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Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by wayne, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Took the firenze for a test ride today. Must say i was very impressed. The first thing i noted was the very comfortable riding position. The seat has a lumbar support which sits nicely into your back.. Your legs can be placed in the normal chair like, or forward, like the cruzer position.. Think you are riding a harly...lol.. The bike has a good turn of power and is quite lumpy of the mark..( that large 4 stroke feel) Once off and running the bike is smooth and super stable. One thing i did notice was the way the bike handled at slow speeds, very stable when crawling along in traffic, eg city traffic coditions. Pulling up at the lights was very nice , almost forgot to put my feet down. lol Once up to speed and on the open road the bike just sat there much like the larger bikes I've ridden in the past.. The scooter has a very nice throttle responce and pulls very well.. Overall the bike is finished off very nicelly. Its a nice touch to have head lights you can turn off. These are my opinions and if you think this is the sort of bike you would like, Dont wait and have a go, you well be impressed.. I was... Traded my bolwell 150 shark.. Nice bike but just a little too small and not quite up to the highway speeds i to do from time to time.. :grin: HAPPY RIDING.. WAYNE

  2. what size motor are they?

    any pics?
  3. The engine is rated 250cc. The bike it self is around 2 mtrs long. Almost the size of most large maxis.. Seat height is 760mm fuil capacity is 12ltrs. Makes an excelent open road tour bike. Sorry no pics as yet..