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Featured Review my gear selection

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by omie, May 1, 2015.

  1. Hey all,
    So will be getting the RE in a couple of weeks and I probably need some gear to go with a bike.
    A bit of background.. Tossing up between the CB400, ER6nl and MT07, can't really decide until I ride each of them. Only going to be a weekend rider, more for social and pleasure than as a form of commuting.

    So far this is the list of gear I have compiled from my research. I understand that it's best to try things on and see which has the best fit, but I was hoping to get an idea of what I would need first and what to look for as I'm sure you all know there is a lot of choice.

    Jacket: Alpinestars Plus R perforated :$395
    Gloves: Alpinestars GP Pro :$195
    Boots: Alpinestars SMX 6: $235
    Helmet: Shark Vision S2: $315
    Pants: Resurgence Peckev: $270

    All up comes to roughly $1450. Basically I just want to know if what I have chosen is suitable for what and when I'm riding. Have I chosen the right kind of gear? Is it under/overkill? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks! :D
  2. No consideration for wet weather gear?

    I have the Shark Vision R Series 2, it seems to be a good brain bucket. Also have the Alpinestars SMX 6, mine are the Goretex/waterproof version. Great boot, did a 3 hour trip in the soaking wet, and my socks only got wet once I took my boots off.

    Haven't had any experience with the rest of your chosen gear.
  3. Not really sure how much wet riding I will be doing, but it might be a better idea to get gear I can use in both conditions to save me buying another set to soon.

    Thanks for the feedback
  4. my textile jacket has 2 removable inner layers - a waterproof layer and a 'thermal' layer. Without them, the jacket is good in summer. And then just zip in one or both layers when it colder or wettish. I don't know anything about the jacket you've suggested there, but might be good to find out if it has removable layers to cover more bases...
  5. Hadn't seen the Resurgence gear before could be a replacement for my draggins
  6. The jacket omieomie has listed there is leather (possibly perforated). Leather is good, not much good in the wet though. Trust me.

    I've only recently got a bike again, my gear ATM is a Joe Rocket leather jacket, Draggins, and cheap Aldi gloves. I have Katmandu Goretex overpants and a Mambo ski jacket that I wear over the top of the regular gear in the wet. This combo works well, bar the gloves.
    I am seriously considering a textile outfit for winter though, with better gloves.
  7. Hope you live somewhere warm if you are buying a perforated jacket with winter coming. They get cold. Windchill is the problem. Can get a windproof under layer but you still struggle through winter here in melb anyway.
  8. I can't really find any leather jackets which offer removable layers. I keep reading everywhere that there's a big difference between textile and leather, but then when it comes down to it, most people buy textile anyway.

    Yeah, took me a while to find them. First was going with Draggins, then with Bull-it Veloce, but now these seem to be even better (on paper). I emailed the guy about trying some on, but he's currently based in Perth and doesn't have any other retailers at the moment. He did say that they're on track to be in the capital cities by summer and he was happy to exchange different sizes via mail if they didn't fit.

    So you think better to go with the leather jacket and then if need be just wear something water proof over the top?

    I'm in Brisbane, so I am guessing it's only going to be 2 or maybe 3 months max where it might get a little chilly. Could I not just wear something underneath? I've read that the leather tends to stretch a little over time.

    Guess I'll look for some layered textile jackets, seems to be what everyone is recommending. Anyone have any recommendations?
    Also what style of boots and gloves does everyone have?
  9. Rossi boots fit me well and they have a bullet proof warranty - the sole separated on mine, sent them back to be resoled, no questions asked, no cost to me, they payed shipping both ways, excellent service and aussie made. European boots were too narrow for me , try a few pairs first. Just got dririder winter gloves, seem ok, you may only need one pair in the tropics.
  10. omieomie - just a few additions to what has already been mentioned.

    Jacket: Alpinestars Plus R perforated - I would add in some wet weather over pants / jacket.. You're looking at approx $60 for the pair. These would fit in a tail bag / back pack and can be thrown on if the weather should get nasty. The vented jackets (yes, i have one), are designed to let in the wind to keep you cool... Not an awesome feature for winter riding.


    Gloves: Alpinestars GP Pro - Gloves are a personal choice, I'd get those for the warmer months, but would also suggest looking for a warmer / waterproof set as well. Wet gloves at 100km/h over time (in winter) make for cold cold hands...
    Boots: Alpinestars SMX 6: -These are fine if you like high boots.. For a CB400 i would suggest perhaps the S-MX3 style.


    Helmet: Shark Vision S2: - Personal choice, enjoy the helmet!!
    Pants: Resurgence Peckev: - As above, Personal choice.
  11. I prefer leather to textile (but have both). Oxford Chillout is designed to go under perf leather and they work. Like a wetsuit material in the front. Collins leather are up your way. Might be worth a look.
    If its much over 25 I wear my perf leather jacket.
  12. Nice, I will definitely look into those as well, as currently I'm not really sold on these boots and gloves.

