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Review of my first 4 months..

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by taymaishu, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Well it's gone bloody fast, that's all I can say!

    Thought I'd write a bit about how i've found my first 4 months.

    I really threw myself into it. It wasn't something I'd thought about for a long time - the idea of riding came to my mind about a month before I did my L's course. I knew how dangerous riding can be, particularly with 2 riders in my family (one now in a wheelchair).

    I knew this took a massive re-take of how I treat the roads. In the cage I was a nutcase, looking back. It provided me with a massive sense of security. Being on a bike required a whole mind-shift change.

    Learning to ride

    That L's course was awesome. I came away from the first day wanting more and more and more. That hasn't changed. To this day I always want to be on the road on the bike.

    Daily rider?

    I ride to and from work every day (about 30km in total). This keeps my roadcraft and traffic skills going and i'm improving and finding new ways to deal with situations. A situation that would have royally pissed me off in the cage is now avoided as part of 'everyday life' on the bike. I'm calm, collected and don't lose my cool.

    Le Road Rage

    Self explanatory. This incident really hit home just how exposed we are on bikes. It was a pretty nasty wake-up call, but a reality-check none the less.

    MOST - getting my P's

    So after some time off due to mechanical failure, I did my P's. Gunned it with full marks (thanks again, @Ozyoda and the Homebush crew!). A long day for little reward, but nice to get the yellow plates of doom off.


    Every time I head out I'm aware of my limits. But every time I do ride I try and push them a little bit, improving my skills. Filtering in a tighter space, practicing emergency braking (when it's safe to do so), or getting my body out that little bit further on a corner and giving a little bit more throttle.

    So, thank you everyone. I love riding more and more every day. Here's a picture taken this past weekend, enjoying a road i've always loved (but 100x more on 2 wheels).

    And that, ladies and gents, is my new two-piece A* suit ;)

    Ride Safe!

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  2. Congrats and well done. If you don't already have it, go get "A twist of the wrist 2", both the book and the DVD. Some say it's the Cornering Bible. The DVD is a bit corny but it does relate the skills on a bike very well. Great Examples, Great techinques that really work. It improved my riding over 300%, gave me the confidence to go get a Litre bike, and my enjoyment of riding 1000%. Still learning something new every time I go out and loving it. Great Photo, wish I had some friends that could get some shots of me when I've got the bike cranked over.
  3. Your post made me smile so much. Enjoy the ride :)
  4. Thanks guys :)

    Yes I've been watching TOTW on YouTube - the concentration quota ($10 bill) is such an awesome and accurate way to describe ability and reserve ability. Awesome stuff!
  5. Pretty much my first 4 months- with a minor stack thrown in... I didn't think I could enjoy something so much!

    Well done :) and great write up.
  6. You forgot to mention how you broke your mirror....
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  7. Update: I visited the wreckers on the weekend to get a new mirror. $50, paid it.

    Got home... Realised the mirror bolt was simply a little loose. :( Fail.

    On that note, anyone need a Ninja 250R right hand mirror?
  8. Go check out "The cornering bible" on youtube, it's actually the DVD "A twist of the wrist 2" More technical that the original and explains some of the concepts better in an more detail. I bought my copies From Amazon and whenever something doesn't feel right I go back and reference the chapter and work on it till it feels better. Although a lot of the references are for racing, most of the techiniques can be translated to road riding as well. Enjoy.