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reverse parking a bike between parallel parked cars

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nicko18, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. So I was riding along getting some km's under my belt and I rode past a burger place.

    Anyways i decided i'd go grab something to drink (does riding make anyone else reallly thirsty?). I was on a 3 lane road, with cars parked on the left hand lane. There were gaps in between the cars so I decided to "reverse park" my bike into one of the spots.

    I set up my bike about a metre past the gap, pulled the clutch in and started moving it backwards.

    Suddenly a stream of traffic comes up behind me and there were 2-3 cars that didn't change lanes to get around me.. they just whizzed past missing by a matter of inches.

    Am I doing it wrong? I ask because I always get the feeling this is happening when I go down to Coles where the same situation pops up. but I haven't had cars narrowly miss me like that before.

    PS: The gaps were maybe half a car big, so not enough room to ride in front first and swing the bike around.
  2. just cagers being idiots. your doing it right dude
  3. Personally, I wouldn't do it, especially on a 3 lane road, which indicates high/fast flowing traffic. Secondly, I won't do it because parking between 2 cars which have left a large gap, means they also fail at either A) parking, or 8) getting out of a parking spot. So when you walk away, you have a higher chance of coming back to a bike on it's side.

    I'm in Vic, so we have plenty of parking on footpaths.
  4. yeah I was wondering if I should just avoid doing it all together... but its so convenient, but also risky.

    Cars can do it because they take up so much of the adjacent lane that traffic behind them has to change lanes. I'm only taking up 1/4 of a lane so they think... **** that.
  5. Ride up onto the footpath in a no parking zone (bus, lights, mail) and then park in-between the cars as you exit the footpath again. I've also noticed there is usually space near driveways etc (ie behind the last parked car).
  6. Pick your battles with spots. Behind vans/4WDs increases chances of sideways bike, don't go too close to the back of anything as most people can't judge how much space they really have and will probably scratch/tip it if they're trying to load something in the back.

    As for actually parking, trap a car behind you as you slow down to approach the spot. Don't go past the gap and walk it backwards along the road, turn as you get to it so that you're nearly perpendicular to the direction of traffic, and your next move is back into the spot. Own your lane, etc.
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    I do it but usualy have room to stay in the side lane. Always make sure the cages have plenty of room to get out.

    Just curious though, if you came back to find your bike has been knocked over and damaged the car behind. No note left. Are you liable for the damage?
  8. no the bike fairy will fix it for free
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    That would be nice, but it is a serious question. Im not sure if both vehicles would be on their own as victems of a hit and run or you would have to pay for both vehicles. Especially if the vehicle that copped damage behind parked after you.
  10. yeah I normally park closer to the car behind, and angle the bike about 30-45 degrees. So the left hand side of their bumper can just swing out on an arc and miss my bike.
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    Who's to say it's a hit and run and not just someone who's poorly parked. If I came back to my car with a bike on it, I'd take pics of the bike then expect them to fix my car, regardless of how it got there.

    Yeah it sucks that someone hit it, but you shouldn't be parking that close to cars anyway.
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    But what if you had parked close to the bike, and then some asshat knocked the bike over onto your car?
  13. Do it faster :p
  14. I'm pretty sure the rule is one spot/one vehicle so you can get booked for sharing a car space.
  15. As mentioned before. Avoid it all together. Park somewhere where a bloody cage driver can't get to!