarette socket snaking into your bag to provide power for the phone) and still have a good connection to the headset?

    Finally, does the person with the best request for reviews get to win one of the sets following the product review?
  3. My requirements for either set would be to:

    -pair via bluetooth with iPhone 3GS
    -be able to take calls/hangup without touching any buttons on the go
    -be able to listen to music & take gps instructions on the go while riding
  4. - ease of use with phone
    - voice calling and receiveing
    - sound quality
    - noise cancellation
    - multi use (ie being able to use mp3, phone and gps at the same time) obviously for those of us with smart phones this isn't needed but handy for those without.
    - ease of installation
    - wind noise from unit (My G4 has a bit of wind noise when riding from being externally mounted)
  5. All of the above, plus relative cost between the two and are they bike to bike or bike to pillion type deal? If the latter, can the pillion make a call? Also how many devices can they pair too?
  6. Hey there. I'm interested in what you find out also. Maybe have a look if you can at the Sena model. I don't know if bluerim (the importer) would be interested, but if you approach them and explain what you're doing they may throw you a set??

    Apart from that, for me, the music and (i)phone connection are most important. How good is the connection, call quality, connectivity, etc. Oh, and battery life...

  7. Whipped the Scala on over the weekend, and so far have had a quick ride to test it and a full days commute to/from work.

    Thanks for the details on what you'd like to read/know, I'll certainly try and address them all.

    Very early and quick ... hard to pick one or the other at the moment - each has it's very different fallbacks and advantages, both of which affects what I want in a bluetooth helmet unit. I hope to write the full review after a couple of weeks.
  8. If the Scarlia has FM radio how is reception
  9. The Scala has FM although I havn't used it on mine (no need with the iPhone) however 99% of online reviews say even with the antenna up the reception is poor.
  10. Reception is ok, but as it uses the headphone wiring for the fm antennae the routing of the wiring through the helmet makes a significant difference
  11. I would like to get opinion on how the bike to bike communication works if you are in the position to review that.
  12. I'd be really interested in whether you can intercom with your passenger without having to press anything - i.e. voice activation (VOX). If there is VOX, does it hear you (wait), connect (wait) and then the other person hears you, or is it pretty much instant?

    How long is it before it figures out you're not talking anymore and puts the music back on?
  13. Were you able to complete the review? Would be very interested in what you think.
  14. I am in need of a bluetooth a2dp enabled headset but there are just so many choices out there that I am confused. My requirements from the headset are on post #3. Who here has a cardo scala rider g4? Would you recommend it and where did you get it from?
  15. I purchased a Motorader BT Interphone set just over a month ago from Geoff Taylor in Dandenong, originally going to buy the Scala but found the Motorader twin set at half the price.
    It is easy to connect to the phone and I listen to the music from the phone whilst riding, I travel on the Eastlink every day & when a call comes in it overides the music and will automatically pickup the call unless I decide not to take the call by a quick & easy press of the front button on the unit, when the call has ended eg the caller hangs up it will revert back to the music, the caller can hear you as clear as a bell.
    There is no call out by voice system so to make a call you would need to pull up to use the phone.
    The speakers and mike are easily tucked away and mounted to the helmet, music sounds a little tinny compared to having earbud speakers in your ear but a speaker upgrade might rectify if it's a concern.
    You could actually use your own earbud speakers and mike from your Iphone if you want but I enjoy the convenience of just slipping the helmet on & off.
    I have used the intercom for rider to pillion and found it acceptable but sometimes a little crackly but still audible, to operate the intercom is just a quick press of the rear button on either unit and it will remain on intercom until the button is pressed again.
    The initial press of the button will have a slight delay before the intercom is in use but then it is just like talking on the phone, it was audible and clear at speeds of 110 kph, don't know about above as I had my daughter on at the time (precious cargo).
    There are two small buttons for volume - is at the top of the unit and + is at the bottom which seems upside down, may struggle press these with thick winter gloves but rarely find the need to adjust.
    It is stated that you can get just under a kilometer pick up on the bike to bike intercom, I haven't tested this out yet or how it works with the GPS as I don't have one to try.
    I have ridden for 5 hours listening to the music the whole time and it lasted the trip without a problem although I did find if you just allow the charger at home to work until the charge light goes out it doesn't get enough charge so I let it charge for another hour or two and this has been fine.
    Check out the motorader site and you will see there are other accessories avail as well including a cheap dedicated multifunction GPS.
    Overall I am pleased with the system & feel it was $279 well spent.
    One issue I had was placing the clamp bracket under excess pressure with my hands full and breaking the plastic clamp but was easily fixed with a small piece of aluminium strap and a drill.
    Kev. ;)
  16. I got the SCALA G4 Powerset, delivered from the US for <$350.

    So far I've only used the G4 in solo rider mode and it walks and talks just like the brochure says.

    Installing it took a little more effort than I thought but then I didnt want any sharp kinks in the speaker wiring so I took my time. I had to use the stick on glue plate for my installs, the clamp was just way too chunky.

    But anyway, I can make calls using the voice recognition feature (iPhone) and apparently they sounded pretty clear. Having two speakers was sensational for comprehension, the Blueant interphone was a cow when things got noisy. One ears worth of conversation was hard for the brain to interpret... two ears is a breeze.

    The iPhone will AD2P connect music to the headset and the music sounds pretty good, it's just down on bass response, but much much more acceptable than in ear buds that just sit off your ears.

    I can hook an MP3 device through the seperate 3.5mm plug and that sounds great.

    The FM radio is a bit tricky but I reprogrammed the 6 stations from the access software (which handles updates) and I should have less button fiddling to deal with now.

    The only feature I haven't tested yet is helmet to helmet - it doesn't work that well in the confines of a lounge room, but the manual says it wont because the unit actually needs some loud noise believe it or not.

    So far I'm happy with it.

    Oh, the basic boom mic fitted OK in my helmet, but I went and bought the corded version from Strike.com.au and now there's no more lips against the mic. It should really come as a purchase option.
  17. Thanks for the great review. Not long left for me to order a set too.
  18. I bought the Sena SMH10, I'll do a review shortly but in general I'm very impressed.

    One quick question, I'd really love to know how long it takes between pressing the intercom button and actually being connected to the other helmet if you find someone else with a g4. On the Sena it's about 5 seconds, which is far longer than I expected.
  19. With the G4 it's about 2 seconds.

    By all reports the senna has larger and better speakers...
  20. Even 2s is ridiculous:

    "Hey look at the (1) white horse... (2) ... ... ...", pillion hears silence

    So it becomes "intercom! 1... 2... " *BEEP* "Hey look at the white horse". "What white horse?" "Nevermind it's gone now."