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Review of leather jacket prototype from Takamii

Discussion in 'Jackets' at netrider.net.au started by doc dogg, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. A few weeks ago I bought a prototype leather jacket from @Takamii and finally managed to give it a decent work out today in the 4 degree cold but sunny Canberra weather. The jacket itself is made of thick matte black leather with elbow, shoulder and back protection and has a removable thermal liner. The fit of the jacket is generous in the torso and arms and despite my initial thoughts that the sleeves would be too long, it actually fits my short arms quite well (maybe an inch or two too long). The ends of the sleeves are a more relaxed fit and the thin gauntlets of my gloves fit comfortably inside of them, negating the need to shorten the sleeves as I will have to do with my other jacket.
    As a comparison, my other leather jacket is a Berik Air-flow perforated leather jacket which is tighter in the torso and longer in the arms, but not as long as the majority of the jackets I tried on (seems they are cut for skinny Italian blokes with moustaches, not me, I’m “70’s big”). Being perforated it flows like a textile jacket and is close to perfect for summer, if I wore it in winter I would die from the cold. The prototype jacket on the other hand kept me very warm with just a business shirt and a thin merino jumper on underneath. The finish of the prototype jacket is good, the zips are beefy and the stitching is well done. It lacks the self-locking zips of my Berik, but it isn’t tight enough to work itself loose and the Velcro straps hold it closed anyway. The leather of the prototype feels twice as thick and a lot stiffer than the Berik but it is very comfortable wearing it on the bike and walking around. If I was to come off, I would feel safe that the prototype jacket would protect my skin.
    The Berik has a more flattering cut with a thinner waist and higher collar, but the prototype jacket has an understated look that I think would suit a number of bike styles. The extra room the jacket has around the chest and shoulders makes it easy to pull down roller doors and maneuver around off the bike. The only thing that gives me grief is getting my backpack on and off due to the metal shoulder guards, I looked like a retarded break dancer trying to get my security pass out this morning :) It has usable pockets and the zips can be operated with a gloved hand which is a plus over a lot of jackets which have smaller zips and little bungee cords to operate them. My end of the day assessment is it was money well spent, especially considering I also got a nice leather vest which fits over the top of the jacket for those sub-zero rides when you need a little more frontal protection.

    Tl:dr: Great product, A+++ Service, would buy again

  2. How much velcro is there?

    Nice review also :)
  3. There is a small strip at the neck, one on each sleeve, one at the base of the front zip and one either side of the waist.

    you can see pics of the jacket here for now, I'll add some further pics when I get home from work
  4. excellent review, I will ask Takammi about doing custom graphics and lettering
  5. This picture shows the back detail and elbow expansion area, you can also see the leather and velcro waist tightening straps (stitched together, not glued)
    Front detailing with 4 usable pockets and stretchy stuff in upper arms to keep things in place and comfortable
    Quilted lining and you can see the leather flap that goes behind the front zip is thick
    Back view of the jacket showing the fit and sleeve length
    Comparison shot of the Berik showing longer sleeve and tighter fit
  6. Good to see a real person jacket, as the berik shows most motorcycle clothing companies just extend the sleeve and leg length when increasing the size.
  7. Cheers Doc
  8. cant see the pics at work but looking forward to seeing them at home later...
    have to say though, I actually like the rear of the design from what i've seen thus far. I dont like a plain back to much and i thought it fitted in personally. Each to their own of course though isn't it.
  9. nice review....what sort of price are we looking at?
    I'm starting to look at leather jackets (not for summer but I do want one soon) and cant find one that I really like...this one looks good and sounds good by the review.