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Review of BMW Helmets, Are They Worth The Money?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Andymcm, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. G'day,

    After a mishap with an almost new helmet (BMW Sport Integral) full face helmet where I cracked it. Luckily not on my head at the time, I bought the replacement helmet I had always wondered about.

    I'd always wondered about these flip top things and figured if I was gonna get one I would get a good'n.

    So I bought the BMW System 5 (flip top) and after wearing it for a while now decided to do a review of these two helmets.

    Lets face it with the BMW Sport Integral at around $550 and the BMW System 5 at around $700 if your thinking of spending the money you may as well benefit by what I learned before you jump in and spend the dough.

    In the Motorcycle Helmet Review (it's a podcast) I talk about comfort, fit, visors, aerodynamics, wind noise and whether I reckon it was worth the money. I also compare them to my lovely old and comfortable AGV

  2. Got a written review somewhere?
    Can't be stuffed listening to it, I'd rather read about it.
    Some podcasts are way overdone imho.
  3. Sorry can't help you there Smee, much easier and quicker to talk than write. Some like the written word and some like the audio. The review is only about 10 minutes or less. But I know what you mean about overdone it's hard to get the balance for everyone. I like it straight to the point. Appreciate your feedback.

  4. Cheers Andy
    Just in a quick summary what is your opinion as I am an owner of the sport integral helmet and been one for 2 years.
    I'm quite happy with it and its lightness.
  5. Sorry Andy, I just bought a Sport Integral today so I'm too scared to listen to your review before I get out on the bike with it on. :wink:
  6. Well Smee, I loved my Sport Integral and tears welled when I dropped it. But I'm a flip top convert now.

    And Dave, don't be unhappy I reckon you will grow to love your purchase. That's if you can get your head through the hole! Only gripe.

    There are significant differences so if you ever think of upgrading to flip top it will be worth the effort to listen.

    By the way I have one clear and one tinted visor to suit the sport integral and no helmet! I am open to reasonable offers, they retail for $90

  7. I haven't found that too bad, but what I do need to remember is to undo the velcro as well as the chin strap, because while the velcro's done up it is not coming off without an almighty fight.

    I have quite a bit of faith in the guys at Online Motorcycles and they all recommended the Sport Integral over the Shoeis I was looking at, so I'm quite confident that it'll be a great helmet.

    Have either of you put a headset in your sport integral (intercom, music etc), because I doubt it would be comfortable over earbuds.
  8. Is it the OEM tinted visor?
    I would love a darker visor as it kinda looks gay being a bit see-through. haha.

    My only gripe with the Integral is the noise, however I find this is only an issue with a little gap that exists on the left hand side. I will look at either that additional chin piece or at artificially puffing out the foam a bit. (I think it's where the straps come down).

    Also, I've had 1 warranty issue. The thin strap that seems to do nothing but wrap around one of the larger straps has snapped at the bit it joins the helmet and now dangles. Thank God for warranty!
  9. Hi taiheung.

    Yes it is the OEM dark visor, not mirror though. I always use earplugs so noise is less but I found it quieter than others I tried. Reminds me though, that little strap fell off mine too. Chucked it away, I don't think it did much.

    If you are thinking of grabbing the visor I'm in SA if it helps? If not there's always freight.

    can contact me through number or email on website in my signature
  10. Well I covered a bit over 1000km this weekend and have to say that I loved the Sport Integral. The helmet is incredibly light, which is a big bonus on a naked bike as your body is already being buffeted by the wind, so anything reducing strain on your neck is appreciated.

    The Sport Integral does have a very small opening, which can make putting it on uncomfortable, but I wear a Buff under my helmet which not only alleviates this problem, but stops my helmet getting sweaty too. It's an excellent investment.

    As far as noise goes I found the Sport Integral better than my Shark RSX-S in general. Up to the legal limit it was almost silent and at higher speeds I never found the noise to be overwhelming. An interesting thing that I found was that when the helmet was square on to the wind it was almost silent, no matter what speed I was doing. I would imagine that this would make it ideal on touring bikes or cruisers where you are seated in a more upright position and I am also interested to see what it would be like if I had a small fairing on the Monster to change the wind profile of the bike. The person who recommended the Sport Integral to me rode a CBR1000RR and is now on a BMW K1200S and said that he finds it incredibly quiet, so I think it all comes down the the angle the wind hits the helmet at.

    The Sport Integral is a relatively expensive helmet and the visors aren't cheap either, that said they come standard with an anti fog coating that works and the helmet doesn't require any extra accessories on top of the purchase price. I'd recommend the Sport Integral, but add that a Buff makes ownership much easier on the earlobes.
  11. I'd say the buff has a lot to do with the noise - like I said before, there's a little gap created from always pulling on the neck straps that lets in wind, creating the storm effect. If I put a scalf there it's a-okay, or if I hold my hand for example. It's probably my small jaw + the constant tugging of the neck strap which has created the gap. I think there is an accessory for the integral which attaches to the bottom to further tunnel wind.

    What this does say though is that all other seals around the helmet are great!
  12. What does the AU standard Sport Integral weigh (in real life, not on paper)?
  13. Why would there be a difference? It's not as though the thing has a 'kerb' weight. Hahaha. Last time I checked it was 1,400g. Reasonably light. While I did often get neck pains on long rides lent over the sports bike, I always get neck pains due to pretty average posture and therefore did not consider the helmet to be the main contributing factor.

    What I'm waiting for is the CF Sport Integral to receive Australian approval! That would be aweeesome! A sub 1,000g helmet! :grin:
  14. So what sort of mishap cracked a helmet, yet alone a top of the range one :shock:
  15. Hmm... I thought the SportIntegral had a fancy light-reactive tinted visor option?

    I did some research a few weeks ago and discovered that a visor with as little as 50% transmissivity can still meet the Australian Standard for motorcycle visors and therefore be road legal.

    Unfortunately 50% transmissivity is, looking at my stack of photography gel samples (think: expensive precision cellophane), "f***-all" tint and is in fact less opaque than most of my farts. :grin:
  16. Light-reactive? Maybe. I mean it works for the rider, but from the outside you can see my face clear as day when light hits it - so no checking out the chiccas at the lights. Well at least, not discreetly.

    50% is that all?? Man that's weak :(
  17. Because we have different standards tests to the rest of the world, and yep, the sub kg one is the one I'm interested in.
  18. Any news on when we'll be seeing it?
  19. I knew I wasn't going crazy - I really did read about them offering a light-sensitive tint visor!


    That was 2003 though... I wonder if they still offer it. :-k
  20. BMW Helmets = Renamed Schuberth's.

    I'm sure any review you find of them should apply similarly.

    The rest of the BMW gear line is specially designed and made by BMW, that said.