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Review: Fly racing M21 boots

Discussion in 'Boots' started by Jeffco, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. Ever since I started riding, I've been wearing my Joe Rocket big bang boots.

    They are an excellent boot, they feel comfortable on and offer great protection, 3 years and one off later they are still going strong.

    The only issue I have had is that the aren't great if you're doing lots of walking or standing around in, so I started looking around for another pair of boots. something with a more casual / hi top sneaker look but still giving me some protection.

    As luck would have it a fellow netrider AcidTripAcidTrip had a couple of pairs for sale, of particular interest to me were the Fly racing M21 boots that he had on offer.
    Fly Racing - M21 Riding Shoe
    • Vented for maximum airflow
    • Crush resistant, high traction sole
    • Strong composite shank isolates your foot from engine vibration
    • Velcro secured lace cover keeps laces away from foot controls
    • Removable, replaceable comfort insoles
    • Built in ankle, shin and toe protection
    • Shifter wear protection
    • Reflective areas throughout for safety

    They certainly had the look that I was after, So a quick look on line for a price check and review and the decision was made.

    Its been a month now and have been using them constantly in that time and I've got to say they too are an excellent boot.

    They feel very comfortable on, very light but not flimsy. On my morning rides in to work, 6am on the Mash into the city I can feel the air flow but my feet are yet to get cold. Tick1

    They do have a traditional looking sneaker sole and I was initially worried that they would be a little slippery when putting the foot down but here to they have surprised me and have provided great grip and no slip. Tick 2.

    The final test was the walking standing around thing and last week I went to an after work function, drinks and nibblies for a couple of hours. Wore the boots and they felt great no discomfort at all. Tick 3.

    So if you are looking for a pair of boots that have a more casual look and feel but still provide some level protection then I certainly would recommend the Fly racing M21, especially if you can get them at a bargin price like I did :]
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  2. Glad to hear you love them JeffcoJeffco! If you prefer the lower style boot they're awesome :)