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reverse use of lights?????

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jeffatav, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Lately, I have been reversing the use of my headlights whist commuting and I am convinced that the car drivers are seeing me A LOT earlier.

    I now use high beam during the day and normal at night (except where high beam is warranted) and I am convinced I am more visible.

    Now I know it is illegal, blah blah, blah...................but anything to make me more visible in Sydney's manic traffic I think is a good thing. If I get pulled over by the police, I will just claim a slip of the switch as the blue indicator light is barely visible when on during the day....................but I really can't see them bothering with what else they have to contend with.

    I am not blowing someones eyeballs out during the daylight and it is like someone "playing" a torch over your eyes and is not like a cars lights where they stay at a constant level.

    It does p@#ss you off when a car does it, but a bikes high beam is a different experience because of the movement.

    If it helps me to survive................it's game on!!

    Does anyone else use their headlights this way????????????

  2. Usually ride with lows on main roads unless trying to get someones attention or overtaking someone who looks shifty. In twisty areas its on high when I remember. If its a little bit dark, highs go on. But at night I keep them off on the main road and flash them when necessary.
  3. I think it is legal to have highbeams on during the day. But I might be wrong. I have had it suggested to me in my short riding time and it definitely has an effect
  4. Been doing that the last 2yrs Jeff. :cool:
  5. b4 that did you notice a lower recognition level??????????????
  6. Kaboobie aka: my lovely wife does this. Pisses me off a bit when I'm in front, but hey that's obvious recognition that it DOES work!!!! :grin:
  7. Jeff try sitting in a car with a bike behind you and pointing his headlight on highbeam straight at your side mirror.

    The driver might know you are there but like a bunny in a spot light you've taken his attention away from everyone else and besides it's bloody annoying.

    And yes it is illegal as in unlawul (not a sick bird) :LOL:
  8. Mate, I have been driving for (counting on fingers, feet etc) 32 years and even though you notice the bikes lights, they are not enough to p@#s me off and at least I have seen them and that is what my point is.............................to be seen.
  9. The problem I find with bikes on high beam, while driving my cage, is that when I notice a bike behind me (especially on a busy freeway) I like to glimpse at it every few seconds to see where it is exactly and where its likely to go next. Just so I don't do anything stupid. With the bike on high beam I can't look there, it hurts my eyes. So I know it's there somewhere, but I get tense cause I can't see it!

    My two cents.
  10. Lol, they might not bother for you, but say you were about 19 years old, on your Ps and riding a cbr250rr or a zx2r or something along those lines, i'm sure they would bother.
  11. i have had my little rants about this practice over and over but i guess it really comes down to the individual who is riding, i am one of the perhaps few that high beams day or night really do effect not just cages bikes as well but the cages will cop a nice long flash if i am in my work car, 4x4 turbo deisel triton with spotties, but much point flashing them on the bike coz they really dont notice it that much

    there are the odd drivers out there that are motorcycle aware, the fact of the matter while your on a bike you at risk high beam on or not, as its not that cages dont see you its more that they werent looking for a bike they were looking for a car, the same thing with when some cars pull out in front of semis at intersections they say they didnt see the 45tonne truck, when in reality they did see it how on earth could they miss it, they just didnt register it coz they were again looking for a car

    but you have to do what ever makes you feel safe and every one is going to be different, while i hate anyone heading towards me or behind me with the highs on i will never flash a bike unless to warn of cops, but some curtosy would go a long way
  12. Cant answer because prior to that I was driving only. :LOL:

    All I can say is that I've had no issues doing so & if its going to be to my
    benefit, then I'll keep doing it.
  13. Is that because I am such a big, mean looking son of a biatch, mother f@#ker??????????????? :rofl: :rofl:
  14. I do get the sh@#ts when someone does it to me AT NIGHT, but can easily tolerate it during the day.

    I NEVER use high beam at night unless the road is unlit and there are no others affected

    The odd bike aware drivers are not the ones I want to attract their attention,( and how do you tell them apart???) but the others are the ones that you need to make aware that you are there and closing, changing lanes etc etc (and you can't call them morons cagers 'cause a bike IS hard to see a lot of times!)

    I just posted this thread to see if others have had the same experiences and everyone does have ways of doing things, but the purpose is to give other opinions and let the reader make up their own minds.

    All good :grin:
  15. You need a louder exhaust.

    I got stockers on mine, quiet as and i'm less confident when in traffic.

    Can't wait for my arrows to arrive!
  16. well really you cant tell them apart, another alternative to riding with the high beams on, as i was advised when i done my learners 18 months ago is to move around in the lane dont jut follow one line, i know there is a little bobbing of the head light as you go over bumps etc, but moving around will draw more attention to yourself, but as you said jeff everyone has there own opinion and are entitled to just that