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review of bridgestone bt014 battlax

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by fubarcbr, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. ok i said a few weeks ago that i would do a review of the battlax's that i was getting put on and i thought i would put up the start as they have only been on the bike for 30k's so far.

    first off the tread in the tires is extremly deep like 2 x what my stock tires came with so to me that means they might last a little longer hopefully. in the short ride home from work i would have to say i am really impressed in the tires so far.

    if you are looking for race tires don't get these as they make the bike slower to turn even a little slugish getting in and out of the corners (something to do with the profile of the tires i think). BUT once you are in the corner the stability and confidence these tires give you is unreal. it is like you have a 3" contact strip between you and the road, i have never had tires that give you so much confidence in the corner my stock tires while they were good i never felt this kind of stability.

    as for grip they are awsome, once the tires were warmed up i popped a couple of wheelies just to see how well they grip and holy hell do that grip it is awsome it is like you are glued to the ground the front came up soooo much easier than with my stock tires, given they didn't have much tread but still comparitivly they are way better than the stock.

    i will post more once i have taken them from a proper ride but so far i am way more impressed than i thought i would be.

    if this is a little garbled it is cause i have just finished a 23hr day and 6 pack

    i will keep you updated
  2. what is your stock tyre?
  3. Pretty sure the Honda's come with bridgestones but I think the bt014's are a softer compound?

    I have just recently put a new set of bridgestones on but went for the bt014 rear and bt012 front (I think that's what it was). Anyway done about 4500 on them now and they are wearing really well. Even the front which is a softer compound is wearing fairly evenly. I can't seem to get rid of the chicken strips on the front though but not sure if that is due to suspension setup (need more preload on rear) or my riding style (need to come into the corner faster). Back is wearing right to the edge.
  4. The 14 comes with BT014 from the factory.. I actually find them to be quite a noisy tyre.. But yes are very grippy.
  5. Personally don't like - can't really feel the buggers. Not like the old Powers on my Ninja, anyway. Will compare to Powers on the Tuono soon. :)