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Review: 2008 Hyosung gt250 Comet - NAKED

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Phillip, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Hi all in the biker world!
    I'd thought l'll do my bit and start a review on my new bike. I'll try to be as honest and informative as possible.
    The review will be aimed at riders (more beginner riders) who are looking for a first bike to learn and need some good old fashion advice....

    History of bike:


    Bike purchased at Stafford Motorcycles in Heidelberg Melbourne $5500 +o.r.c = total $6350 onroad. . . The guys at Stafford a a great team would recommend to anyone
    Insurance: InsureMyRide - Full-comp insurance approx $360
    Gear: Joe rocket comet jacket, AGV stealth helmet, Shift kevlar jeans, Alpine Star sp3 gloves and rjays Urban boots.

    I'll star this review of the 2008 Hyosung gt250 comet with cosmetic/mechanical changes to the bike that i have notice so far:
    1. first noticable change are the old square mirrors have been updated to those found on the gt250r and are a lot lower also.
    2. Clutch cable has been updated - alot softer from day 1.
    3. A lot more gold coloured nuts and bolts have been used around the bike
    4. Instrument cluster have been refined numbers look a lot clear
    5. Paint finish seem a lot better than earlier models. My bike is black but in sunlight has an almost blue speckle through it.

    So far the bike seem great, have only taken it out twice so can't really give a road review yet, but the 2 times its been out have been great and very easy to ride and not too heavy to steer. Being a larger bike on the road l felt a little more noticable on the road (great road presence).

    As the days, months and years go one i will update this review and keep every interested biker informed. . .

    Safe Riding

    Cheers Phillip

  2. Should I comment, should I comment...

  3. Congrats Phillip !!!!

    Dougz ... :-$ Don't you Dare [-X
  4. You just did :roll: :grin: .

    Sounds awesome, my mate who bought mine - (a GT250R '07) it died recently and we discovered that the inside of the tank had been rusting. He just had to clean the filters out and unclog them of all the rust. It's a warranty issue for sure but I'd keep an eye on it all the same.

    To be honest I was pretty happy with the bike during my ownership, and despite those issues he's been pretty happy with it too - I think the shortfalls are expected and thus the warranty! I'd hate to be a learner on a bike with an issue like that!
  5. I'm never sure why people keep going on about the hyo warranty, from what I can see all of the big 4 have 24 month warranties. A warranty is supposed to be a backup in case some goes wrong, not a necessity because something will go wrong...
  6. And THAT sums it all up nicely people :) Well put Stigger :!:
  7. Imagine Hyosung making software. They'd make Microsoft look like respectable software developers.