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Review of Draggin Jeans Oilskin pants

Discussion in 'Pants' started by chrome, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. The last couple of months have been pretty wet in Sydney, and trying to stay simultaneously dry and comfortable (not too cold, not to hot) in the spring rain has been very difficult. So, I've been searching for the right combination of gear.

    I'm sure you are familiar with the problems involved. Kevlar reinforced jeans are great when its not too cold, and you can wear them all day. But they are useless in the wet. Bulky dririder and motodry pants are great in the winter, but even with the liner out they are often too hot - and you need to keep a change of pants with you for work or whatever.

    I was really looking for something that could handle a decent downpour, but would keep me cool in the warm rain, and that I could wear all day if I was feeling lazy. Something that you could put on if you look at the BOM and realise that it probably will rain at some point and you don't want to get soaked.

    So, I visited MCAS on Paramatta rd and picked up a pair of Draggin Jeans Oilskin pants based on a few reviews, in the hope that it'd keep my legs dry but wouldn't make them overheat.

    I haven't been disappointed.

    The jeans themselves are made of a canvas like material, stiffer than jeans, and slightly smooth to the touch (but not actually oily). The fit, if you're like me probably will be a size or two larger than you normally get, because they don't stretch at all. So don't buy a given size and hope they will stretch later, because they won't. If you make a mistake, you'll just have to lose some weight if you want them to fit, or sell them on ebay.

    They're reasonably cool, though in the heat your legs are little insulated, and the sun can make you sweat a little, but its no worse than wearing other motorcycle appropriate jeans with kevlar padding.

    Which brings us to the important part: performance in the wet. I'm really happy to report that for my 30 minute commute to and from work, I can safely be rained on for the entire length and arrive mostly dry in the legs.

    I have noticed where the fabric is pulled tight against your leg, some of those patches might get a little damp, and the legs need to be a little longer to avoid having water go up your leg. You definitely want to buy some rubber bands and wear proper boots and strap the pants around the boot or blouse them or something like that.

    I suspect that if you're a smaller lad than I and you make sure you buy a size that has plenty of room, you can minimise the areas that are under pressure, and the water won't seep through as much.

    But the important thing is, between my dririder jacket and these pants, I can arrive home or at work in warm spring rain feeling not too warm, and not more than a little damp, and I can wear the things all day in a pinch.

    So, if you're looking for a pair of jeans that can handle a bit of rain and keep you mostly dry, the Draggin Jeans Oilskins can do the job.
  2. Thanks for the review chrome - As someone who commutes daily in all weather I did consider these jeans a few weeks ago but wasn't sure about how water resistant they were and so went for the metros (chinos) with some el cheapo over pants instead. I'll look at getting some now though as my commute is normally less than 30 mins.

    Not sure how much you paid for them though as the metros I looked at MCAS were $260 odd but I got mine from a brisbane based seller on ebay for $160 delivered overnight, I will do a search later and post up the price/link.
  3. Thanks for the tip

    Also for those dare devils (or broke bastards like me) you can get regular waterproof jeans from a saddlery.. aka horse riding shop
    Just about every country town will have one, don't know about cities though. They're made for horse riders who go out in all weather so should hold up good against rain.
    According to a newcastle saddlery on google, $99 retail.

    But if you have the money by all means go for the draggins, I've come off with both regular jeans and kevlar ones and it makes a big difference even in a small stack.
  4. So, I took one for the team and rode wearing these instead of my motodry pants yesterday.

    Yeah, my legs got wet. They can handle a sprinkle, or even a shower, but when you're talking about honest to goodness torrential downpours, they can't really do much.
  5. I bought the black Draggin Slix last year and they're quite good thru light showers.
    They will get wet in heavy rain though as they did last Fri on my way to the Motorcycle Expo.
    Came out of the tunnel and rode into a wall of rain!
    2-3 inches of water on the fly over.

    Apparently you can use that stuff you put on your boots to increase they water protection which I may try.
  6. Nice write up Chrome..I have been looking at these since they came out...might put them on the Chrissy wish list.
  7. If you ask the people at the shops they will tell you they arent water proof, they are only intended for a " LOOK" and the " LOOK" fades after a few washes too, they even have a washed pair on display now so you can see for yourself as people were coming back complaining .....
  8. Slix have the shiny look, Oilskins are waterproof... different pants...
  9. they aren't marketed as waterproof. they're marketed as water resistant.

    not only intended for the look, that's why there's lots of good reviews about them, and not just on here.
  10. :-k I don't wash my clothes too often so it shouldn't affect people like me :grin:

  11. What does "Find online surf store" have to do with the price of fish mate?
  12. he was banned for spamming.
  13. Yeah - I had that feeling.
    I reported him to Smee the other day.
  14. You reckon these pants would handle the rain Sydney's been having the past 2 weeks?