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(Review) Heated gloves a godsend

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by 3lud13, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. So purchased these last week
    12V Heated Grand Touring Gloves - NEW
    And they are the best thing ever no more numb fingers and I think last night's ride back from dubbo really put them to the test. When I left in the morning temperature was saying it felt like -.9 and that was before getting on the bike.
    Gloves have 3 heat settings I just used hottest but could turn it down if I wanted even after being completely saturated yes water got through them but at highway speeds and yesterday's weather I don't think that's a surprise.
    But even so my hands were still warm enough with the gloves though was also wearing my glove liners to add an extra layer.

    Hooking up to bike real easy straight to battery all cables supplied had plug on bike which I currently have coming out behind my seat then run cable through my jacket.

    They also do other stuff like insole pants tops and very tempted to get more they all interconnect and can be ran from same plug just fingers were my biggest issue for now.
    Shipping I ordered Monday afternoon asked if was possible to have by Thursday they sent express post boo extra charge had them by Wednesday site $220 for gloves I was kind of hesitant without trying them on or anything but well worth money spent to be able to feel my fingers.

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  2. Yep I am going heated gloves over grips. Next bike, heated grips will be std but not putting on the Whinja as not going to value add when I sell or trade her...
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  3. I'm seriously thinking of throwing one of these onto my Ninja.

    Motorcycle 12V USB Waterproof Cigarette Lighter Power Port Outlet Socket Gadgets

    This kit plus another few bucks in insulated wire for a few more $$ is all it needs. Plenty of how tos on the web too. Stuff it I'll order the kit, so hopefully it comes quickly, when it does I'll take some photos to show others.

    I'mg getting this one as I want the USB and 12V socket separate.
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  4. I bought my battery heated gloves through Zarkie, Australian -based.
    Called wooohooo Classy ;) Ladies Heated Gloves.
    Uses LiOH batteries supposedly with 500 charge life and I whacked in a coupla spare LiOH to carry charged with me so I can change if needed.
    Zarkie also have all sorts of heated bit s n bobs including 12v connectable vest, jackets etc.

    Barters81Barters81 I have a hoard of 12v paraphernalia I bought for the whinja but when I realised what I had to remove things and then do to connect it all up I just sighed and consigned it all to the bike room...Womble got the tankbag with the charger...
  5. Is it a 'quick release' connection? In other words if I try to get off the bike and walk away without unplugging first will the gloves unplug or will there be damage?
  6. No the battery slots into a little flap thingo on the front of the gloves so in theory you could use them anywhere anytime :)
    4 settings, max time at lowest heat 5 hours at max heat 1.5 hours.
    Gloves are thinsulate, gortex waterproof supposedly...can only give em a burl.
    I wanted something immediate and the 12 volt thingos are not gonna be happening anytime soon and I can't be arsed paying to get it done at the mo.
    My hands won't take anymore cold at the moment :( So no riding until heated gloves!
  7. It's quick release depending where you put it I guess personally I not had an issue I have stepped off a few times forgetting top unplug

    I also hooked one of those up to my bike to charge my phone
  8. You won't need a how to. It's dead easy. I have the exact same one and the biggest issue was that the lugs were too big for the battery terminals, so I just cut the wires and crimped smaller ones on.
  9. @Gloldenberri did you mount yours anywhere?

    I have ideas of a nice clean mount, but skill may not be up to it.
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  10. Never had heated grips but have always wondered if it's like holding a hot water bottle while the rest of you freezes. Up to now, if the temperature is below 10°, I wear mittens over my gloves. Bit scary when you're in traffic and your fingers won't work.
    Heated gloves seem like the answer.
  11. That was my issue too fingers not working when required or not knowing what they are doing due to not being able to feel them so got the heated gloves though now knowing what the heated glove is like I am tempted to try the heated glove liner see if its better or not.
    Though I am still in search of that really great pair of waterproof windproof winter gloves if they even exsist
  12. Barters81Barters81 I mounted mine on the left hand bar. There are enough attachments that come with that model to make it fit nicely. I have that exact model and mine hasn't moved since installing it. I ran the wires through spaghetti casing under the tank and through to the battery under the seat on a Honda VTR250. Not sure what the Ninja set up is like, but my bike is pretty easy to take apart and put back together.
  13. My usb socket is sitting on left side of frame just under seat as I always have a bag on the back and my phone sits in there going through my bluetooth headset
  14. Whinja are a pain in the anus to work on! Have to take all manner of crap off to even get at the battery under the seat and you really need to take off the side fairings for ease of wiring up. Of course can be done but when you don't have a clue I don't like mucking around with wiring...
    Happy to have a go whilst under an experienced, watchful eye but not just me and Dr google thanks. No one to help, except NRMA, if it goes arse up :(
  15. Let me know how the gloves are, I love my battery undershirt from them
  16. Will do...they are a comin from somewhere as we write... :)
  17. OldmaidOldmaid I suspect you will love them:)
  18. I am thinking electric blanket for the finger tips...sigh...ecstasy. I won't have any issues riding in the cold over 80km/hr then yay! :)
    I may not want to take them off at all!
  19. You may still need some wind protection tho
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