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Reversing bus kills woman

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jul 12, 2009.

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    Reversing bus kills woman
    Daniel Hurst
    July 12, 2009 - 12:06PM
    A privately hired bus that dropped off a 45-year-old woman at her Sunshine Coast home last night struck and killed her when it was reversing to do a u-turn, police say.
    It is understood the woman's husband discovered her body near the roadside at their Beerwah home about 12.30am.
    A police spokeswoman said a 30-seater bus, hired to take people home after a function last night, dropped the woman off near her driveway in the service road off Peachester Road about midnight.
    The vehicle struck the woman when the driver reversed to do a u-turn, but those on-board believed the slight bump they felt was the edge of the driveway, according to preliminary details released by police.
    A police statement said the bus driver was helping officers with their investigation.
    "At this stage there does not appear to be any negligence on behalf of the driver," the statement said.
    So when does one actually become negligent if revering when unsafe, killing someone?

  2. Well, I guess it's possible that the woman walked into an area where she was unsighted by the driver, but it's awful anyway.....
  3. I was gonna say something really smartarsey...

    but I won't..........
  4. If someone is standing right at the rear of the bus underneath the rear window then they are completely unsighted by the driver.
    Who is negligent...the bus driver who could not see anyone or someone who is silly enough to stand behind a reversing bus???
  5. I'm waiting to hear how they are going to pin it on a rider. (No disrespect to the lady/family)
  6. I think Joel and Paul are spot on, massive blind area directly behind the bus would make it impossible to see someone unless there is a reversing camera which is highly unlikely.
  7. The first question I would ask is if that bus had the reverse beeper/if it was working/if it was required to be installed on that size bus. Otherwise, like mentioned, if she was close to the back under the rear window, not much could of been done by the driver, but then again if there is an accident then someone has to be hit with neg driving.
  8. Reversing buzzers are a nice idea, but they rely on people actually listening to them. The number of times I've been reversing buses and had to stop and wait for a pedestrian who decides to wander behind me anyway. And at night, when visibility in mirrors is poor anyway, you really have to be alert when reversing a heavy vehicle.
    Reversing cameras make all the difference!
  9. you lot have all missed.

    clearly speed related.
  10. Sorry, the point of my post wasn't to find someone to blame.

    I hate reversing vehicles with a passion.

    I have to reverse our work van in and around busy shopping strips.

    And yes there are stupid people that despite a reversing siren being fitted to the van, they still walk behind the van.

    Now if the driver was dropping off an elderly lady would you not ensure that you sighted her before reversing?

    Again, not looking to lay blame just maybe there is a better way to edumacate drivers of such large vehicles.

    It is a very sad story to say the least. :(
  11. Natural selection, clearly. Any normal 45 year old would not have died in this manner.
  12. Without knowing how far the bus had reversed prior to the incident we can’t really comment. (IE Had it just gone into reverse and bam (No one had time to know) or Had it launched down the road and the woman should have paid more attention to her own safty))
    That being said. If the bus had just dropped her off, then it wouldn’t take much for the driver to take note of where she went after disembarking…
  13. Isnt anyone missing a quite possible factor?

    She was returning from a function, she could very well have been drunk.

    Im sure most people know what your senses are like at midnight while drunk.

    Sounds like a terrible chain of factors leading to a death.
  14. Acknowledge you're drunk and plan accordingly.
    Alcohol is no excuse for a lack of self preservation
  15. She may well have got the "dizzies/head spins" when she got off the bus and fainted.
  16. I'm with the bus driver; of all the tasks that driving involves, I hate reversing the most.....