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Review: Alpinestars 2008 GP Tech Gloves

Discussion in 'Gloves' started by Dougz, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. I bought a pair of these with the insurance money that came from my accident as my Gp Plus gloves were now no-more. I was initially hesitant about upgrading from the GP Plus because they were so damn comfortable and well ventilated, but I figured that as I had the $$ I may as well get the best protection I could buy.
    The first thing that struck me was how insanely comfortable they are. There is full kevlar inner lining as well as kevlar stitching all over it. The plastic wrist protection thingy is a bit awkward initially, but I've adjusted to is pretty quickly. The ventilation is even better than the GP Plus too.

    Did I mention comfortable? :p

    In my opinion, for the $300 bucks they retail for they're a tad overpriced BUT I certainly get the impression that they'd well and truly do the job in a stack and they are very very well made.

    Noriyuki Haga can't be wrong either :wink:

  2. :shock: $300 for gloves :shock: thats like half a years worth of petrol for me haha.

    mmmmmm they do look pretty hot though...
  3. They look well made. I bet they last a while.
  4. I've got a pair of these as well. I found them stiff to begin with and there must have been some "sus" stitching inside the little finger which gave me blisters the first few times I wore them.

    They are comfy now that I've had them for a few months. I bought them for there great build - not tested them, but believe they should hold together in case they're needed.

    What attracted me to them initially was that finger 4 & 5 are sown together (looks like you lose both finger or nothing when it comes to the crunch), the use of a bit of roo hide and the fact that they are good enough for Casey Stoner, they should be good enough for me!

  5. If you look closely at the gloves in the above pic you'll see that the wrist protection is not the hard plastic type but the soft type. I think those gloves might be the GP Plus :?:
  6. Poor kid probably couldn't afford the next model up. Give him a break, at least he's no squidding :p
  7. Notice how he's holding on so tight his knuckes have gone white? :p
  8. AFAIK, the GP plus's never had the hard plastic knuckles until this year's model.

    I reckon Casey might be wearing the GP Pro - one level down from the GP Tech.

    By the way, I have a pair of 2006/7 Tech's... mine are really uncomfortable - heaps of protection, but don't come anywhere near the plus's for comfort. Maybe the current model are a big improvement.

    Congrats on the gloves Dougz.
  9. I was in the same situation as you. I had a pair of GP-Pros ( which Casey is wearing ) and they got damaged in a crash after sacrificing themselves in order to protect my hands. When it came time for the insurance to replace them I got a pair of the GP-Techs. Like you said the hard plastic armour took a bit of getting used to. I can tell you from experience that the wrist armour comes in handy during tank slappers so I'm glad to have it. Both the Pros and the Techs are great gloves. The hard wrist armour on the techs takes time to get used to and the pros leave blisters on your pinkies until they are worn in like someone already mentioned. From my experience both offer great feel, ventilation and protection.
  10. Have you figured out which one to put on first?
  11. I've been putting the left one on first Rog, but I've noticed that when I do I experience a bias towards left turns as opposed to right ones. I've been having trouble with Wheelies so I'm going to put both on at the same time and hopefully my vertical turns will improve.


  12. How do you put them both on, at the same time?
  13. blue tac them to a brick wall and take a superman style leap towards them. :LOL:
  14. I'm still finding getting the hard plastic part done up tight enough to be annoying and wondered why there was a need for that part. Thanks for letting us know how it is useful. They are comfortable gloves though so +1 to them for that.