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Reverse shock absorber & sprocket brake... Cool Byool.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. I haven't ever seen either of these little innovations before - perhaps you guys have?

    1) A shock that extends as the wheel goes up, and compresses when it comes down, eliminating the need for a linkage

    2) A rear brake that grabs directly onto the sprocket instead of using a disc - in this case so a traction control sensor can be fitted to the disc side.

    Both feature on the 150hp, 150kg Hillbilly XBRR Chronos custom racer:

    Purty nifty I reckons.
  2. Thats pretty crazy.. You'd want a little more to hang onto with all that power, I can see someone being flung off the back if you're not ready for it :rofl:
  3. :roll: Needs more cowbell.

    Whoever was hitting that thing with the ugly stick did their job well.
  4. Re: Reverse shock absorber & sprocket brake... Cool Byoo

    I wonder how this would go when the sprocket gets coated with grease and old chain lube? Hope whoever buys it likes cleaning! Would be a good idea with belt drive tho :cool:
  5. Re: Reverse shock absorber & sprocket brake... Cool Byoo

    That doesn't change the need for a linkage if you want progressive suspension. Buell just decided he didn't really want a progressive, rising rate rear end.

    For reasons of design simplicity (he had the shock stuck in a funny place) he ended up with a slightly falling rate rear end. A bit silly on a sports bike, but most people wouldn't notice.

    Done for styling only - no other reason.

    I have a feeling a Rokon 2 wheel drive might have done similar with the brake on the sprocket 35 years ago, but I could be wrong.

    Buell innovated freely - some for style, some for effect. It certainly makes for something that stands out from the rest.


    Trevor G
  6. I believe most Buells have this kind of shock, yes it does not progress
    "properly" but a nearly flat rate still works acceptably for most riders
    who would buy this kind of bike. I certainly haven't heard any Buell
    owners complaining about this.

    I wonder how long the chain lasts with that kind of heat on it, and without chain lube? I think with a belt drive the brake caliper would have to be a
    very strange shape, and heavy and strong, to cope with the belt pulley width. That might negate any weight saving. Would look cool, though.

    I totally support custom bike builders trying out this kind of unusual
    design. Whether it's a design from the 1920's that's been forgotten
    like the sprocket-brake, or just wierd styling, this is where the factories
    get their ideas for bikes for the rest of us.
  7. Even BMW couldnt build a bike that ugly (some Beemers excepted)

    Although on the same site the ER6 scrubs up ok. HERE
  8. Still looks like sh#t!
  9. Dunno about the shock, but I saw the sprocket/disc trick on a custom 15-20 years ago.
  10. These sorts of things are a bit similar to choppers.
    I think the air ride suspensions are done that way.

    Exile Choppers sell a sprocket brake kit.