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Review - DriRider Summit 2 Winter Jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Haggismaen, May 9, 2007.

  1. Bring winter the fcuk on.

    With a Canberra winter being colder than a female Yeti's minge I needed something warmer than my leather jacket. I was lucky enough to pick up a Summit 2 jacket in my size for cheap off a fellow Netrider.

    The jacket is quite long as most winter jackets are, good for more protection from the elements. It also has very handy belt straps so you can tighten it around the waist for a more snug fit. The wrists have velcro straps and metal button thingies so you can tighten them up to prevent wind going up the cuff as well as making it easier for gloves to fit over the sleeves.

    The jacket is pretty damn comfortable and snug with a zip-out liner which also includes sleeves instead of the usual vest type that I have normally seen. So far a t-shirt and this jacket is enough to keep warm during early morning/late night at 80km/h+. It's also been 100% waterproof in the rain I have been caught in, although it hasn't stood the test of true torrential rain though I think I will be dry as a bone no matter what.

    In terms of protection the armor in the elbows and shoulders is your standard CE foam type, although much harder and sturdier than most of the stuff I've seen which is good. The armor in the back would be as useful as a chocolate teapot in anything more severe than tripping over but I have a back protector so that no problem. All the armor is removable (with enough huff and puff).

    This thing has enough internal/external pockets that you could easily smuggle people around. All the external zippers are protected by the elements so no water can seep in (it might actually protect my phone unlike my leather jacket).

    Anyhow the jacket is magic and I've been impressed with it so far, although it's not exactly the depths of winter yet, the true test of the jacket will come with the June long weekend ride.

    Have a good one.
  2. glad your happy with it...i love mine.

    only problem i'm having is that my back protector is scuffing up the winter lining..... but thats nothing to really complain about..... i took the back protector out as it gives a bit more room for my "real" one.

    +1 on the reccomendation... really good for cold days/nights on the bike
  3. My Dririder Freeway jacket got a good testing today. Torrential rain for 5 minutes on the way to work and again on the way home.
    I was as dry as the proverbial bone, and as warm as toast with the winter zip-in bit. :LOL: Really happy with this jacket.
  4. Is this the newest release Summit 2 you're talking about? The light grey one?
    I need a new winter jacket that is warm enough to withstand 6am rides on the freeway in winter (3-4 degrees) and able to disperse a few gallons of torrential rain. I've tried one on and OMG its comfy! I was just about to part with my hard earned for one until someone told me it leaks like a fly screen. Dunno if they were talking about the old model or the current one.
  5. I would say that I have the latest one, it's light grey.

    I haven't had it with real heavy rain, but it's stood up great to the rain I've been in so far.
  6. Mine leaks every time it rains more than the lightest shower
  7. :worthlesspics:

    I might be too worn out/tired but I couldn't see any links to urls/pics of said jacket :?: :?:

    I'll re-read this after sleep me thinks :wink:
  8. Try here
  9. I replaced my original Dririder Extreme jacket with a Summit 2 last year. I had such a good run from the Extreme jacket and matching pants I didnt even look at other brands.
    The extreme lasted 4 years of almost everyday use before it started leaking at the wear points, Summit 2 started from day one (albeit because of the sleeve design rather than the membrane wearing out). Summit 2 also claims a water repellent coating on the fabric but in practice doesnt work at 100kph.
    On both jackets water permeates the outer fabric and then runs down the waterproof membrane and out the end of the sleeve, filling your gloves quickly in heavy rain. On the Extreme this was solved by having the sleeve end over the glove. On the Summit the water goes through the sleeve further up and always fills my gloves - just poor design.
    Summit 2 has better ventilation for warm weather riding but both are equally hot in summer.
    Summit 2 doesnt have a neck sock like the Extreme and allows cold air down your neck - factor in purchasing a neck warmer.
    Summit 2 is supposed to be warmer than the Extreme design but I havent noticed any difference (well not since I bought a neck warmer!)

    In summary I believe the Extreme was a simpler and superior design. I'm that disappointed with the cost and wet weather performance that it would take some convincing for me to by another Dririder product.