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REVIEW: Alpinestars 2008 GP Plus Gloves

Discussion in 'Gloves' started by Bamm-Bamm, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. After destroying my last pair of gloves (Collins RS4's) in an off it was time to pick up a new pair of gloves. After looking around for a bit and based on some recommendations from freinds I ended up laying out the cash on a pair of Alpinestars GP Plus gloves in Blue/Black/White.

    They are a summer race style glove that are well ventilated via the knuckle protector and the vented leather area over the back of the hand. Ultimate protection is yet to be tested(touch wood :wink: ) but the gloves feature hard plastic knuckle protection and also some rubber/plastic pads on top of the thumb and under the palm of the hand below the little finger. The little and index fingers also have a bridge of leather keep them together to prevent damage to the little finger in an accident.

    The palm has a suede panel to provide better grip on the bars and of course being a race style gauntlet they have the usual velcro closure above and below the wrist.

    As for fit it's pretty common knowledge that Alpinstars make their gloves pretty small, I am a large in most gloves but am an XL in these. That being said even the XL is a tight fit for me...of course gloves do stretch and I kept that it mind when I bought them, with a few more k's they should be perfect. Also bear in mind these are a summer type of glove...I prefer this type of glove for the better feel and control however they are NOT going to keep your hands warm.

    The only downside I have had so far is that one of my gloves had a bad seam that had come unstitched, which while a bit dissapointing can happen with mass produced items. I purchased my gloves from the US so it was more economical to get them fixed here rather than send them back...so for the princely sum of $12 I had them repaired here and i couldn't be happier.

    Overall I would give these gloves 2 thumbs up!


  2. Cheers Keithy, I might write up my JRs too.
  3. Then you better post another glove. ATM there is only one thumb up :p
  4. :LOL: vic
    Good review ... Looking at a decent pair for winter ATM. My FS is vented slightly, which tend to numb my fingers these cold mornings, even with a glove liner on :cry:
  5. Good review there BammBamm

    I'm a fan of the previous model GP plus - lots of protection, lots of leather... venting sucks so I found it a bit hot on hot days. They're the ideal coolish weather /warmish winter glove.

    I spied the new GP Plus's the other day and now want a pair! (even though I don't need a pair :grin:). They felt bloody awesome, looked much sexier than the old model and very much more sporty and summer riding focussed. A pretty good update IMO.
  6. My review on these A* GPplus gloves is that on really hot days [35+] the leather can leech colour so you end up with coloured palms :shock: this also happens when they get soaked on eally wet rides. Although wet days are easily taken care of with a pair of latex gloes underneath. Mine wore out in 12 months of use, worn everyday for 2-3 hours commuting. This works out at less than a latte a week! They easily survived a low speed slide and were IMO the most comfy glove I ever owned. Great glove loved them would buy them again. :cool: :cool:

  7. Mattisan, I have a pair of the version preceding the one you posted up.

    Mine don't have any perforations in the fingers or wrist, but they do have a very solid ring and pinky bridge, plus armour on the ring and pinky fingers.

    They've worn very very well though. I certainly can't complain :)
  8. Spot on Wallace oops sorry Rob, mine wore out only because I wore them 5 days a week, 3 hours a day commuting for 12 months. I would think that equals 10 years of normal riding!
  9. Bloody hell!

    I just browsed this section in order to post a review of these gloves!! Just beat me to it!! Just bought a pair the other day and theyre great. Super comfy from day one. The only thing im uncertain about is the bridge on the little and pinkie fingers. I quite often use 3 fingers on the clutch (dont ask why it just feels comfortable) and with the bridge, it puts lots of pressure on my pinkie finger. Contemplating slicing the bridge on the left glove but will give it some more time first.

    All in all, an excellent (and popular it seems) glove.