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Review: Joe Rocket GPX gloves

Discussion in 'Gloves' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Cheers Keithy.


    I've now had two pairs of Joe Rocket GPX gloves. They're full leather Summer kit with nasty big plastic Grobby-style mirror removers on the knuckles. Here's what I like about 'em:

    - The price is good for a full leather brand name glove: $130 a pair IIRC.
    - The ventilation is effective - spread your fingers and there's holes between them that let a nice amount of air through.
    - The fit is beaut for me.
    - Protection has proven effective in the few times I've had them down the road. They haven't torn or split in a fall - in fact a 120kmh highside left them only slightly scuffed.
    - Single wrist strap and double cuff straps anchor them on your hand nice and tight - and the double cuff bit expands or contracts to go over all my jacket sleeves - or under them, if I get caught in the rain.
    - Being nice and thin and well fitted, the feel through to the levers is fantastic.
    - They look a bit badass and darth-vadery in black.

    Here's what I don't like:

    Both pairs have lasted almost exactly one year. I buy them one summer, and when it comes around the next year, both gloves seem to start disintegrating at once. The seams themselves are fine, but the leather around them slowly tears, leaving holes around the palm, around the wrist and even side-exit slits for my fingers so I can get a good nose pick happening. The little plastic covers on the foam side-armour start breaking off.

    This may be due to the occasional drenching they get when I get caught in the rain, or the internal sweat drenching they get on trackdays, but I find it interesting that 12 months seems to be their destructo-limit. And the way they fall to bits means they're not even very useful as spares. Granted, they get worn pretty much every day, but that's what they're built for, right? And I do get into 'em with the beeswax leather care stuff from time to time.

    I think I'll go for something else next time.
  2. I found Joe Rocket gloves, both womens' and mens', to be really short fingered - the webbing on the glove never reached the webbing on your hand - and going up a size or two merely made them wider in the palm but not longer in the finger (kinda like buying a shirt made in China - the body gets wider but the arms don't get longer)

    Not a choice brand for people with long fingers

    or e.t.
  3. E.T.... Now there's a bloke that would be popular wis ze ladiess.
  4. try some racerX from dri-rider, best gloves i have ever had, worn them for 2 years commuting everyday and went for 3 slides in them.....every time they hit the ground too......3rd time they actually gave up and caused a small hole in the palm.

    Been through 2 different pairs in under 12 months now, one being joe rocket, the other a cheaper version of the racerX dririder. Next set will be getting another set of racerX gloves sell for 100 r.r.p. :wink:
  5. Alpine Star gp pro are great
  6. Joe rocket.....PEWK!!!!

    I need new gloves too.

    Might go to Stevo's on Saturday and try a few pairs on.

    My K&R Sports are nice but they are a bit short and after my of they have delveloped a hole where they were scuffed
  7. $120 for alpinestar sp2s, exceptional value imo. Great fit, comfy, warm but good ventilation - good protection.
  8. Rocket GPX2.0 are great so far, good protection, good ventilation and fully lined, very nice feel and dexterity.
  9. Yep best glove I ever owned, very comfy. Only watch out when they get really really wet [sweat or rain] the die can leech onto your skin. Easily solved in winter with some latex gloves. This is only in really really wet conditions it happens.

    They finally gave up the ghost after 18 months of daily usage.

    I purchased some cheaper gloves after these and although they didn't leech dye I will purchase another pair of A* when the time comes around again. I have skinny long fingers so maybe for our tradey friends they may not fit as well??
  10. I have the old style Joe Rocket GPX gloves, now 20 months old and going strong. I like them. I don't use them every day though. Unfortunately I have fat hands with short fingers, so the GPX are one of the few gloves that fit well.

    I have noticed with them though, that if they get a little damp then fungus goes to town really quickly, unless you dry them properly. Obviously they don't put any inhibitor on the gloves when they make them. Perhaps that's why they fall apart Loz? I'm not sure beeswax would stop the rot either, although it would stop the water penetrating from the outside I guess.
  11. By "the fungus" do you mean they stiffen up? Because that seems to be the beginning of the end for mine, they dry and harden up a bit, I can't seem to reverse that process and that's when they split and die.
  12. No, I literally mean fungus, or mold.

    I left mine in my helmet once after they got wet, too busy to dry them out. Next time I looked at them they had yellow growth along several of the seams, like a fine fungus. I cleaned it off with no visible effects, but I'm sure it didn't do the gloves any good, since it was basically eating them! (Or the products of my sweat I guess.)

    Mine haven't dried out and cracked at any time. In fact they are still quite supple. But my gloves usually get time to dry out properly before I reuse them.
  13. gpx

    These gloves are great ive had them for about 9 mnths now and im looking for another pair..
  14. Ive got joe rocket speedmaster gloves. They have been great. Realy saved my wrist/forearm/hands when i had m little off on gravel.

    Highly recomended.
  15. My new gloves, on Kenny and Roarin's reccommendation, are a set of race style jobs from Torini Leathers in Port Melbourne. To date they feel brilliant, softer, roomier and more flexible than the Joe Rocket jobs. I got them at a great price too. They don't look quite as badass... I'll do up something proper on them soon, I was very impressed with what they had there, locally made and Ken and Andy have both had their for years and years.