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Review: Resolute Jeans

Discussion in 'Pants' started by Fa1c0n, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to start the review with a couple of explanations.

    First of all - I bought these jeans cause I got sick of my Draggin's needing to be replaced every 6 months after the crotch wore out.
    Wanted to try something new.

    Next - Im writing a review on the Resolute jeans because after dealing with these guys, I feel the rest of you should be too!

    Lastly - I've only had these for 24 hours, so ill post back in the future with how they go.

    The first thing that impressed me about this mob was that they where happy enough for me to come around to try them on instead of using their online store, The bloke that owns the company runs it out of his house, not an actual shop premises - so that was nice of him to do.

    The next thing was the price - two pairs of kevlar jeans for $300 bucks. Even if one pair last the same amount of time as Draggins im still on top. LOL!

    I shot up to the blokes house to try them on and ended up chatting with him for bout an hour and a half.

    Now for the pros, points of interest and cons.

    - Price, cant go past them, even if you buy them online its free shipping.
    - They look cool.
    - While the bloke there has not posted it online yet, he showed me the test results from dupont and they beat Draggins. ( I didnt understand what the paper said but he explained it lol :p )
    - The denim seems to breath better than my old draggins.
    - Fairly good range (they have lots of designs, and some cargos too)
    - Knitted kevlar instead of woven
    - Comfortable.
    - Aussie brand (and local for me - Morn pen in Victoria)

    Points to note:
    - They are higher sitting jeans, not around your hips, they sit on them. ( normally id wear my jeans a bit lower )
    - Tighter fit around the arse and waist than draggin's ( could be good or bad)

    - Coin pocket is... Just sooo small, almost useless. ( Im not fussed)
    - Pockets are tighter than draggins.
    - Pockets are smaller than draggins. ( I would like to see this improved )
    - Logo on arse pocket is quite large, however the bloke told me the next run of them will not have the big logo.
    - Could perhaps be baggier around the boots ( personal preference tho? )

    Obviously as I have not had them long I cant tell you about quality - I mean they seem very good. But I need to road test them a bit more :p

    At this stage, I would defiantly get them again, but it may be too early to say.

    Im going to catch up with the bloke and go for a ride some time too.

    Anyone else had them for a longer period in time than me? Should I be prepared to be disappointed lol?

    EDIT: Forgot a link lol :p - http://www.resolutejeans.com/
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  2. Sounds good. I'm currently wearing Takamii's jeans, they are comfortable and well built however the style is a bit baggy for my liking. I'll give this one a try when the current jeans need replacing.
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  3. Which ones did you get? They have a few styles listed online.
  4. Hey - I got the "Pioneer" and the "Outlaw".

    I can say - After wearing them for a few days now. Very Friggen comfortable.
  5. Hee Hee. Good news about the jeans, but I got stuck spinning around the sexy arse & legs of the female 'form fit' jeans!
  6. I grabbed a pair of them for the missus too. Yes - They are sexy lol!
  7. How does the thickness of the kevlar compare to Draggins? One of the things I've noticed about cheaper brands is that the kevlar is about half as thick.
  8. its not about thickness its about weave champ
  9. Fair enough, but I'd like to know how these jeans have been tested. I thought Draggin C-Evo jeans (fully lined with kevlar) were the only kevlar jeans to have passed the European tests and obtained CE approval, and they market for upwards of three fat ones. Yet the Resolute website notes that:

    This implies that they have been tested, and the OP noted that they have undergone some form of testing too. But the website stops short of describing them as CE approved.

    Can anyone shed light on this? I'm in the market for a new pair of jeans.
  10. Ive shot an email to the bloke their and hopefully he will get back to me.
    Needless to say - Im super pleased with mine, wear them every day.

    Takamii is right - Its about the quality of the kev not the thickness. The resolute ones are Knitted which is a stronger hold than a normal weave.

    The dude there rides a speed triple and wears his own jeans so atleast he trust them lmfao!
  11. The knitted weave will last against abrasion better however it is more prone to cutting

    a sharp stone on the road could start a cut that then tears the rest of the kevlar

    interwoven is less prone to cutting but wont last in the abrasion as much
  12. Sweet, thanks for the info man!
    The more you know hey.

    I suppose you gotta pick your devil right?

