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Review: Motolegion jeans by Takamii

Discussion in 'Pants' started by NiteKreeper, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. I was lucky enough to win a pair of these jeans in the recent RHOK competition here on NR, and they arrived at work this morning - less than a week to deliver is pretty good I reckon...

    First impressions were good: on picking up the courier bag I immediately noticed they were much heavier than my Levis.
    On opening the bag 4 pieces of CE-rated armour fell out; 2x knee/shin pieces, and 2x hip pieces. I love a new toy I have to put together!

    The jeans themselves seem very well constructed, using heavy denim (like Levis in the "good old days") that is triple-stitched on all the seams I can find - they won't be falling apart in the wash, methinks!
    The knee-pockets are zippered, making it very easy to pop the armour out for wearing off the bike. The hip pockets are mesh, and have a handy velcro patch in them so the armour doesn't move around.

    The fit is awesome! Much better than I expected, these are actually more comfortable than my Levis! I'm wearing them right now in the office, albeit with the knee armour removed (the hip pads are still in though, and they are quite comfortable...).
    The legs are 34" long (normal jeans I wear are 32"), which means they still cover your ankles when you're in the saddle - no draughts.
    I'm no fashionista (far from it!), but the girls in the office are saying I could totally "pull it off" for everyday wear (at least, I think that's what they were saying...). Seriously though, they look quite good and I'm assured my butt doesn't look at all saggy.

    OK so I'm home after the 26Km afternoon commute in my new duds...
    I've never worn leather or proper riding pants before, so it felt a little weird around the knees when I first mounted up. Not uncomfortable, not restrictive, just "different". That feeling disappeared after about 5 minutes of riding.
    And what I then noticed was... nothing. Nothing at all: no movement around the ankles, no flapping - hell, I couldn't even feel the normal wind pressure on my knees! Overall it's a very "secure" feeling on the move, allowing me to concentrate on the important stuff without distraction.

    I'm trying really hard to think of any bad points worth mentioning...

    So, after a day of wearing in the office followed by a quick ride home, I'm sold.
    These jeans look and feel great, appear to be well constructed from heavy-duty materials, and the inclusion of CE armour panels just tops off the whole package.
    And when you combine that with Takamii's professional-yet-friendly approach to his business, I couldn't recommend Motolegion jeans any higher.

    Pics are still to come.
  2. Thanks Nite -- the jeans will be in full production again very soon for anyone that is interested - stay tuned
  3. Please include Midget size in the next run, Takamii!
  4. and fat bastard sizing! :D

    just let me know - and can get started on them soon as you place an order

    PM me if interested
  6. please do NOT give us a crash-performace test, eh????
  7. pffft, no, please do. It'll save us doing it :D
  8. Not planning on it to be honest, but I have a feeling they'd hold up as well, if not better than other well-known brands. A workmate who wears one of those brands actually commented mine looked stronger today...
  9. ^^this. just once i wanna see someone deck their bike (or at least themselves) in the name of a good product review
  10. u better get to work then
  11. Blacke offered to put his arse on the line and get towed by his brothers ute
  12. Will they come in any other colour than blue denim such as black or camo?
  13. This is SUCH GOOD VALUE for jeans with CE rated armour... if you get a decent set of jeans at a place like just jeans you'll pay almost as much (in fact, I know places where you pay more) than this and they don't come with armour or kevlar lining.

    I love what Takamii is doing... and I wish I could go back in time and steal his ideas ;)
  14. Res yes deefinately in black - cammo no

    working on a indigo blue - blackish blue so to speak

    Thanks fox imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - also I am not greedy and I can keep overheads low - so I pass it on to you people
  15. NieKreeper - how about a pic for the other members to see show us how your a fashionista
  16. Definitely gonna post a pic or two - Mrs Kreeper was a bit too tired last night...
    Res, mine are the black ones...
  17. Thanks Tak, NK will wait for the pics. I need a new pair of black kevlar slacks to wear at work.
  18. Not slacks Resman - jeans
  19. They'll be getting worn at work as work pants and doubling up as motorbike pants so they'll be used as slacks more.
  20. Just jab her and say "Pics of jeans or sex"

    Win win