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Reversing a car

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Just reading an article about reversing cameras in the SMH and came across this comment:

    "Only idiots and the completely inexperienced driver looks over their shoulder when revering. There are THREE mirrors in every modern car that are there for viewing what's behind you, so USE THEM when reversing"


  2. Reverence has nothing to do with driving backwards
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  3. Quite a few drivers need an app on their phone to find the blooming mirrors.

    Looking behind you when reversing isn't really a great problem, there aren't THAT many small children and kittens that get run over.
  4. I'll bet he's got an opinion about scrunch or fold too, and can't wait to tell us all about it.
  5. I wonder which of those three mirrors would let you see a small child right behind the car?
  6. And the not unrelated question is if you're driving, do you head check when lane changing?

    Is the head check no more than an evolutionary carryover from olden times when mirrors were small and only on the drivers side?

    Obviously you can't head check in commercial vehicles, why should passenger cars be any different (in fact many passenger cars are commercial vehicles these days).

    Or is there a time and place for both mirrors and for head checks and a good driver utilises them both as needed?
  7. Reverse cameras come from manufacturers desire to get 5 star safety ratings, which increases the height of the chassis cage around the car, giving a high rounded bonnet and window line. And then there is the current fashion at the moment, with cars like the Evoque and other unnecessary penis extensions.

    There's no way you could see a family of midgets crossing behind the car through that peephole.

    I don't look behind when reversing, I just use mirrors. But then again I can.
  8. Why?
  9. So when this person can reverse down narrow windy undulating gravel lanes at 30kmh+ by looking over my shoulder, I'm either an idiot driver or a completely inexperienced driver.

    Well actually, I hadn't actually driven a car for a long time prior to several weeks ago..., but I'm digressing. Fact is, mirrors aren't designed for proper reversing, they reflect a distorted image, and only an idiot (like those in the SMH) would rely on them for this task.
  10. There's not much to see.
  11. Agreed, especially if they're 'little people' (please note the politically correct term for 'midgets' people)
  12. I still don't get it. Most commercial vehicles have the driver ahead of the B-piller, so doing the head check will give significantly more than 90deg view and mirrors don't cover the 3 o-clock position.

    Might not be a full head check, but a head check is still valid IMO. At least I still did it when I drove small trucks/vans.
  13. I believe I have heard somewhere - I am aware of the validity of 'I believe I have heard somewhere' - that head checks in commercial vehicles are A Very Bad Thing Indeed and Very Not Allowed.

    Watch a semi driver reverse. They never stick their head out the window. They can drive those things into a trailer bay like a well lubed up eggplant into an anus.
  14. Ok this is different. Agree not turning around whilst reversing a commercial vehicle. Thought D1300 was revering to not head checking when changing lanes.
  15. I think most modern cars have c-pillars that are too large and high boot-lines. Even the ford Focus I tested last year had limited rear view.

    Rear head rests make it even worse.

    I can see why cameras and sensors have become so common place.
  17. I do but probably as habit from riding a bike. If your mirrors are set correctly it isn't necessary. I've never had something there that wasn't seen in the mirrors. On a bike different story and the head check has proved accident avoiding a number of times.

    On a related question when do you head check? I find I've got a bad habit of making the check after I've started moving sideways but before I've changed lanes. It doesn't really have any serious concequences but it really makes you swear when there is something there.
  18. True, but even so what good will a head check do when the drivers head is ten feet off the ground?

    I don't know if it's on all trucks, but several have a peephole low in the door with convex mirror to show what is in the local region.
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    I was referring to both. But Incontinentia's covered my reply.

    By looking at the side mirror, you take in the view out the window any way.

    EDIT: Mind you, I'm not a truckie, I'm sure we'll have one that will have a proper say.
  20. I'm amazed that a motorcyclist would have this point of view.


    Not quite how I'd draw the lines, but is does show how mirrors are not enough.

    Did you go through the MOST system? They used to explain this.