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Reverse Gear on a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Komunista, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. I just had a very funny convo with some dude online who started chatting to me about my bike and bikes in general.. it started off nice enough but then he started talking about all the things he can do on a bike including going 100kms in reverse... as soon as he said that just cracked up ... he then started talking to me funny asif i didnt know what he was on about.. which i might add i didnt.. so being new to bikes i started thinking of wether there is such a thing as a reverse gear on a bike.. i know i dont have one.. i ask him what bike it was and he was going reverse in and he tells me a honda cbr 1000 .. now im sure they dont have reverse gears .. just doesnt make anysense.. so anyways i politely told him he is full of shit and askd him why he is lying he then very quickly snaps at me and say "what the hell would i know as i am only an L plater...

    Now i just want to clarify that there is no such thing as a reverse gear on abike ... especially a CBR 1000 or am i wrong .. sounds stupid i know ???
  2. Oh absolutely, when you fit your chain, you put a figure 8 in it so that it spins the rear wheel backwards. you have to make sure the outside loop is the loop from the top to the bottom though, cos if you have the inside loop going top to bottom, it can get tangled up. So you dont just get 1 reverse gear anyway, you get 6.

    You wanna learn to go forwards forst though i think.
  3. I always thought that you just sit backwards to go reverse.
  4. The BMW K1200LT (Light Truck) and Honda LEAD (sorry) GOLD wing have reverse gear (the BMW even has an electric/hydraulic centre stand too). The reverse works off the starter motor , lucky to go 2kph though and not for long. These behemeths NEED it as they weigh near 400kg.
  5. lol if he was going 100kms in reverse he must have been sitting on the bike wrong
    U are right, ur mate is a tosser.
  6. that is the funniest sh*t ive ever heard lol 100kms or kmph? if he meant 100 kmph i would love to see that. :jerk: if he ment 100kms it would take a bloody long time :rofl: :rofl:
  7. Or just swap the leads over on the starter motor - that way when you start the engine it'll run in the opposite direction ;).
  8. Down a BIG hill backwards in neutral?? Possibly... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Other than the aforementioned Goldwing and big BMW's, no reverse gears. Next time you talk to the dude, ask him when the last time he changed his headlight fluid was...
  9. I think that only applies if you've swapped your CBR1000 engine with a pre war single cylinder diesel.
  10. Some big cruisers have a reverse gear, just because they're too heavy for the rider to maneuvre them backwards.

    But not on a CBR1000... sounds like the guy is confuzzled or testing your intelligence/patience ^_^
  11. After market reverse gears for Harleys available here :roll:

    There's a Chinese lot advertising them as well here

    A descripion of the patent for one here
    (And some models of the Russian Ural came standard with reverse gear - those intended for sidecar use).

    Personally I just assume he's a serious :jerk:
  12. I've heard that getting special high-speed titanium muffler bearings can make your bike faster - in reverse too!
  13. i'd say he means riding switchback
  14. ?? Switchback?
  15. [​IMG]

  16. Thought so...

    At least there'd be no bugs in your teeth.
  17. Given that the fork geometry means you'd have the handlebars ripped out of your hands and the bike would send you flying through the air at anything over 15 km/h or so, I'd call him a tosser.

    Regards, Andrew.

  18. I've actually done 60kph at literally right angles to the way I was pointing.

    Winter + wet weather + tram tracks.

    For those who know the hotel como complex it happened basically there on toorak road, while avoiding an errant taxi on my Katana. Given the choice of run into the ass of said taxi or cross the tram tracks on heavy lean I took option b.

    So heading west into the city at 60kph but pointing north, parallel to chapel street.

    Entertaining yes, fun no.

    Still have no idea how I didnt crash that one.

    Reverse, ermmmm. The fastest bike I can think of with a reverse is the Honda Gold wing. It does about 4kph in reverse....
  19. i agree, riding switchback would be what he's going on about... i could do it comfortably on the spada at over 100kmph, with my throttle locker installed...