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Review : AGV S4 Helmet

Discussion in 'Helmets' at netrider.net.au started by lurchouk, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. For those of you brave enough (or foolish!) this helmet cost AU$240 from the US + Postage. (The is the slight issue of the correct legal stickers)

    http://www.ridersdiscount.com/street-gear/helmets-full-face/32667.php 1st impressions - Excellent pro...nyone got or thinking of getting this helmet?

  2. Hi lurch, I've got one too, and I've been really hapy with it.

    I'm the same, I wish it had the right sticker, but for my own piece of mind, it does have the british standards sticker, and that makes me feel better - although I doubt it would make much difference if you got pulled over for it.

    Not sure about the whistle though, I haven't had that?

    For the money, I thought it was great - enjoy.
  3. I must say, an awesome looking helmet indeed!

    I think I first saw one of these advertised in a Ducati Monster add and I fell in love... red Duke and the helmet was Red/White .... niiice!

    As the proud owner of a new ZX6R (in Lime Green) I am finding it difficult to get a helmet that would suit (IMHO) ... except for the Black/Silver.

    Why don't AGV bring this bloody helmet out here!?!?! It's even one of only a few 5* safety rated helmets... go figure! (safety comparison found HERE

  4. "For those of you brave enough (or foolish!)"

    - Foolish? Why?

    I'm new to bike scene, buying new (used bike) and helmet etc. And although my melon is worth more, I cannot afford a dearer helmet...

    I'm sure I should be able to get the S4 cheaper than $240... my concern is:
    will it be legal in Oz?

    I was told certain brands cannot be bothered bringing certain models into Oz as the copliance/aproval sticker cost them too much and therefore no longer able to make profit on that helmet as much as in other countries, e.g Vespa's own brand helmets are hugely popular all over Europe, incuding UK but do not sell in Oz.

    So if helmet is not legal in Oz, (although I'll doubt cops will ever pull me over to check my helmet...) - the issue is the small detail that states on any insurer's T&Cs, that they will not cover you in an accident if the helmet is not legal!
    And in the case of a major accident, all is checked thoroughly and that could ruin everything regardless you're at fault or not !!

    Besides being within my budget, I really loved the slick look of it (and 5* rating abroad) - any thoughts anyone?

    Much appreciated!
  5. RVCASA -- you are doing the right thing in considering insurance

    should you ( and I wish this upon no one ) some how end up a vegetable due to head trauma - - there is a good chance you end up with ZILCH or at least a hugely discounted amount due to contributory negligence
  6. Personally I hate open mesh vents on any helmet
  7. WHY?:-s
    (please explain in detail, as I'm not very experienced w/ full face)