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[Review] Gran Torino - May Contain Spoilers

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cejay, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. You have to see this film.

    Gran Torino is Eastwood back at his best.

    Walt Kowalski has just lost his wife. He is remote from his two sons and living in a neighbourhood that just isn't the same as it used to be. To make matter worse, his new neighbours are Hmong people. Bigoted, racist, bitter and angry, Walt just doesn't like them or the people that they represent.

    Worst still, through circumstances, he comes to see that they have everything he doesn't. Closeness, a sense of community and values that he doesn't see in his society.

    Reluctantly he befriends the neighbours son and forms a bond and a relationship that is extremely touching and nothing like that he enjoys with his own children. However, the calm is threatened and the Walt is compelled to act.

    The film is funny, charming, sad and then funny again. Walt is continually challenged to confront his prejudices and we see many different sides to this man.

    This is a great film and fully deserving of the awards it is likely to win.
  2. +1 Cejay, sensational film! :cool:

    The finale was especially touching and left me with a feeling of hope that perhaps some of the morons in our society might actually be able to change.

    (Nakkas excepted :LOL:)
  3. Yep, agree with everyones comments.

    I'm not a Clint fan, Good actor, but just not a fan of Clint love storys...

    this was a great movie, he played it damn well.

    Really Enjoyed it.
  4. On our very short list of "must see!" films! :grin:

    ... but does he get to say "go ahead punk, make my day"?? :p
  5. +1 Brilliant film, and a great way for Eastwood to end his acting career.

    Do find it ironic though that films containing far more graphic violence only get an M or MA rating - but this film scores an R simply because of the "offensive language" totally ignoring the context in which they're used and the message of the film.
  6. No, but he does get to use some other choice language!

    He plays a cantankerous old man extremely well. His interaction with the priest are brilliant (and I'd say he was a standout actor in this film). I was prepared to be blown away and I'm happy to say the film was all I expected.

    We were worried that with only 3 cinemas in Cairns we'd miss out on some of the smaller films that we used to see in Melbourne. But Birch seems to use the Cairns City complex to show the films we love to watch.

    Next up: Milk.
  7. I'm going to watch Milk tonight :) I've had it on my hard drive for a week or so.
  8. Apparently the whole movie was filmed in ~32 days!

    One of my all time favourites is "Unforgiven". Awesome movie.
  9. Really good film.
  10. Some decent films out these days,

    Gran torino was ace. Milk was extremely well done too. Slumdog Millionaire, Curious case, Ghost Town, Elegy (heaps of penelope cruz's boobs!), JCVD to name a few more great recent films off the top of my head.
  11. My head is swimming from all the praise for this movie, I thought it was a complete waste of time. Different strokes I guess.
  12. @ 78 clint rocks... as a director, filmmaker & a actor... this movie is one of his best...
    OHHH did i mention his wife... 35yrs difference on age :shock: :shock: :shock: no wonder he looks so healthy :wink:
  13. I have to agree, this was a fantastic movie

    Very moving, so bring the tissues
  14. Saw it and loved it.

    The ending hasn't sat well though... only cause I became a fan of Walt over the course of the movie.

    Did anyone else want to snot the grand daughter? [​IMG]
  15. [​IMG]