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[Review] Love the Beast

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cejay, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Having seen Eric Bana at a track day a few years ago and seeing how down to earth he is (and having others say the same), I wanted to go and see his latest film, 'Love the Beast'.

    This is a documentary, detailing his love affair and relationship with his 1974 XB, his very first car.

    He's kept the car all these years and with his mates they've fixed it, broken it, fixed it, rallied it, fixed it....

    The film explores the relationships that people develop with their cars (and for that matter, bikes) and what drives them, how it forms them and the influence it has on their relationships with other people.

    We see Eric racing his Porsche and how he describes the mental state that racing takes him. Anyone who's raced, in whatever capacity will instantly understand where he's coming from. I was nodding my head and laughing at some of the things he was saying.

    In the process of the film, we get to see Jay Leno, Jeremy Clarkson and Dr Phil, all talking about cars and how they make us what we are. Jay Leno is a total car/bike nut and has a car collection that is the envy of many other fanatics. Dr Phil gives us the psychology behind our passion and Jeremey has some really funny insights into cars and what they do to us.

    There are some genuinely funny moments in the film but the film is not meant to be funny. It's not even a documentary in the truest sense of the word, focusing as it does on Eric's own particular passion, but it is still a very good film.

    For any of us who look at their bike and can't explain why they feel so much passion and love for this mechanical object, watch this film. Replace the XB with your favourite ride and you have the same effect.

    Definitely a film that is worth going to see. It won't win any awards, but any rider will come out and totally understand where Eric is coming from.
  2. Ah cool, it does sound good. The trailer I saw had me thinking it was a 'way too ocker' mockumentary like 'The Castle', which didn't appeal that much, but how you describe it it sounds well worth a look.
  3. Thanks cejay, others have told the same about the movie, I must see it soon.

    I miss my own 77 XC Coupe :-( Must be something about the heavy, old buckets ;-)
  4. Thanks for the review, going to watch it my self, always wanted an xb coupe my self, wished I got one when I was younger, ten years ago, you could pick up a decent one for about 4-5k, immaculate ones for about 10, rusted ones for 2, now, they go for up to 60k! :( the xb's are the rare ones now, every man and his dog has an xy some where.
  5. This movie sounds really interesting. Is it on at the conventional movies, or somewhere else?
  6. My '68 XT Fairmont sits waiting patiently for some TLC. I've had it for as long as I've had my son. Where did that 17 years go? Brought him home from the hospital in it :) Scariest drive I've ever done :LOL:
  7. We saw it at Birch and Carroll @ Cairns City, which shows the smaller films, so I'd imagine any cinema complex that also shows independent films will also show this (even chanins such as Hoyts and Village have indie screens in their main complexes now).
  8. Saw it, loved it.

    I had a giggle at some of his mates... coz they waz topsh mate! And the Tassy dude with the rusty XB... didn't he remind you a bit of Deyago??? :grin:
  9. LOL!!!!!! As he came on screen, Liz said 'He looks Tasmanian.....'!

    His mates were great! And his dad with the Thunderbird, what a car!
  10. good one cejay. as soon as i saw the trailer i knew i had to see it. prob this weekend with a bit of luck.
    that man is a legend
  11. The film is rubbish and doesn't quite know what it's supposed to be. It touches upon a bunch of topics, all badly, and all with the journalistic intent of Angela Bishop.

    There's a bit about musclecars. There's a bit about Taga, there's a bit about Eric. But nothing of any substance, and I walked away not feeling better for the experience at all.

    Even the in-car footage was poorly filmed. I wanted to hear a big block V8 but all I got were two greeks talking about how slippery the road is. I can get that a netrider meeting and save $15.00.

    The saddest element of the whole film is how it tries to draw Eric back to the people he clearly isn't around any more. And that's not his fault, he's out of the scene and people move on.

    It's like he has tried so desperately to connect with the people of his youth that he lost touch with so long ago. It's interesting to see that there are lots of shots of each individually, but very little of them together, showing this amazing bond of friendship and the campfire mentality that Eric mentions half a dozen times through the film.

    There are interviews that are crap and poorly selected and obviously very brief. It's badly edited. The sound was terrible and some of the sound mixing was terrible.

    All in all I give it 1 star.
  12. And that's the beauty of film. We can see the same film and come away with totally different feelings at the end. Thank god we're not all the same, what a shit boring world that would be.
  13. Ah come on, tell us what you really think :)
  14. XB falcon....... dad sold his after owning it for 17 years (I must have been 5 when he sold it) he asked $1500 - $2000 or so for the car, and got it straight away......... the only reason he saw that amount of money is that it was registered, and immaculate in every way (Falcon 500).............. who would have thaught that hanging onto it for another 16 years would have made it worth 30 odd thou..... haha
  15. i thought it was a great way to spend some of my sunday afternoon, and a good film.

    all the people walking out seemed to be impressed with it too.
  16. It is!

    The funny thing is I quite liked the film, but it really disappointed me.

    My old man absolutely loved it. Oh well!