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Review camera for 250's

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Arthur Roland, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. What do you guys think I saw this posted at http://www.aussiestreetbikes.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11892 and I wondered if this would actually be a distraction rather than an aid for a rider especially considering the 250's are learner bikes and it would not be a good idea for a learn to neglect his/her mirrors.

    What happens when you move to another bike and you've got bad habits of looking at a mini tv?

  2. Like the posters said on that link its ok if we can remove the mirrors.
    Mirrors are useless on a lit of bike so the camera would be an improvement.
    The "distraction" wouldnt last long I dont think.
    Even better if it stored the last 60 minutes too.
  3. if that little gadget sitting on the pillion seat is part of it then stuff that, i like the idea, but i also liked those helmets with the morror inbuilt, so when u look up u can see behind you
  4. i like the idea of a rear mounted camera lens,
    may deter tailgaters or police following too close.
    but the screen mounted there is basically useless.
    looking down at the dash is a bad habbit to pick up... i never even look at my speedo, or any dash displays unless i'm stopped.
    just chin up and the bike will follow your nose... you look down, you go down
  5. You must be one of them hoon people!
  6. You wouldn't be able take off your mirrors as they are legally necessary but you could put smaller ones on.

    Wonder how hard it is to see in sunlight?
  7. I was thinking the same thing too would have to see it in the flesh I guess!
  8. I can't access the link anymore. Wouldn't the camera get covered in crap?
  9. Would be alright. I'd also keep the mirrors though. Angle the mirrors a bit further out so I could see a bit more to the side of me and use the camera for behind.

    Would prefer to have one of those mirror helmets though. Maybe one day.
  10. 'bout as useless as a mounted gps in sunlight.
  11. True true
  12. The thing would draw excess current, be very prone to vandalism and theft, potentially be illegal, and be made redundant by both your mirrors or a good head check. If you are pulled over for anything the officer in question may also take you up on it and post you with a notice rendering your vehicle unsafe for operation.

    Perosnally I think its a total wank and a stupid waste of money when you could save for a larger, more capable bike... or anything else besides. You do NOT need a camera on your motorcycle to provide a rear view - it isn't a hulking monstrosity that needs one, like the Ford Territories for example.

    Seriously, save for something else - boingk
  13. great find Dionikon