    That doesn't look like a bad option as i'd prefer leather over textile.

    Still not sure about these though. Been trying to read reviews on other gloves. Gimoto looks good but are an extra $50. Revzilla seem to favor Held and Icon gloves quite a bit, but can't find too many people here with stock.

    They actually look like a good compromise, initially I was thinking since the smx6 are a higher boot they will offer more protection, but when I think about it, the extra area it covers wouldn't really take much damage in most scenarios.

    Awesome will check out these too, they look pretty good, hopefully not too warm.
  13. Hi,

    Gear is a balance between amount of protection you feel comfortable with and the price you can afford and are okay with paying.

    In practice you will end up with more gear over time, for different conditions and when and where you actually end up ridding. Gloves are a prime example I currently have 4 pairs and would have more if I thought I could slip them past the financial controller. That said I mostly wear Mesh and Carbon in Summer and Leather and Carbon in winter. Jackets while I only have textile I have a summer and a winter one - Winter one has zip in liner.

    Would love a leather one but as 99% of my ridding is daily committing I cannot quite bring myself to buy one as yet. After all I am more likely to be run into or hit something than I am to slide any length down the road so armour to spread the impact is of more importance in my risk assessment of what I wear on the bike.

    As for wet weather gear I am a believer in getting a set of over pants and a over jacket, they are cheap and work well mostly and can be replaced as needed.

    To me your initial list looks good if you are doing weekend riding; I would stick with longer boots - not a lot of flesh on top of your shin bone etc.

    Best of luck with it all.

    Cheers Jeremy
  14. I use a lot of Oxford gear. A Subway2.0 jacket, a Melbourne jacket, and some Continental pants. They're all waterproof, I'll need to start looking into something a little lighter when the weather warms up again.
    Gloves I have a pair of Dianese Mig Airs, and a Five waterproof gauntlets.
    boots I've got some random Rjays which are great in dry weather, and some Forma Adventure boots (waterproof) which have so far proven to be fantastic in any weather.
    My helmet is a Shark Speed R Duke, fits great, is nice and quiet, visor has great airflow to it, rarely fogs up.
  15. Bear in mind that if the gear is not really appropriate for the riding you're doing, you may become uncomfortable/fatigued and run the risk of causing an accident. For example, a cold chest or cold hands will very adversely affect your ability to accurately manipulate controls (can cause jerky or slow movements). Protective gear is important, so long as the comfort tradeoff doesn't put you at greater risk.

    Also, unless you're planning on riding at track speeds, leather isn't strictly better than textiles on the street. Leather's principle advantage is it's abrasion resistance.

    You may well plan to be a fine weather rider who likes to rip it up; that's totally fine and your initial gear selection looks to suit that. With that initial gear; you won't be having a great time in cold weather :p
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  16. If you are only riding on weekends i think you'll be fine in leather - i'd go non perf as by the time summer comes around you'll probably want a second jacket anyway. For gloves i would recommend trying on as many pairs as possible - it might be certain brands fit your hands fit your hands better than others.
  17. Thanks all for the advice and tips to date.

    When you ride, do you take wet weather precautions all the times or only when it is raining or you can see there will be a high chance of rain?

    Also currently in Brisbane day temps are still around 25 degrees, is this too cold for a perf jacket?

    From everyone's advice so far it seems like it might be better to get a perf leather jacket for riding from spring - autumn and then a water proof textile jacket with some thermal liners for winter?
  18. If there's a chance of rain, i'll generally take the tail bag with me that holds my wet weather over gear so i wont get caught out.
  19. I find perf OK at 25. I wear leathers whenever I can but here in Melb about to move to wet gear. Wish it was 25 here. Was close to freezing in the hills on Sunday. (Lots of fog and frost anywayt).
  20. I have a RJays textile jacket. It has a removable liner, which I have taken out. It has zips on the front for ventilation that I have open during the day and still break into a sweat! I am from NZ though, but been here a while and do feel the cold in Brisbane at night, but I just do the zips up and I am good. I'm fairly sure the external layer is the waterproofing, the liner is just for warmth.

    The same with the pants I got, they have a thermal liner that I have taken out and haven't closed the vents on them since I got them (trying to work out if I can get more air in this afternoon). I got XL so I can just pull them on over my work shorts, or other clothing I might want to wear in the weekend (beach trips to the Gold Coast etc).

    I recommend the shop in Yatala, I forget what it is called now. They had some pretty good prices. There is also a shop in Springwood that was good for my tank protector. (If you know any others, please let me know, as I am need of some boots, my work boots with steel caps are a hindrance)