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Review - M2r Wraith Jacket

Discussion in 'Jackets' at netrider.net.au started by shagger, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Hi All, I searched the forum for a review on the above jacket, but unable to find one... so without further a due....

    Disclaimer: I do not work for any of the mentioned outlets and / or shops.

    Main site for M2R gear http://www.made2race.com/p_leather_AUS.aspx

    I purchased the Jacket from AMX outlets http://www.amxoutlets.com/ last Friday 2nd Nov
    Their price was $419 rrp reduced to $379 - the rrp was higher than the rest of the stores I looked at $399 for the majority. bike biz and few others had the jacket for $349.99.

    I purchased for $349.99 after stating the above to the sales guy... "no probs we'll match that for you..."

    So the jacket has a great feel, the leather feels thick and yet movable as a jacket should be, zips are YKK, Armour are CE approved, top vents, removable thermal vest, mobile phone pockets.

    Went for a ride on Sunday with the Ducati's Owners Club Victoria group total of 300k's -
    The jacket worked well as any other leather jacket I've owned so far (within the $400 price range), the only issue I could find (So far) was the textile on the front of the arms, a lot of wind was let through and you could feel the cold coming thru as we rode through shaded forest areas, i believe having a long sleeve t-shirt would have alleviated this is, but having leather in that area, then a short sleeve t-shirt would have been perfect.

    I ride every day to and from work (76k's daily), so I'll update this review as time goes by.

    Would I recommend this jacket so far...yes I would.

    Any Q's please ask away....


    • 2 front pockets
    • Top shoulder vents
    • 2 Zip front vents - not shown on the pictures at the sites
    • 2 Zip rear vents - not shown on the pictures at the sites
    • Pre curved arms
    • Mobile phone pockets
    • CE approved Armour
    • Adjustable waist straps (Velcro)
    • Removable thermal vest
    • 2 Zips for pants 1x8inch and 1x full waist - Note: The zip(s) will not work with Dainese pants.
  2. What sort of temp was it on the day you rode?

    I'm looking at replacing my current textile jacket and am contemplating leather. It's been years since I've had a leather jacket and always found them to be far too hot in summer, so your comment about letting the cold in intrigues me.
  3. Hey b12mick, the temp was about 24 degs, but traveling at speed in the forest :D

    Yesterday when I rode to work with a long sleeve shirt on there was no issues with cold coming through the textile.

    My jacket is the non perforated version.

    - Mike
  4. Great review.....I'm in the market for a leather jacket at the moment so I'll add this to the list...........along with the RST and Berik
  5. Let me know what it's like when you've ridden in +30c temps.
  6. Yea will do mate, watch this space, you might want to have a look at the perforated version....
  7. I'm thinking the same thing.

    Actually, we bought our youngest son an M2R jacket last year (can't remember the model/style name). He seems to like it but does complain about it being too hot in summer. Hence why I asked you about the wraith (his doesn't have the fabric panels.
  8. In a funny way, YKK zippers pay the rent on our shop :)
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  9. My Jacket and AGV helmet in the flesh so to speak...... :joyful:
    the jacket seems to feel alot better now.....
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  10. Nearly 1 year since I purchased my jacket and nothing has failed, broken in nicely, I'll post more pics and final verdict after the Motogp in Oct.
  11. Moved to the correct sub-forum. You couldn't have looked too hard for a review without noticing a review section specifically for jackets.
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  12. I do believe it was one of my 1st posts... so please forgive me...
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  13. Back on topic; I agree the jacket is great. I've had one for about a year. It lets a lot of air through and is good even in summer (there is a non-perforated version available).
    In temps of say 6 and less the only way to stay warm in it is to have a jumper/thermal and a waterproof layer underneath.
  14. Hmmm... bit tetchy ain't we people?

    Call it clean or filing up but wouldn't it be neat if somebody who was looking for a review and actually found it in the Review|Jacket section?
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  15. Shagger, have you been able to find a back protector insert that fits in the jacket properly? I've been looking everywhere for one. Besides that, the jacket is great. Fits really well.
  16. What shape is the back protector? Forcefield make back protector in many different shapes. If you still can't find one that fit, buy this and cut to size:
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  18. Thread revival.

    What kind of temps can you stretch this jacket to? Low/high?
  19. I've worn mine (perforated) in zero with a thin wool jumper and a waterproof liner from another jacket. And its fine in mid/high 30s as long as you're moving.
  20. You wear it year round with waterproof/windproof layers? Seriously considering making the purchase. Recommended?