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Review FC-Moto.de & Motorbikeroadgear.com.au

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by tmwt, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. Recently purchased some goods from these two vendors. While some has been writted about FC-Moto, Not much has been writtes about Motorbikeroadgear.com.au.

    - Click the little Aussie flag to get it in English and AUD
    - Prices became alot cheaper when I checked out and tax was removed.
    - Prices were very very good.
    - Took about a week to send item. Sent me an email saying they were waiting for one of my selections to be delivered, even though it said it was available.
    - Chose UPS shipping and took a week to arrive from Germany. Some comments have been written about slow delivery via their cheaper DHL method. UPS was about $5 more and seems worth it.

    - Prices seems alot better then others. E.g. Rjays Expandable Explorer Bag $91. Was $130-150 everywhere else.
    - Delivery quick and free (for over $99 spend).

    Seems the best two sites I have come across buying a large amount of new gear.