    The jeans i have on have a "Fire, Cut, Abrasion" tag on them from dupont?
  13. Got a reply from a friend. Sorry its a bit wordy but here it is:

    " Keep in mind that all copy on the Resolute website relates to the old stock range we are selling. It is tested to pass and exceed CE certification and we have the relevant paperwork from our manufacturers that it is 100% genuine Kevlar. It just means we can legitimise that it is genuine 100% Kevlar yarn direct from DuPont used in the garments. My understanding is that this certification relates only to the Kevlar component, not the entire jean. We can say the Kevlar is certified, but we can't claim our entire product is CE certified or approved as it hasn't been tested in this way. To independently test your entire product at the end of the manufacturing process is not something most companies can afford to do. Rather we rely on reputable knitters and a certified supply chain. The test results that Lucas showed you are for the new 351 range which is yet to appear on the website and yet to be sold. Again, this relates to the Kevlar components only and are supplied by a reputable supplier who offer a quality product to be used in the garments such as safety, sport, military etc. He has worked with Kevlar for over 30 years and produces an array of weird and wonderful Kevlar products. We are still waiting on written permission from DuPont to re-publish the test results which unfortunately we don't have yet. I don't imagine it will be a problem, but they are a big company and move pretty slow. The problem with comparing kevlar tests results is that despite the fact that they use the words like standards and certified, they are still different tests, performed in different parts of the world using different equipment. In fact they are anything but standard. This is what makes comparing results so difficult and why it is so easy to add spin to the results. In fact I have a 50 page document from DuPont that talks only about the different testing methods in different parts of the world, and which ones can and can't be compared and all the different factors to take into account when doing so. It is extremely complex and confusing. Problems arise when companies take the raw kevlar yarn and re-mix it up with cotton or something else cheap, so it is no longer 100% Kevlar. Kevlar is so expensive that the is just no way cheap garments can be the genuine thing. They are just watered down and inferior. There is no legislation etc that says it has to be 100% kevlar to slap a kevlar label on it. The guy who knits our stuff was telling me about some sports helmets labelled 'contains kevlar' and in fact, it was only the label that contained Kevlar. That sort of thing. We are proud of our test results because the way it is knitted certainly impressed DuPont and was a lot stronger when compared to the 'normal' way of knitting. I can't remember what the numbers were, but Lucas can tell you. It is more to do with the method of knitting, than the actual Kevlar itself which is only produced by DuPont to their quality standards. How we communicate these results in a user friendly way and in a way that won't be misinterpreted given the array of methods and measurements is something we need to think carefully about. "
  14. Fa1on, how are the jeans going?
    Has anyone else purchased any? If so, what are your thoughts?

  15. Yeah mate - I wear them every day, on the bike or off.
    They are comfortable, and look cool.
    Id buy them again.

    Have not come off the bike yet so cant say about that :p lol.
  16. Got a pair of Resolute jeans (Pioneer) Friday. It was a tough call between the Resolute and the RHOKs. I really like the idea of the zip on the RHOKs to easily get to the knee armour, but the Resolutes won out due to choice of colour and styles.
    I would agree that the pockets could be a little deeper. They are quite shallow and just fit my wallet in. The pair I received though had no logo on the back pocket.
    I had a few questions regarding them prior to purchase and I can't fault the help I received via e-mail.

    Falc0n, I do have one question though. Are you using the armour with yours? Specifically the knee armour. I found when riding the the knee armour would end up sitting along my thigh rather than be around the knee. I can only guess it's perhaps due to my riding position and the legs of the jeans riding up.
  17. No mate, sorry, I don't use the padding. I never even tried them on with padding in them come to think of it! Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

    I might see if i can dig the padding out when I get home and go for a spin with it in, that way I can let you know.
  18. Thanks.
  19. They are ok for me?
    Are you particularly short or tall or something? Weird...

    Also I got a pair of the zip of cargos. They rock.
    But i got a size 40 and im normally 36 - 38.

    Very good though.
  20. Don't think I'm particularly short or tall. About 5'10". I think it might just be my riding position as my thighs are slightly higher than parallel to the road when riding. So, undoubtedly causes the jean leg to ride up more and so the knee armour shifts up. I've been thinking I probably should have went the zip-off cargos rather than the jeans.