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Reverse parking, what is your method?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by hongyi77, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Other than my daily reverse park into my car port to squeeze my CeeBee behind my car, I find impromptu reverse parking extremely tricky when I do find a park. Issues for me:
    I don't quite flat foot on my bike, on balls of feet, hence lack traction and leverage. Mostly ok except if uphill.
    When reversing at an angle, I can't really use the mirrors, they don't show me things I need to see!
    Full face helmet, hard to use peripheral vision to gauge distance of other bikes beside me.

    I am constantly amazed how closely bikes are parked in the city.

    What are your methods and what works for you? :)
  2. I just pull up slightly ahead of the spot click neutral and then think to myself don't f&# k this up there are people watching and for fu£ks sake don't drop the bike or you will look really stupid. =D
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  3. Get off the bike and push it in.

    Using mirrors just takes practice, and training your brain to understand what it is seeing
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  4. Yep I do this too but where I need to move forward uphill to adjust (esp those parks which are perpendicular to the curb), I still need to be on the bike though...
  5. If forward is up hill then backwards must be down hill? So you let gravity do the work to reverse, and the engine to move forward. If your on level ground getting off and pushing shouldn't be a problem in either direction

    While I'm tall and have no trouble pushing the bike around while sitting on it, I always park so the bike is pointed up hill.
  6. I usually just back it in while I'm on it. Then again my feet are well flat on the ground and I can turn and see behind me good enough.

    Handy to be tall sometimes.
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  7. Ride up, jam the front brake and roll back in on the rebound from the forks
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  8. A couple of things to try:

    Cut the engine so stalling is one less thing to worry about.

    If the spot is super tight, nose in and reverse out (use this method with caution if you backing straight onto a road, obviously.)

    +1 to rebounding off the front brakes.
  9. Mount foot path and come in from the other side.
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  10. I have an Oxford Screamer bike lock which is either broken or the batteries have run out not sure, I lost the allen keys to open it and havent had a chance to replace them yet.

    I really dont like the idea of parking my bike in the CBD while Im at work unsecured even though my bike isnt super desirable (its weighs only 140kg so easy to lift). Is there any law against using a chain to chain my bike to a bicycle parking post? not like a rack but one of those individual post things, or can i chain it to a sign?? couldnt really see anything on vicroads about it..

    **Sorry post should read "a" silly parking question..bad proof read...
  11. Often I'll get off in the middle of the road and push it in backwards. But then I have a 300kg bike, so paddling it backwards can be tricky if there are any bumps in the road surface. I've got a flip up helmet, so looking behind me is not a problem.

    Hehehe, come to Europe and you will be even more amazed about how close bikes park ;) That's one of the other reasons I often push it in; because if I was sitting on it and paddle it in, I wouldn't have enough room to get off!
  12. Too true! Someone moved my bike once and it ended up so close to the bike beside me that I had to drag my bike over on its side stand just to throw my leg over!
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  13. I like to gas it up to around 80 put my weight over the front squeeze the breaks into a 50m long stopie then 180 into a 3" gap between a penigale and a bimota no worries. But thats when no one is looking.

    Otherwise I tap in neutral tentitvly paddle her back in.
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  14. Come from the downhill direction.
    Lowside it
    Leave it
    Guaranteed to still be there when you get back to
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  15. I usually line it up then get off and push/pull it backwards into position, left hand on the handlebar, right hand on saddle strap the pillion is meant to hold onto.
  16. Ride up to the spot, select neutral, paddle backwards and using head checks and mirrors. Helps a lot when you can flat foot both feet on the ground and then some.
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  17. What they said.

    Or make sure you only ride with your husband.....
  18. Pffffft

  19. That's not quite what my wife said when I told her when I mentioned this thread and my response to her.
  20. What was her response?