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[Review] Samson and Deliah

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by cejay, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Liz and I saw 'Samson & Deliah' last night.

    This is a strange film. I'd strongly recommend it if you are in the least bit interested with good cinematography, indigenous affairs or just enjoy a good old fashioned love story. But it's also perplexing, leaving you slightly frustrated and curious.

    The story is largely devoid of dialogue. There's no obvious reason for this until close to the end of the film. The first 20mins are largely repetitious but also essential for making a point. There are large chunks of the film that are simply beautiful, but other parts that seem to be lost.

    The film essentially tells a love story between Samson and Deliah, an indigenous couple from the Northern Territory. They are both abused in different ways and leave their town to get away. Why they do this and the reasons for their abuse are not really clear. We spend time in an NT town, where we get to see a stark contrast between how our lives are so different. But this part isn't so much a story of colour, but of situation.

    Some quite traumatic events take place and we are left for some time wondering where this is all going.

    Overall this film was very good. I felt that at times the director would have been better spending less time being obtuse and more time explaining bits. Some of us like beautiful films that are a bit challenging but need some help with filling in the blanks.

    Liz ****
    Cliff ***1/2

  2. Thanks for the review cejay, I have been wanting to go and see it.
  3. The original story is better
  4. Have you seen the flim?
  5. No, I've read the story, hence my comment. Unless the film is a re-telling of the original story, it is as offensive to me for the people to use the Biblical names as it would be for an aborignal person for me to use one of THEIR names unconnected with one of their stories.
  6. Paul, go sit down and have a cuppa. If you haven't seen the film you have absolutely NO basis to say the book is better.

    I enjoy your inputs and your views, but if you have nothing worthwhile or relevant to say in relation to the film, it's best to say nothing at all.
  7. So you are not interested in commenting on the rest of my post?

    Can you imagine the uproar if I made a film about white people and couched in aborignal terminolgy and names etc? Why is ok for people to demean and degrade the Bible, but not OK for people to defend it?
  8. Where, anywhere, has ANYONE demeaned the bible? FFS Paul, sit down and have a good look at yourself and your obsession with seeing people attacking your faith. I hope you know ME better to think that I'd attack YOUR faith.

    FFS, this is my thread about a beautiful film that was slightly perplexing. Thanks for hijacking a thread about a film into a fcuking argument about your religious belief.

    And if you even took a few minutes to look at the film you'd also see that the film isn't about colour, but about love. It's a good old fashioned love story where the lead characters just happen to be aboriginal.
  9. You are getting super crotchety lately Paul. Is everything okay?
  10. I've been asking that for months now.

    Cliff's been asking it too.
  11. here paul, you left out the remainder of your post.

  12. I think Paul is mounting a fightback campaign over the posts having a go at christian fundies lately.
    The problem is Christian fundies don't have much of an argument outside their closeted view of the world.
    IMHO it makes them no better than the fundies of any religion.
  13. ?

    Are you serious?

    Ever consider that the film may parallel some of the themes of the original story (betrayal, ego, faith, inner strength etc etc) hence the name? Ever consider that the naming may pay homage to the story?

    Sorry man, but you are making a very serious judgement based on a lack of information. "Having never actually SEEN the film I can safely say it has nothing to offer me".

    If you are so offended by this, does that mean that anyone called Thomas, John, Paul, Matthew, Joseph, Mark etc needs to tread carefully around you incase you get offended by their name?

    Your comment is ill-considered sorry Hornet. It feels like you are trying to make yourself the victim of religion bashing in a thread about a movie review which shares the same name as the main characters in a biblical story.

    Although I do not share your religion, your other posts for the most part seem fairly sensible. I know you can do better than this.
  14. Thanks for the review Ceejay - I'll put it on the list of things to see.
  15. I think that's a fantastic idea. go for it.
  16. Wasn't there a stick flick of the same name? If so, that's got my vote.
  17. Thanks Roaster. Especially when the film, whilst perplexing and sometimes vague, is a very beautiful. The characters, especially Deliah are examples of how to love, even when the object of your love isn't (on the face of it) deserving.
  18. Just an Update
  19. Samson

    They are names. Big deal. Don't see any absolute unbreakable tie to the bible myself.

    Can we now argue about something worthwhile, current, meaningful and important?
  20. where has iblast's avatar gone?