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Review Phone/GPS/Music and Bluetooth Headset

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FALCON-LORD, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Mobile all you can eat communications is my aim.
    So I have gone for an all in one Mobile/PDA/GPS
    This with Tom Tom 6 and the voice of your choice gives a great easy to use GPS option.
    Add to it a Decent Music player
    http://www.pocketmind.com/pmfp.htm (Free version available)
    And a Bluetooth headset
    And it is a pretty good package.
    I still have a few improvements to make but you start to get the picture
    With a tank bag you can put this thing in front of you, take phone calls, listen to music get navigation instructions and when you come to a stop check out the weather (Or netrider) (3G is a wonderful thing)

    So the things that aren’t the best. Well the Cardo Rider FM doesn’t support the A2DP Bluetooth standard (Stereo headphones) but with a couple of Registry hacks on your phone you can get around this (Basically keep your normal headset channel open and pipe the music through it)


    The Audio quality isn’t up to what you get from a wired headset, but it is still listenable.
    One of the other “features†this headset has is that it modifies the volume to match the background noise which is great, but I feel it over does it a little so it is really quiet sitting at the lights but deafening when on the freeway (I have the play with some cotton wool over the receiver and see if that will normalize it a little)
    When running Bluetooth and music the battery life seems manageable, but when you get the GPS going as well you start to really kill the battery life (2 hours)
    So the next thing I am going to play with is setting up a 12V socket from my wiring loom and then get a car charger going for the PDA.
    After that I will look at a fully functioning voice command software and hopefully be able to get full control of the device while on the road.
    So far
    Phone 9/10
    Headset 7/10
    Solution 8/10
    I think once I get the voice command stuff working I’ll call the phone 10/10 the headset is always going to be limited by the lack of A2DP support (At least for this model) and the sound quality is a bit ho hum.
  2. How does the GPS work on that phone? Did you have to buy a Bluetooth receiver?
  3. It is inbuilt.
    Just throw Tom Tom At it and you are on a winner.
  4. Worth checking out the new Blackberry 8800 and Blackberry Pearl 8310 for all those functions as well if you want something that a bit more phone oriented that you can use for business as well. They sue the same GPS receiver as the Navman and TomTom GPS's as well i'm told but don't have quite as pretty mapping as a proper GPS in that they only offer top down 2D view as opposed to 3D view.
  5. the D810 is as "phone oriented" as any other phone I have had, and Tom Tom has 3D view as well as map view.
  6. Didn't see it one the spec sheet that's all :?

    Enjoy, I've had a Dopod P800W since March, great piece of gear, and use the GPS a few times a week.

    Let us know how the headset works, although where I ride, Vodafone doesn't work anyway :p
  7. I have Papago, based on whereis, on mine - and has 3d view as well as night time :cool:
  8. The P800W is the HTC P3300 the D810 is teh HTC 3600 (HTC Makes them along with bucket loads of other rebranded PDA/Phones.
    the 3300 looks to be a pre 3G version of prety much the same phone.
    here is a great site with info on all teh HTC Products (More thorough than there own contnet)
  9. I am using the blackberry 8310, and am quite liking it. the maps aren't pretty, (but who looks at them on the bike? I have my earpieces in and simply listen, to the guy talk and tell me where to go.) and if you know where you want to go it plays mp3s very well. personally I keep mine inside my jacket pocket while I am riding, keeps it out of the way.
  10. i hate my dopod D810 i think its a POS I jus want a normal phone without all the beels and whistles now. If over it. Gets kinda tough towards the end of a rough night on the town. and i hate knowing i should b cheking emails from my phone. Come to think of it i wish i didnt have to have a phone at all. But i know that aint gonna happen. Main reason for distaste. I hate WINDOWS
  11. So If I read this correctly you don't like the phone because it does what it is designed to do, and you have an irational hatered of the OS it uses based on what it is not what it does
  12. It is til you get away from the metro areas. 3G coverage is limited.

    Looking at the specs suggests that it may work on the NextG network. Is this correct? If so, it looks like it'd be a handy bit of gear, what with all that it does.

    I bought a palm Treo 750. It's a NextG smartphone running Windows Mob 5. It can be connected to a GPS and with the appropriate software will do what any other navigator will do. However, its Bluetooth functionality isn't very good. I can't get it to connect to my laptop, nor will it connect to my Mio C510 navigator for the handsfree operation feature. Other than that it works fine. But it does have traditional Windows quirks what with the 'the task has stopped responding' error messages, and the occasional need to reboot it makes it annoying sometimes.

    It's a pity that Palm couldn't make this unit based on its PalmOS system.
  13. Yep It covers the full Next G set of standards.
  14. J&M produce a bluetooth headset with A2DP, here

    My conclusion after a long investigation is that I will buy a Garmin Zumo, and start out using a wired connection from Starcom1. There just seems to be too many bad stories about various bluetooth products out there. It will get better though. (Or perhaps manufacturers will all adopt wireless USB 3.0? :eek: ) Note that the Zumo doesn't have A2DP, even though it is also an mp3 player, and they haven't announced any updates to support it in the future. Grrrrr.

    The Zumo connects to the phone and provides voice command, call screening, and all that stuff.
  15. Yeah I have seen that one (After I got the cardo rider) it looks like it is technicaly a sapirior product, but doesn't look as well weather shielded.
    I think from a technical perspective it would get me to a 9/10 or 10/10 rating on the solution, but I would just be concirned about bad weather.
  16. If you want an all in one maybe look at the Nokia 6110 Navigator. GPS on it isn't as amazing as just GPS (PMP) units, but it works well. ANd supports A2DP bluetooth
  17. The Phone supports A2DP and does a lot more than a 6110 (It's a full PDA) it is teh headset that doesn't support it.